BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Hey, i notice that before the first job, our weapon stat is missing from the stat menu, first the secondary weapon and melee goes missing then gradually the primary gone too. The option when we want to use the weapon still there so its not a big a problem but with all the weapon modification also gone its not as powerfull.

The other thing i notice is that, when you choose to modify the weapon megazine, it have effect on modifiers and penalties but none to the ammunation. For example, if we choose the double drum megazine, the weapon still get the penalties (-3 agility and -4 incognito) but the weapon ammo will only increase like this 80/30 (depends on weapon).

Also, did you remove the naming and colouring option for weapon? If so thats too bad as i really love to name my weapon. Maybe you can make it so that if you colour the weapon with bright colour, it will increase the captain obvious stat and if dark colour increase mr incognito. I dont know if this already being done or not but just something i happen to think of.

Btw all in all i want to say that i will definitely buy this game when it come out :grin: its a great game and i really love that its a long one.


I think I prefer a nerfed Gabriel, more chances for my MC to take care of those wounds but it might add more stress as well since my MC knows that Gabriel might not survive someday.


Where’s my “Good News Everyone!”


Hmmm… I have no idea why this is happening. I’ve tried to recreate it but it’s not doing it for me. Could you tell me what job you picked and what weapons you had? Maybe even send me your variables that you can see in the menu in your show stats page?

No, I didn’t remove it. It unlocks after you’ve used that weapon for more than 1 or 2 chapters (Usually). Meaning that you cannot change your weapon or it will reset the counter and you’ll have to spend about 1 to 2 chapters until you can name that one.

… I do plan on shortening the time it takes for you to name your weapon though.

Thank you very much! I do hope I get to actually finish this game :sweat_smile:

That’s rather the point… :wink:

Since I forgot the gif, here’s a whole video of em…


Ok, i think i know what cause it. It happen like that after i choose to hang out with the crew member. Maybe one of the update about bring weapon and armor when you hang out ?. Because i play it again and dont choose the hang out option and nothing happen.


This one is when i dont choose to hang out with crew member

This one is when i do choose to hang out with crew member

This is currently at chapter 2 part 2, before the first heist. I dont think its a problem with the cheat code tho. Maybe something wrong in the hang out option?


Spectacular film, makes up for everything


Made an account just to comment! Love, love this story so far (and quite possibly addicted too)! :star_struck: Not sure if anyone’s asked already but with regards to pursuing a romance with Gabriel (I can’t be the only one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), have you given any thought as to when that will be introduced (unless I’ve totally gone about it the wrong way)?


I am in love with this game! Although I find it a little weird that you can only wear different pants. It kind of makes the option pointless. I mean, a two piece top with anything other than suit pants would look tacky. I understand that the gang uses clothes to signify rank, but it all but removes alternate clothing options.


Alright, it took me quite some time, but I finally fixed it! … hopefully…

Oh wow, thank you very much!

The romance itself will be treated as one of the many endings. I’ll be a latch-on to any of the criminal endings with it’s own little epilogue.

The start of the romance however will be around chapter 5, or the end of chapter 4, depending on how things go from where I’m writing.

Either way, I hope I won’t disappoint and I’m really looking forward to writing it!

I had ideas to put in hoodies or flannel jackets in place for the suits, but I realized that it wouldn’t really fit because re-reading the outline that I have… the suit and blue tie is quite the plot object.

Though I have yet to finish it, there will be options for you to change your daily hangout clothings which you can buy from Gregory!.. kinda weird buying clothes at the black market, but to be honest, I’d rather not make a whole nother set of variables for a different store or hang out place.


So anything new? Depression has been kicking my arse so bad I’ve not been keeping up with various WIPs


Oof, hope everything’s okay.

But the new update just arrived a few days ago! Some of the new hangout weapon stuff is still a bit broken but it’ll be fixed in the next update. Hope everything goes well for you!


Now that is going to be something I’m certain. All aboard the romance train with Mr. Indestructible-And-Permanently-Injured…sign me up!:raising_hand_woman:

I think what’s going to make it exciting to read is the fact that (to me at least) Gabe is unpredictable so I can’t even begin to imagine how it’s going to go. Well, apart from the fact that I’m betting MC’s going to be carrying a medical kit.

I’m of the opinion that the ‘uniform’ is pretty awesome. Besides it’s ‘elite club’ aesthetic, I think it also serves the organization’s ends quite well. I mean if someone sees the hockey mask + suit + blue tie attire it’s an immediate giveaway, sort of like a signature.


Well unless you do the undercover and start hunting down the Angels then i want to wear SWAT gear.


Ayo, It’s me again to just come and say wassup and with a question. Which RO’s are currently available like done? I was just curious since I don’t really know who is available to romanced and who isn’t.


Don’t worry, you’ll get your FBI SWAT gear.

Currently, the ones who are complete are Hayne, Carly, and Mouse.


Cheat codes?! How do I use them !!!


You can access the cheat codes by going into the “Change Settings” menu at the start of every chapter start chapter 1.

There’s a few other cheat codes, but the ones you currently need for testing is “sayplease”. Without the quotations. This cheat will not be present in the final game.


Beautiful thank you my good man.


The thread has almost 100K views!! I love this game and I may reread it a little too much.
*stays up till two replaying
I just finished the FBI route, and damn why didn’t I play it before!? The angst. Good luck with the rest of the chapters!