BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



You can have Gabriel bake you one…

Or, I will, in real life, try to bake a batch of buttermilk vanilla biscuits


Curses! I can’t eat any milk-made products. :cry:


I can make them with almond milk… :smile:

It’ll be a challenge, since the last time I tried to bake something, my smoke alarm went off…


WHAT THE LITERAL… You are incredible at the artwork! And nice touch creating the backstories of every mask. Can I ask how you came up with which roles everyone had?


Mostly by the character you’ve given, and the mask design.

There are only 7 roles in the Archangels… however, there were once more.
There’s the

  • Gabriel
  • Michael
  • Raquel
  • Raphael
  • Ramiel
  • Uriel
  • Sariel

However, there once were a few other roles, like the Assassins, Azrael, And the mask maker (who is now technically Greg) Raziel


Wait… you had ASSASSINS and removed them!?


maybe they’re not maybe they are who knows? they are assassins.


I never said I removed them… :smirk:


I have to admit that I’ve been playing this for a while now and my favorite scene has to be where you finally meet Michael and the whole gun thing had me laughing hard. Fantastic story you wrote!


I know the easter egg… IT’S A EGG!! Right? I know im right… EGG


Thank you! This is my first try at experimenting the combination between serious action and comedy… this is also my first time writing anything to be honest, so please pardon the lack of professionalism and proper grammar. :sweat_smile:

It’s not necessarily a literal egg… but there is an actual easter bunny in the game. So far no one has found it yet :joy:


Oh well… Ok then… I knew that I found it already yep… Totally… That’s why I talked about the egg



Does the Bunny award Kinder egg ?


Nah, mostly just bullets


I wanted to make joke about Archangels being criminals engaged in Kinder Egg smugling well, too bad :slight_smile:


The easter bunny is one of the assassins got it.



I know it’s Christmas, so I’ve decided to let everyone have a crack at the full game for the 12 days of Christmas! This update will only be here for a short period of time before it is reverted back to it’s original demo state. (Chapter 1-2)

Enjoy the new chapters! And happy holidays to all my lovely readers! Thank you all for supporting this game! :smile:

DEVELOPMENT LOG#30 (09-December-2017) (Private Testing)

(2.C23.17.12.09) <-- Make sure it’s the same.

Error executions…
Added an ammo counter in the ShowStats page.
Added a LOT of changes
Added first giant branch point for cop turning criminal (a pain in the ass to write)
Added first not-so-giant branch point for criminal turning cop
Added a pet kitten (Only available in private testing)
Changed a few scenes with Rook in Chapter 3
Added a special attack line for the mini-chainsaw
OPERATION: Kaz Hangout - First Romance (15%)
OPERATION: Chapter 4: The Big Bank (29%) (Only available in private testing)
OPERATION: Gregory’s Glorious Goods - Part 2 (76%)
OPERATION: Velvet Cuts Heist (82%)


Merry Christmas!

Keep up the good work.


Hey cool update I just have one… suggestion ? So after the first heist the MC goes to sleep and there is a line something like (you open your eyes and they are burning in the burning light) perhaps change it to (your eyes are burning in the blinding light ) I don’t know just a suggestion


Man am I In love with this game :heart_eyes: