BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



I wonder how old Rook is.:thinking:


knowing rook hes would tell you whatever age you wanted


How about: “The perfect age for you, darling.”


if you ask for rooks age shouldn’t you ask for is mental and physical age


Oh sweet mother of god, no :laughing:

Rook: I am *definitely* not your MC's papa...

He’s a older than the MC

Rook: I'm old enough for consent
Bishop: You're 27, yet I somehow doubt that
Rook: Shut up, they don't know that..

Bishop: Rook has the mental age of a 13 year old sociopath
Rook: How dare you?! I am an artist!
Bishop: A disaster artist, sure...


you see rook tried to tempt my women with catnip and I got a bone to pick with him over that mainly cause I didn’t thank of that wait would that work


But can you be his daddy

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll pay for my crimes with my life…

I also couldn’t bring myself to post this cursed comment as it is so I’ll make it wholesome again

Regardless of what his backstory holds, me@Rook


Now that we know Rook's age, I was wondering, when is Rook's birthday (if you have one for him; some people leave their characters birthday up for headcanon)?

I like how Bishop tell it like it is when Rook is being Rook. :joy:



Rook: Oh, such wonderful voice~

I do have everyone’s birthday written down, including their close family tree and their place of origin.

That’s why the two are pretty much inseparable.


Okay, due to a request, for the next post, everyone here may ask me anything they want and I MUST answer truthfully. However, the answers will go through google translate multiple times through numerous languages before translated back into English.

Any question is welcome, it can be personal, or about the game, or anything at all. Just don’t expect a straight answer :laughing:


How old is Gabriel?:eyes:

I just need to know everybody’s ages at this point.:woman_shrugging:


would are mc have ever seen Michael without his mask before joining the group ( obviously with without knowing it.


You said that Michael, Gabriel, and Raquel have been watching the MC for some time, why? What’s so special about the MC?


Will we be able to go full on John Wick in the undercover cop route?


How long do you expect this series to go on?


I second @UnderPressure’s post (idk if @ worked I’m on mobile)


I know why Michael never takes his mask off and has a voice changer its because he is the mc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


C o n f u s i o n


Is Gabriel secretly a girl? Hiding behind a mask and voice changer to fool everyone around him- her… To lure people like Michael into her secret web of love before she probes their brains and transfers the information to the secret gods of above who shall use this knowledge to destroy the planet?