BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Yooo bossman I have an idea for this game for quite a while and that is LOADOUTS… Now tbh it’s not really needed at all but still an idea. Anyway literally all you do with the loadouts is just buy weapons, armor and different equipment and equip in a loadout and you could name em or whatever uhh yeah.

Simple idea but yea know just wanted to share it to ya.


Simpler said than done. I would’ve had to make a token slot for each accessory for each weapon in each loadout, and I already have so many slot tokens. I’ve played around with the idea and it didn’t really go anywhere and right now I already have so much features going on so I’d like to focus more on the story and what’s already in the game.

But this is something I’d definitely look into for the next games!


G o d d a mn well cool to know, just wanted to throw a random ass idea out there and whatever. Hope this stuff is going well for you. Anyway I shall get back to doing what I do best

Searching around the COG forums in boredom.


Gotta say, great game. The heists are probably the best interactive quests i’ve seen around here, the whole concept of the armor/weapons too. I also really enjoy the GTA-esque characters, and the crew is really fun the be around (i got Hayne/Justin/Carly).

The only gripe i have is that in the detective/informant route there’s really no option for the MC to go a bit green about all the violence going on(at least in the 1st 2 chapter), the interrogation scene would have been a good moment for that (but i did just watch the Departed, so there’s that). Also, some options to nudge their crew to pull out of the crime scene/question their motives would be nice for someone who’s in a good rep with them (like, “do you ever regret getting into this” “wouldn’t you want to get out” stuff like that)

A question, how does the Hayne romance work? It seems to only give me the promt to start it at the 3rd hang out only if i’m already with Mouse, otherwise the command doesn’t even appear even if i have 90 relationship with her (it’s not that it’s greyed out or the roll doesn’t work, there’s literally no 3rd option for the romance, at least for a male char)


Any comments or suggestion are welcome! Just… no guarantees they will be used :sweat_smile:

Thank you! They were hard to code in but once the base was done everything else just fell into place… rather awkwardly and rigidly at times, but they fall into place nonetheless.

Oh yeah, I never actually got around to re-writing some of the scenes for the detective/informant route. I’m still not sure what I’d like to have that route go through but I am planning to re-write the prologue and maybe even chapter 1, so I guess that’s in the list as one of the things I really do need to fix before I publish the game.

That is also a great conversation topic or even a tool to extract more information if you were working with the FBI. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when writing some of the third hangouts, including re-writing Hayne’s third hangout.

I’ve gone through the game and the problem seems to be that the game doesn’t like male MCs romancing Hayne… though Hayne does prefer women, you can actually try to romance her as a male by going through a persuasion check. I wonder why it’s not showing up…

Me and Ben are going through some of the reported errors and hopefully these will be fixed by the next update. If not, please remind me again. Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:


Hey erm has the romance changed for hayne do you have to wait longer to persue the romance only had the one option to flirt and poof no more :thinking: ahh nvm just read the earlier response it’s a bug :joy:


I found it easier to romance hayne tbh. Just buy her the gun, impress her in the shooting range, be friendly and oof she’ll soften up. I forgot if the mc gets a kiss though, ever since that carline update she’s the i’ve only set my eyes on :sweat_smile:.


Glad to hear!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll be the first to crack open the champagne! :clinking_glasses:

Agreed. Personally as a Christian myself it’s interesting to play a game with this concept without the other theological aspects that become tricky very quickly.


Can I be a cop in the next one that makes a really bad cop joke and gets killed off after? I kid. :slight_smile: also have you considered patreon in the future? It seems to be the big phad and i know it ain’t easy writing without funding.

Also regarding guns and loadouts. I dont recommend this for this game but for future. I like the option to add accessories, but have you considered like an option to change guns before every mission? Like right before you leave, you have the option to change weapons? Shotgun might be more useful than an ar15 and vice versa. Zombie exodus did something like this but more simpler. I know coding is anus, so just food for thought.

P.s. happy holidays


I like a little bit of creative freedom when writing my game :sweat_smile:

Why not? :man_shrugging: If it’s a pun so horrible, you might deserve it :laughing:

I really have that floating around in my head numerous of times and yes, I do plan on making a patreon, but only after I’m finish with this game. I still don’t know what the rules on that are in CoG so I’m still not sure on how it is I’m going to go about doing it…

I am currently having financial issues, but that’s pretty normal for me :laughing:

One thing I do plan on doing if I did have patreon, is to write short stories for the characters that are in the game…

That is a very nice way go about your missions, and I do plan on doing that in the next games. However, Zombie Exodus doesn’t have as much weapons as I do… so that is a problem for me to write for every single weapon possible, but then again, that’s what “*gosub_scene” is for…

Happy holidays to all of you here! Thank you for such an amazing community!


I’m experiencing a really annoying bug , the three day before the atm heist in chapter 3 keep repeating , every time I finish the three day ,they repeat again ,I tried so many times but it wasn’t fixed and honestly I don’t want to play from the start again , can anyone help ?


I have absolutely now idea what’s going on.

I’ve gone through the game several times and was unable to repeat the problem. Is anyone else having this problem?
EDIT: Did you go through Rook’s hangout at all?


I went through rook hangout once and when the glitch happened I realised I could go through the second hangout ( I didn’t realise the game was glitching till I noticed mouse dialogue kept repeating)
Edit I tried going to another save and restarting from an earlier point and the glitch still happened , the only similar thing I did in both tries was checking my stats often so maybe it’s related ?


Ben, is this your doing? :two_hearts:

I do not have this issue btw.

Have you started a new private session and/or erased all cookies? Often corrupted data will spill over from prior sessions and cause one-of-a-kind bugs unless purged.


I didn’t , so I will try , thank you for the suggestion !
Edit : it worked ! Thank you very much! Now , I feel so dumb for not thinking of this earlier lol


Ben: How dare they accuse me of something I absolutely nothing to do with…

… Yes, yes it was his doing (Or lack thereof). It was a bug from a previous version of the game. But after looking through the game files, it seems that Rook’s hangout scene has yet to be updated… That may possibly cause the problem.

Yup, if anyone else is having this problem, go ahead and try that :arrow_up:

Oh! Well… good to know :sweat_smile:


I just made this account and i don’t think i’ve ever been in a forum like this, so i’m quite nervous. But anyway, i just wanna say i really love this story, it’s really fun and i can’t wait for more!! I have a huge crush on Gabriel lmao and i have to ask, do i have to do anything special to trigger his romance or do i only have to rise his relationship stat?


If I remember correctly, Gabriel is an endgame romance. If you didn’t entered in a romantic relationship with other ROs by the end of the story and end up with a good amount of relationship with Gabriel, there will be a scene about it. I’m not sure if this plan have been changed though but so far, that is the plan.


Well… I have good news, and I have bad news.

Good news is, I’m rewriting a whole bunch of stuff in the prologue, first, and third chapter, so that you’ll be able to romance Gabriel by the end of the third chapter.

Bad news is (Which is good news for me)… I will be splitting the game in two, due to the ammount of work I’ve put in, and the amount of work more I’m going to have to put in if I were to finish this game within the year…

This is still true, the plan has not changed, in fact, it’s been pushed forward so that you will be able to start his romance (somewhat) by the end of Chapter 3!

We’re still in conundrum as to what exactly we should do, so more news on the split later on.


You really spoil those who want to romance Gabriel so exciting to hear about it! :heart:

If it lessen the burden more, I wouldn’t mind getting two parts. :smiley: