BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



It does, quite a lot actually. I’d rather have a thought out and written game than a rushed one…

Though to be honest, I do feel rather rushed just for this one :laughing:


I had just start reading it and wow!!! It does have lots of branches and really require your patient writing to complete it…
May i ask one thing? If we commit to a Romance Partner, it will lock other romance route right ?
For example, after i confess my love to Averlyne, even if i go out with carline, Anna and Alice … their romance route will be lock from now on right :slight_smile:


You don’t know the half of it…

But thank you! Yes, this thing has been going on for 4 whole years now and I think it’s high time I just cut it as two parts so I don’t have to rush the other chapters.

That’s the plan. Though Hayne’s romance is somewhat broken (Will be fixed in the next update), once you romance a partner, you can no longer try to romance any other characters. Half the Romance options will berate you for cheating, the other half will dismember you…

Except Kaz and Gabriel, they’ll just say that they’re very disappointed…


I think Hayne’s romance should be most intriguing… i bought her the riffle , which i believe based on her history and unstable personality … her romance route could be Wild ? Cheating on her could invite her to shoot me with the riffle i gift her ? :-):sweat_smile:


Pretty sure you’re 11 months too early for Christmas - but I’m not complaining! :partying_face:#customersatisfactionguaranteed


Sounds fair. :grimacing:

Me, I know who I’ll stick with either way, so I am not worried about losing some, ah, membership… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You would be correct :smile:

Call it an extremely belated Christmas present for last year

That’s what the replay button is for :wink:


Yes, to experience the sweetness again! :grinning: You cannot tempt me to stray, oh noes. Not with the path I have chosen, any way. :wink:


Wait. Who’s Alice?


… Wait a minute, yeah, who is Alice? :joy:

Hayne’s alias is actually Alice but she only uses it at work


She’s in Wonder-who-she-is-land. :grimacing:

I shall see myself out now. Or, at least, once I’m out I’ll see myself there. Out, that is. Where I’ll be, once I’m there. See? :crazy_face:


… That will most likely get you punched if Hayne ever heard that, or a laugh, depending on how drunk she is. :laughing:


I’ll be out (possibly cold!) no matter what then! :grin:

Carry on, nothing to see here. It’s so out there. With me. :crazy_face:


I always thought the name is cuter … and it was funny…

what will Alice do if she knows i am an undercover FBI agent ? :-):thinking: I know Averlyn knew and she is my partner but the reaction of Alice is my most anticipated :-):stuck_out_tongue:


@MichaelMaxwell I’m glad your splitting the game into two. Alot less pressure for you guys. Plus it gives yall much more time to add and change content without worries of releasing. I.e. rewriting prolog> writing a 200 page epic poem about the great battles of the napoleon wars with added flavor of napoleon himself riding a gigantic donkey.

I mean I figured out this plot point early on in the game tbh. A new Yorker butler talkng in a fake accent? Ain’t fooling me.


You can actually see her reaction somewhere in chapter 4. But as of currently. chapter 3 and 4 have been taken down and will only be available in the private testing, which will be somewhere by the end of the month.

Spoilers, it doesn’t end well for you…

I’m glad the decision has been receiving positive feedback, so far. Like I said I still have much to write in terms of the hangouts, and also re-writing the prologue and first chapter. I don’t like to rush things and this definitely helps in making sure that I can focus on quality over rushed quantity.

The plot isn’t really that hard to figure out :laughing:

… I’m now considering writing an Alice In Wonderland-esque story about a place filled with leather clad armies, giant buffalo, 70 metre tall golden statues that walks shoot lasers out of it’s eyes.


Verily? Curiouser and curiouser. Was I a muse? That would amuse me. :grimacing:


Were you so surprised you forgot how to speak good English?


Sup, rise! :crazy_face:

Never spoked good English, so dere. :wink:

Now, stop derailing your own thread. :stuck_out_tongue: :angel: <<( Is that a moustache? Collar? Ah dunno.)


Right-o, In any case, I figure I’d show everyone my current progress and things I will be doing later
Priority top to bottom

–==|| TO BE DONE ||==–

16632 - Charlie's 2nd Hangout
16633 - Charlie's 3rd Hangout
45622 - Charlie's Chapter 3 romance
13632 - Carly's 3rd Hangout
16432 - Make Carly's Chapter 3 romance hotter (Set as optional)
23152 - Justin's 3rd Hangout
45634 - Justin's Chapter 3 romance
22831 - Kaz's 3rd Hangout
45653 - Kaz's Chapter 3 romance
23152 - Make Hayne's Chapter 3 romance hotter (Set as optional)
22222 - Mouse's 3rd Hangout
66541 - Rook's 3rd Hangout
45644 - Rook's Chapter 3 romance
12958 - Add Gabriel's first romance scene
12959 - Mention Gabriel's romance in chapter 4 part 1
- Redo The Prologue
- Redo Chapter 1
- MAYBE fit the first half of Chapter 4 into chapter 3 and make chapter 3 as 3 parts?
NOTE: New weapons will only be available in the next game

–==|| DOING ||==–

13772 - Anna's 2nd Hangout
13773 - Anna's 3rd Hangout
23421 - Make Anna's Chapter 3 romance hotter (Set as optional)

EDIT: Those with numbers have been marked and outlined, it just needs to be written