BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Doesn’t that answer your question? Although, I think he would prefer tacos… :thinking:



:flushed: I’m hyperventilating right now.

I love Edwyn as well.:heart_eyes::heart:


Well, yeah, but only for Rook. What about the others?

And that begs the question: Does Rook like pizza?


I don’t see why not… @MichaelMaxwell does Rook like pizza?


Wait does rook like pineapples on pizza?!?!


Best gift ever! :star_struck:


My MC would just like to say:


Rook, Bishop, Carline, Gabriel, Anthony, Charles, and Hayne.

Yes, but no Chicago deep dish, or Hawaiian.

Rook: *Bites rose in teeth* Would you like me to help you breathe?~

Rook, down boy…

Rook: What? It's Valentine's day!

Pipe it down, don’t get too excited.


Rook: NO!

She controls the on-goings of every VAMcorp operations north of Guatemala. Good luck with wooing her :laughing:


I shot up her HQ that may have resulted in the injuries/deaths of a few of her employees, that can technically be considered flirting. She didn’t shoot me when we went there with Mr.I’m-wearing-a-skirt, so I definitely know she has the hots for my MC.


I mean, I don’t mind Rook helping, but he already made things worse biting on that rose like that.:joy: -hyperventilating again-


Dammit rook you broke em…


Rook is doing his utmost to get out of that friendzone and it’s working :hot_face: We need more Gabriel in this discussion!


what would rooks reaction to seeing Raquel in bed with us and her reaction to his. I see her hissing and drawing her gun on him


Right, good luck with that :laughing:

I’ve put rook in some downtime for now.

If anything’s a kink, then Gabriel’s is doing things in the dark. :laughing:

He may be a bit insecure…

Rook: Whoa, didn't mean to interupt any catfights. I brought catnip~ *Pulls out a bag of catnip*

Raquel: *Shoots the bag of catnip and growls loudly*


awww no spray bottle


…really?! I find that extremely hard to believe :unamused:! He seems to ooze confidence! So wait, does that mean all the hugging, cuddling and kissing will be in the datk :thinking:? And the sex too? …I think I could live with that. Even though I doubt Gabriel has any insecurities, I have a lot of them!


Well, unless you’d like be in bed with him with his mask on, you’ll be doing it in the dark :sweat_smile:

Gabriel is most insecure about his face and identity… the fact that he wears a mask every single time he meets with the MC shows this. But if there’s anything Gabriel’s good at that Rook is bad at, it’s not being a creep.

You’re going to need some convincing to get Gabriel to bed, but as soon as he does, he’ll be all over you regardless of any flaws you may have.


I thought he wore the mask because it was some kind of agreement between him, Michael and Raquel that they would keep their identities a secret from everyone but each other…


In the intimate scene, Gabriel removes his mask which, IIRC, lets MC feel some of his scarring. Pretty sure there were a couple of lines about it in the scene leading up to it, too.

Speaking of Gabriel, I had to restart after confessing to him because the ambiguity of his response made me think I’d failed the stat check. I didn’t realize it took place over two pages and ended up passing on the second try without noticing :upside_down_face:


And this is why I hate life for interrupting my Breach time! :confounded: :weary: :sob: