BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



She’s short enough for it to warrant the mc shuffling her hair… For whatever reason I see Raquel as being shorter than that… Unless it isn’t dependent on height. In my area, doing that to someone who sees you at eye level is sorta awkward. btw @MichaelMaxwell is there going to be an option to customize our character’s height? Or is that already included in the physique selection?


I do wish taht I had more time to write more for Raquel’s romance though.

Mouse is slightly taller than Raquel… slightly.

Your character’s height is randomized and is dependant on your physical build.


Is height just a variable hidden from us? I don’t see any indication that height is described to us otherwise, other than what is implied from our physical builds.

Out of curiosity, what would happen if a quiet MC decides to schmooze Raquel?

I can just imagine the riveting dialogue that can pop up for that route.

EDIT: Also, on an unrelated note, choosing “Aria Vanzetti” as a name option prompts the game to ask us for a last name.


It’s supposed to be in the choicescipt stats page. I’m not sure if it’s actually there though. I might need to add it later.

You’d be surprised how much side-eyes, blinks, and shrugs could do in a conversation. But also, if you were to stay with her long enough and gain enough relationship… you might, just might, hear what she has to say…



“hear” oh my god it’s going to happen


Do Gabriel and Micheal know what she sounds like.


Yes, they do


i was wondering cause Rook mentions that she was silent when he worked with her and Gabriel and kind of hinted that she was Mute by choice at least that’s how I took what he said


That is true. Raquel can speak. She just doesn’t want to… at all…


Well time to go bug Raquel until she says something.
Yes I know that this act will almost certainly get me killed by Raquel but it will be worth it.


You’ll be fine, just give her one of these…

Don’t ask me where I got this


That’s very cool. Wherever did thou obtain it?


what if I giver her catnip I think I be fine since I’m not Rook


I absolutely love itttt! Hoping to play the game sooner or later!


So my family’s part Japanese. This seemingly unrelated fact relates to this post. Or is it the background? Whatever. Anyways, I have an old samurai helmet in my possession. I propose the addition of a samurai helmet to the in-game armor selection. Maybe as a glorious mask. I mean, I get that there’s already an oni mask in-game, and the shop is already large enough as-is.


Thank you! I hope to finish it sooner rather than later! :sweat_smile:

A bulletproof samurai helmet? … Yeah, alright, why not.

I’m very sorry for the late delay in replies and updates everyone. There’s been a bit of a problem. I had to reinstall my windows and I’m still reconfiguring everything as I’m speaking. There are also other problems with life, but hopefully progress will continue soon!


Ilysm I’m screaming, you’re a great writer, a nice person and you absolutely have a great imagination! I’m going to buy the game a thousand times just for you ;-;



I'm replaying the demo right now and I love Rook's Abuelita more every time. She's funny and scary at the same time when angry. Good thing Rook gave her one of Gabriel's cookies to calm her down. I'm wondering what would happen if the MC met Rook's Abuelita? My MC, who isn't afraid of a lot of things, is kind of afraid of her; they would bring some of Gabriel's cookies just in case things went south.:joy:


Why thank you very much! :smile:

I’d like to know what your favourite part of the game might be, if you have any.

I’m not sure how your MC would react, but if I can tell you one thing, it’d be that Gabriel has met her, and is more afraid of her than Rook is.

Abuelita may not know how to use a gun, but she will not hesitate to throw one at you…


It’s quite quiet here…

Cue Rook bashing the door down saying something that breaks the 4th wall