BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Yeah, the FBI route is written to be somewhat of a second playthrough. And thank you! I’m currently continuing the criminal route but hopefully once I’m done I’ll be going through the FBI route of the second part of Chapter 4.

Though the next update will most likely be in private testing. I have the names already, but I’m still looking out for more. We’ll see how things go down.


I laugh to hard in this part lmao :rofl: :rolf: :rolf:
Great job!! Amazing work!! Love ittt :heart: :heart: :heart:


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the game :smile:


Wow, 2 updates in 1 month? What? I haven’t even been able to play the one before this one…

Anyways, finals are next week (earlier than expected), and it’s smooth sailing from there. I’ll be able to do multiple playthroughs then.


Alright, so Boss… I just played through the FBI UNDERCOVER ROUTE and holy shit and I’m so excited for the whole thing.

Like MY MAN I was unconscious for 2 DAYS?! AAAANND MOUSE IS IN A CASKET 6 FT IN THE GROUND?!! You’re setting up an amazing revenge plot but instead of fighting the law YOU ARE THE LAW!

Honestly, it’s giving me vibes from call of duty ghosts where one of the ghosts (Rook) was brainwashed and hunted down everyone ghost (his former squad) and just Merked them all. Tbh, I am waaaay more hyped for this route than the archangel route just cuz it feels so… Different! anyway keep up the great work!


Can we be made an Archangel?


What do you mean?


I’m sorry but the many archangels cameo in this game was from people who supported the game from the very first year this game was started.

However if you’re talking about your character in the FBI, yes, even after you’ve joined the FBI either from the beginning, or after you’ve gone and joined them after Chapter 4, you can still join side with the Archangels later in the end-game


once a fed, always a fed :wink:


I honestly feel bad about not giving the FBI route much attention, with the only available FBI faction romance option to be Megan House. I wonder if anyone would much I’d have to write to make Anthony a romance option, treating his romance as I would treat Raquel or Gabriel’s romance. :thinking:


I know you despise limits but in this case, I believe you focus remaining on the Archangels and the original crime route is the best way forward…

You can always write a sequel of 1 million words involving the FBI law and order route center stage.




Sigh … this game has been going on for too long and right now I really need to speed things up and I’ve actually skipped a few things. I sometimes cringe at my own lazy writing.

But you’re right, I need to focus on the task at hand.

True… I have so much written for the story I couldn’t even keep track of everything.


Honestly, whatever you decide to do with the whole BREACH: ARCHANGEL story Imma support you like I’m honestly way too hyped and WAAAAYYYY too many people like this story too much for it to fail or abandon you.

whether if it’s a sequel, apart of the first chapter or just kinda left out entirely I’m right behind you supporting you Bossman.


Thank you. It means a lot knowing my years of work wouldn’t be going to waste :sweat_smile:

Though sequels and maybe even prequels are something I’d definitely look forward too, I have to focus on what I have for now and double down on it. I really hope this goes well.


It definitely won’t go to waste! I don’t think there’s ever been a more immersive book/IF. Every route just sucks you in without letting go. Heck, even a tiny update makes me want to replay it and lose a few hours. You have everyone’s support!:muscle:


This really has made my day :smile: Thank you all for supporting the game, especially those who’ve stuck around from the very far beginning!

I can’t make promises but I will do my damn best to finish this game!


Also, this is kinda a random question that has probably been asked and answered before but is their people in this game that are referred to as LUCIFERS? or demons? like considering the ARCHANGELS whole ting is based off Christianity and the angels and that jazz does the ARCHANGELS refer to their enemies as Lucifers and Satans?

Or do they only call people WHO were in the archangels but then later betrayed them and oppose them as Lucifers, satans, etc? or do they just not do that at all?


The FBI :wink:

They are the devils :pitchfork :slight_smile:

I kid … or do i? :wink:


Yes, and it has been asked and answered both inside the game and in the forums.

Though The Archangels in the US aren’t as strict as the original ones in Canada, they still use the term as nicknames instead of actual labels. Don Lavadechi is considered a “Satan”. And if the MC were to side with the FBI, they would become “Lucifer” labeling them as traitors.

I personally don’t like mixing religion with my game, but I can’t really avoid it since I have both a gay priest and a whole criminal organization named after The Archangels… Such is life :laughing:

To The Archangels, The FBI are like the really annoying and nosy big brother who’s always waiting for you to make the wrong move so they can bust you and tell mum and dad. :laughing: