BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



They are wings.


It looks as if the wings have been attached to their chest :confused:


Ya know, let’s go with that instead! Also, the decision to split the books is great - especially if it takes the burden off of you and on the bright side the process of playing through all the changes that happen is part of what makes it so enjoyable!

gonna be that person and say I didn’t see it coming but I laughed for a good five minutes when it was revealed!

100% looking forward to this! I hope his grandmother makes another cameo, their relationship is my favourite! The pink/purple tracksuit mess was legendary :rofl:


Thank you! I’m actually looking forward to sooner or later publish this, but I first need to finish all the tasks posted above.

Everything I wrote for Rook involves some form of alcohol. If you don’t understand him, then you don’t understand him… you’re not really supposed to :laughing:

Either way I hope you have fun with him.


There’s still an entire year ahead, which I hope is a comforting fact! Also moral support will never be too much of an issue with the following you’ve amassed :grin:

To say I find him fun is an understatement! His quirkiness makes him lovable. I swear if Gabriel aka Mr Indestructible wasn’t as irresistible, Rook would be #1 - because crime and love triangles go hand in hand :joy:


Thank you! Much is needed and I’m very grateful to have such a supporting community! :smile:

I think Rook would be up for a threesome with My. Indestructible


Ooooh pretty excited for everything but to be honest the To be done 12958 made me bring out the happy dance of happiness+++.


cheats didn’t work


Oh boy, a lot of people are looking forward to that :laughing:

Here’s hoping I could write it without making it feel rushed…

Yeah, it broke when I cut the third and 4th chapter out… I’ll fix it in the next update


Huh, an interesting development. I do understand, however. Split it into two, reap profits from both, and allow players who don’t like the game a chance to not purchase the full (second?) game.

Huh. How’s that going to work in the new version? I guess now I can delete my old draft that I made of grammatical mistakes. Never got too far on that playthrough.


I’ve been playing this game in the last few days now. I couldn’t resist myself to not get out of my lurker nest and leave some of my thoughts.

I’m really enjoying it. I love the plot, sometimes it’s so serious that it’s keeping me on the edge of my seat. And sometimes (lots of times IMO) it’s hilarious. The comedy is up to to my liking, I laugh a lot playing this game.

I love almost all of the RO here (something that rarely happened to the games that I’ve played), especially Avelyne Carmella Sommerfell. I fall hard for her lol .
She’s just too damn adorable and she has done and sacrifice a lot to MC. I love all the interactions between her and MC. IMO she is the most important person for MC. I just couldn’t resist myself to not romance her.
I’ve played some CoG, hosted, and WIP games and it’s only my second time I’ve ever fall hard for an RO (first is Jess Solway from Lost Heir trilogy).

So… yeah I’ve been taking a peek at your codes and…


Your codes is so complicated and hard to understand :sweat_smile:


From what I understand (CMIIW) I guess it’s not possible to romance Hayne as a non-female MC but I’ve seen in your code that you’d already write the romance scene between Hayne and non-female MC. Are you planning to make it possible for a non-female MC to romance her?
Just a suggestion but maybe when non-female MC buying her the rifle at Greg’s store it will turn on the flag to romance her or something.


Why did you take out that bathroom scene with Avelyne (the second sardines), it’s so hot and adorable :laughing:
I enjoy the game that’s not shy away from that stuff :blush:

Thank you and good luck with your WIP. I’m really really enjoying it and really looking forward for it’s future update.


Thank you! Every bit of support brings me hope! And every bit of criticism helps!

I try not to make the game too serious, or at least not too silly. I just feel that because this game’s main theme of criminal law and order demands more serious undertaking, it’d be a silly place to find humour. It may not be for everyone, but I try to be as light as I can while being dark.

Apparently a lot of people love Mouse. Thank you for experiencing the game, I do hope to finish the other Relationships. Next one coming up are Anna and Charlie.

I don’t mind. I encourage nitpicking.

That’s Ben’s masterpiece… He’s always had a talent to do amazing things without people being able to understand him.

Hayne was originally a female MC only RO, but due to popular request, I decided to make her available to male MCs too… Unfortunately, this broke a few things, and I do have to fix quite a few before making Hayne available for the male MC.

In the next update, hopefully she will be fixed.

Honestly, I’m a bit scared of what CoG would and would not allow, but now that I think about it, maybe it’s time to review some of the romance scenes with a bit more…heat in the air.

Thank you very much! … And honestly, I’m looking forward to the next update too :sweat_smile:


Raquel still is a RO? If yes, her romance will start sooner like Gabriel’s or she still endgame?


OH! Right… completely forgot about her.

Yes, her romance will actually start sooner. In fact, it’ll be right after Gabriel’s. (It’s a bit hard to explain but you’ll know when you read it)


I played part of the demo yesterday just for something to do only to find the clock at 4am and I was still unable to put my phone down. Really one of the best if not the best WIP. Hope all the features promised make it into the full release. Truly an extraordinary and one of a kind COG


I’ll kill you for that



Ayt mate what happened to the cheats?


Thank you! Hopefully with the shortened number of tasks I can finish this in a more realistic deadline :sweat_smile:

But then who shall finish the game?

Sadly the new update broke it. Thankfully I shall have a new one coming up soon which includes Anna’s 2nd and 3rd hangout alongside Charlie’s 2nd hangout, and Mouse’s 2nd hangout, and a few fixes.


Ayt thanks!


I usually upload on a friday, but today I feel like I’ve postponed this update enough.

Look out for an update soon today! … and by “soon” I mean as soon as Ben gets his ass up