BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



@MichaelMaxwell I think there is a second (make you ) in the second choice P.S sorry for the nitpicking


I may or may not have had this poll already, but let’s see again!

Please pick the role you picked as your first time playing the game.

  • Driver - Leadfoot
  • Engineer - Chains
  • Gunner - Shotty
  • Crowd Control - Smiley

0 voters

Hey, never be sorry for nitpicking my game… Remember, nitpicking is encouraged :grin:


Yeah I thought you might have already made a poll I just didn’t feel like scrolling through to see if you had


Found it… and oh god, I this is so way back in the past, I could see my naive self still writing those cheesy first chapter scenes…


I have encountered 2 errors (both in chapter)

1st error

The first one happened after I entered VAM Corp building and tried to open the lock in 82F door shooting in the lock(also, the game don’t show my gun’s model, so maybe that’s the reason?)
ERRORR ERRORR Script Error, ended early. Please report.

please put this in your report (error: 13131) = Dropped out of line


Please post the codes below for review (copy and paste all)

Variable codes

SPlabel SaveVAMfloor82
SPchapter Chapter3
secwepcall your 9508848
meleewepcall your Stun baton
meleecol Silver
primwepcalltype Shotgun
secwepcalltype your 9508848
meleewepcalltype your baton
meleewepfull your Stun baton
secwepcall2 9508848
GymTraining 2
HasKitty false
catname 9508848
AHslot23new 0
zip_ties Zip-tie
handgrenade 9508848
AgilPenprimwep 0
IncogPenprimwep 0
AgilPensecwep 0
IncogPensecwep 0
AgilPenarmour 0
IncogPenarmour 0
AgilPenmelwep 0
IncogPenmelwep 1
origprimmuzzle 0
tempwepassigntoken 0
statscreencount 0
difficulty_token 2
grenadetoken 0
masktoken 98509
cufftoken 0
Heist2 0
HeistNum 1
startstate 1
OGplan 3
C3EndingState 0
GGGCountdownDelay 0
C3MeganState 0
KeptWepMelee 7
KeptCountMelee 5
RelRook 50
AHslot54new 0
GGG_buygoods 3
MaskOn false
C1SawEveryonesFace false
C3HealedGabe false
RookDead false
BishopDead false
MCwearsskirt 4
MC_Unused false
AimProtocol 0
C1UniquePrologue false
meleecustomname false
FirstTimeofferedname false
MCbadcop false
AHslot69new false
errormessage 9508848
secbang 9508848
primwepcall Shotgun
C3AndrewState 0
C2callbeforehangup 0
damage 0
primwepfull Shotgun the 9508848 9508848
secwepfull your 9508848 9508848
hitarea 9508848
primwepstorage 0
INV_JustinMasterkey 1
MCsexcount 0
bang BANG
HeistLoot 9508848
HeistVehicleSpecial 0
HeistLootCount 4
HeistPCtake 30
HeistRTake 25
HeistUTake 25
HeistSTake 20
RelMegan 52
H_Relstat 0
G_Relstat 0
KeptWepPrim 56
KeptWepSec 62
KeptCountPrim 5
KeptCountSec 5
ACC1primtype 0
ACC2primtype 0
ACC3primtype 0
ACC3primtype 0
ACC5primtype 0
ACC6primtype 0
ACC2sectype 0
ACC3sectype 0
ACC5sectype 0
ACC6sectype 0
FBIcallratcount 1
FBIcalltold 0
C3MouseState 1
C3AndyCondition 0
HeistVehicleArmour true
hasvest true
C2hangup false
HeistVehicleOffroad false
HeistNoCasualties true
HeistNoCivilCasualties true
unlockedMegan false
UnlockedGreg false
UnlockedRook false
MCinformant false
MCdirtycop false
Ratoption4 false
DualWield false
primwepmagtype magazine
secwepmagtype magazine
HeistVehicleSpeed 5
BagCount 4
meleeattack Stun
meleeweptype baton
armourname Covert Chest Rig
wepreloadbypass false
HeistCountdownStart false
primwepreloadact 9507507
secwepreloadact 0
primwepchargemax 0
primwepmag 4
HeistVehicle armoured sports sedan
ConversCount 5
Story_Milestone 3
HeistDeadline 6
INV_C4blocks 0
HeistGetaway 0
HeistCountdown 3
primwepcharge 0
HeistTemp1 2
INV_Zipties 2
HeistTemp2 0
secwepcharge 1
primwepmagmax 4
secwepchargemax 0
secwepmag 6
secwepmagmax 6
wepreloadact 0
INV_Medkitcharge 4
INV_Medkitmax 4
HeistCondition 3
meleestrength 2
HeistGuardStat2 1
HeistGuardStat3 5
INV_grenade 0
vehiclemod 0
HumanShieldGender 0
HeistGuardStat1 0
HeistGuardStat4 0
INV_PlasmaCutter false
HeistGuardStat5 0
HeistTake 0
pointtoken 0
AIperception 2
wepreload true
noammo false
HeistNumber 1
HasHumanShield false
HeistVehicleType Sedan
seclastround true
primlastround true
HeistVehicleName Doge Charge 2014
Rhe she
Rhim her
Rhis her
Uhe he
Uhim him
Uhis his
She she
Shim her
Shis her
Mhers his
legprot false
Nighttime true
timetoken 2
seccol Silver
seccustomname false
primcol Silver
primcustomname true
CurrentHeist 1
HeistEntry1 1
HeistCrowdControl1 3
HeistChoice1 3
HeistChoice4 4
HeistChoice5 0
HeistChoice6 0
HeistChoice7 0
HeistChoice8 0
HeistTime 1
Visits_Greg 5
R_relstat 3
U_relstat 1
S_relstat 1
M_relstat 1
Daytime false
gymcount 3
NonRandDC 0
GGG_ShopTier 3
PHONE_info1 true
FirstTimePub false
FirstTimeGGG true
Chapter_Bypass false
R_Unused false
U_Unused false
S_Unused false
M_Unused true
RatOption1 true
RatOption2 false
RatOption3 true
DeactivateRand false
GGG_Side1QuestUnlock false
GGG_Side2QuestUnlock false
meleetoken 7
meleeact 1
armourtoken 21
hasarmour false
deathcount 1
activatedice false
activaterand2 true
activaterand3 true
activaterand4 true
activaterand6 true
activaterand8 true
activaterand10 true
activaterand20 true
nocritfail false
locker true
MCcop true
MCvigilante false
MCbad false
HeistCrowdControl2 0
MCmale false
MChe she
MChis her
MChim her
MCfemale true
mask light green mask with the black vintage pattern
percentiledice 0
MCrole 9508848
MCcallsign 9508848
money 9262276
OHmoney 0
name Lucy
midname 9508848
lastname Barton
sir miss
genderopp men
genderplur women
mr Ms.
nolastname false
yeslastname true
parodyname 2
bleeding false
share $4,500
M_share $450
skipmodule 999993
gender woman
gendernoun female
genderyoung girl
eyecolour blue
hair 9508848
haircolour 9508848
impression graceful
bodytype 1
facetype 3
build thin
body lean
incognito 75
weight 60
showrand true
d2 0
d3 0
d4 0
d6 0
d8 0
d10 10
d20 15
counta false
counta2 false
counta3 false
counta4 false
UNItempSkip_module false
counta6 false
countb 9508848
countb2 9508848
countb3 9508848
difficulty_lev Easy
countc 2
countc2 0
countc3 0
countd 100
countd2 100
countslot1 0
countslot2 123
relMouse 125
crimerep 8
citizrep 18
RelFBI 18
mhe he
mhim him
mhis his
mname Edwyn
Mwound 0
M_knows true
M_Work the Golden Grain Bakery
INV_ATMscrambler true
hasmelee true
hasprimary true
hassecondary true
nosecondary false
primwep 9508848
primweptype 9508848
secweptype 9508848
secwep 9508848
terwep X26 taser
terweptype taser
meleewep Stun baton
meleetype baton
aldead true
blood 1200
wounds 0
armour 0
strength 2
perception 107.5
intelligence 85
intimidation 45
persuade 95
accuracy 89.5
agility 72
incognito 75
agilitypenalty 0
