BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



But Gabriel is the one pulling all of the strings and Michael is just the Mask of the Archangels…

See what I did there? Mask instead of face… I’ll just show myself out, thank you very much.



Is it safe to asume we shouldn’t mention the idea to Rook, unless we want it to actually happen?

The master in question could of course be a completely different person you haven’t told us about yet, because you’re sneaky like that!
Or someone we know but would never suspect!


… Or be a complete distortion of whatever you originally wrote, because google translate is silly.


Gabriel’s sister? nvm she runs the Canadian group… Anyone want to make bets?

I have returned from watching Gordon Ramsay scream about food to post here real quick. Are we going to eat anywhere aside from Mike Donalds?


Maybe are parents run the archangels?


This is true, but The Outfit and cartel fears the mask more than anything… And I don’t blame them.

Rook: Who knows, anythin can happen~

That is most likely the case…

Yes. Burger Queens, KFK, Dairy King. But I guess I should throw in a few fine dining restaurants and normal diners too…

:laughing:No. Sorry.


The archangels are actually secretly run from the Vatican


That’s silly, it’s obviously our grandmother, as everyone knows little old ladies are the scariest people around! :wink:


In part 2… Maybe we eat at a casino we plan to rob? With our chosen ro?


Well I will go back to crying on Raquel’s shoulder now


I’m literally so confused. My one brain cell is going to implode.



If it helps, a horse’s lifespan is 25-30 years.

It probably doesn’t help though




I’ve been thinking about this afternoon. It’s made me mad. Expect some interesting phonetic and lingual “errors” soon…


Yes… yes they are scary. Mrs. Rosestorm for example, she keeps a Saiga-12 shotgun beneath the front desk, eventhough she’s blind

Maybe, we’ll see… I’m reserving casinos for the Los Angeles game which will include some scenes from California and Nevada.

My reaction exactly…

… Let me get my painkillers. :laughing:


Eh, don’t worry Товарищ everything will be fine… You won’t have a need for any of те, I won’t go completely за борт, I pagtahod your work नैतिक far too much for что-нибудь headache-inducing…

edit I’m actually learning Russian on a lost bet starting today and I’ve gotta say… It’s actually really interesting. The cryillic alphabet is rather confusing for me.


…What did I come back to?



Utter, glorious madness.


Русское Безумие… No not really, it’s just me using google translate


… I don’t know why, but I understood all of that without using any translator XD

Good luck!

I was answering questions using google translate numerous times… don’t ask why.