strengthpenalty 2
perceptionpenalty 0
accuracypenalty 0
strengthmod -2
perceptionmod 11
intelligencemod 9
intimidationmod 5
persuademod 10
accuracymod 9
agilitymod 7
incognitomod 2
engineering 32
weaponry 57
driving 12
Katwound 0
tactics 130
explosives 17
machinery 22
engineeringmod 3
weaponrymod 6
drivingmod 1
deathscene 1
tacticsmod 13
explosivesmod 2
machinerymod 2
primtoken 56
moral 60
lawful 55
HayneCharliePair false
proleader Picard
proshotguncut true
proshotgunner Shotty
prochainsaw Chains
procrowder Smiley
MCrolepro Smiley
CrewMask off
prologueteam good
prologuekill false
prologuekillcivil false
C1triedtostealgun false
C1stolecar true
C1didntstolecar false
C1triedtostolecar 1
C1theman Reville
C1thewoman House
C1counta false
C1counta2 true
C1counta3 false
C1tempbullet 9508848
C1countc 0
C1quietcount 4
luckmod 3
cheaterMC false
C1FBIwin false
C1FBIloose true
C1showncctv true
C1activation false
withKaz true
ultrafail false
shotsuccess false
woundsuccess false
killsucess false
killcount 0
AIactivate false
AIblood 400
AIwounds 0
wepdam 0
AIwepdam 0
armourpiercing false
AIarmourpiercing false
wepacc 0
AIwepacc 0
primwepdam 0
secwepdam 0
terwepdam 0
primwepAP false
secwepAP false
terwepAP false
primwepacc 0
secwepacc 0
terwepacc 4
primwepatt false
secwepatt false
terwepatt false
hitarmour false
sideprot false
sideprothit 0
shouldprot false
shouldprothit 0
FBprot false
FBprothit 0
neckprot false
neckprothit 0
thighprot false
thighprothit 0
groinprot false
groinprothit 0
headprot false
headprothit 0
AIsideprot false
AIshouldprot false
AIFBprot false
AIneckprot false
AIthighprot false
AIgroinprot false
AIheadprot false
armourmod 0
AIarmourmod 0
DCrange 18
critfail false
nat20 false
rollresult 25
primwepsight 9508848
incognitopenalty 0
timecount 0
C1freedomcount 8
relKaz 56
INV_lockpick 2
statscreenskip true
primwepact 0
secwepact 0
terwepact 1
sectoken 62
tertoken 2
placeholder1 0
placeholder98 0
terwepcharge 2
KazWound 0
relAnna 61
relCharlie 61
relRaquel 54
relGabe 66
relpoint 4
relstat 14
MCtop leather jacket
acc1primtoken 0
acc2primtoken 0
acc3primtoken 0
acc4primtoken 0
faceprothit 140
legprothit 0
armprothit 0
MChes She’s
MChers hers
acc5primtoken 0
armprot false
hassecondary true
MCbottom jeans
M_cut 450
C1escaperesult 2
secwepsight 9508848
acc2sectoken 0
acc3sectoken 0
acc5sectoken 0
AIfaceprot false
MCnonbin false
AIlegprot false
AIarmprot false
faceprot true
armoursave false
shotmiss true
rollfail false
rollsuccess true
mascol light green
maspat vintage pattern
maspatcol black
relHayne 153
acc1prim 9508848
acc2prim 9508848
acc3prim 9508848
acc4prim 9508848
acc5prim 9508848
acc2sec 9508848
acc3sec 9508848
acc5sec 9508848
acc6sectoken 0
acc6sec 9508848
withMouse false
customprim true
customsec false
acc6primtoken 0
acc6prim 9508848
primwepsuppressed false
secwepsuppressed false
relJustin 73
relCarly 87
JustinWound 0
CarlyWound 0
weppick 1
HayneWound 0
AnnaWound 0
CharlieWound 0
MCheis she is
JustinCarlyPair true
R_Token 1
S_Token 2
U_Token 2
Rname Hayne
Sname Carline
Uname Justin
GabeWound 3
MikeWound 0
relGreg 72
Heist1 1
relMichael 58
undershirt true
TeamBPair false
KazCarlypair false
PHONE_InfLocker 6
tempweptoken 56
AnnaCharliePair false
AllGirlPair false
AllMenPair false
TeamAPair false

I don’t know if this has been informed before, but there’s also a glitch before the first heist as Archangel (in my case robbing the ATM gallery) that if I visited Greg and saw his Greg’s Glorious Goods and then trained my skills, the time would not matter anymore and I would be able to train infinitely

2nd error

This appeared a moment after Gabriel pulls us in, trying to get to 79th floor (sorry about my english)


Found and FIXED! Will be included in the next update…

Really? It’s still going? damn, I thought I fixed that already. This is gonna be the bane of my editing sessions.

Fixed already, will be in the next update…


Really thanks for this special update! It’s a really good game.
I finished my first run now, and wow! I was left wanting more. The playtest end for an undercover was really, really good

A bit of nitpicking

This one is just a typo, Kaidan’s name was spelled wrong: “Gabriel said Kiadan’s ready to go…”


When I first read it I thought it was wrong (it sounded really strange in my head lol), but after rereading, it may be right? So I’m sending just to make sure!
It’s the “And I think you for that…”.


This one I think it’s missing text (the last paragraph)



Thank you! It’s been about 2 years since I started writing it…

I was scared it might go off as a bit of a cliche or even provoking. I’m glad it turned out okay… :sweat_smile: But it doesn’t really end there… there’s still more to the undercover story arch than that

Found and FIXED! Will be included in the next update


Hey at the `


Bit where the outfit attack you in your apartment and took and bishop arrive to save you, if you die and go to checkpoint your health doesn’t go back to what it was it stayed at -87 etc so it made it impossible to continue

` just thought you should know but I love the game so far :grin:


Well that’s a problem. We’re trying to figure out what’s causing it… Can’t seem to pinpoint the problem… :sweat:

Thank you! Glad you love it :blush:


@MichaelMaxwell have you heard of the game payday 2 ? It reminds me of this game


heard of it? This game is inspired by it :rofl:

This game is inspired by a lot of things. Mostly Payday and GTA 5… and a few Bioware and Bathesda games…


Just spotted a spelling mistake on the word him it’s says hin instead. It’s in one of the choices see picture below (the handcuffs were for a friend)



Sure it is… :smirk:


@MichaelMaxwell not that I am doubting your creativity but I assume that payday and gta5 are what gave you the idea of having a custom masks while doing a hiest


@MichaelMaxwell I don’t know if you plan on doing this in the next update or you haven’t seen it and I have told you this before but I found this

On the second choice there are the words “make you” after the word “completely” , man you must hate me right now constantly asking you questions :confounded:


I’m sure he don’t mind the help in pointing out the mistakes. It’s nice to have a fresh set of eyes with WIPs.


Payday more than GTA 5. But yes, they are the inspiration for the mask making system. What was a complete pain in the ass to make however, was the dice rolling system.

I fixed it already, and I haven’t updated the game yet.

No, not at all! In fact I’d love you to keep them coming!

Yes, yes it is. Again, nitpicking IS encouraged!


OK cool

That’s good although I’m all out of questions but I’m sure I’ll bombard you with some more soon !:joy:


loads question cannon when do you plan on inviting more people into the beta testing if you do plan on adding more people if not I’m fine I just know I would love to beta test this game but for now I’m happy to sit on the sidelines and point small spelling errors