BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Be advised that, since Carly’s can be romanced in her second hangout, unlike other Ros which can only be romanced after the third, there isn’t much in the hangout itself but this definitely will impact the ending of chapter 3


I have a shitty memory, is that the one where you decide what to do when Gabriel captures House ?


after that, yes


Aha. Did that horror movie get you?


Of course!

If you don’t know Breach it’d make you think twice after seeing this response.
“House…? How is that possible? Megan’s house?
Ah, Megan House…”


Has the full head and face helmets been added yet.


Wrong question. @MichaelMaxwell have you created a time machine so we can go into the future and play your fully release game.


Hahahah I forgot! Maybe add it next time if it’s not there, @MichaelMaxwell? Slip it anywhere. Something like this. An option for MC to rest or play something. Not Breach, though… because they’re in it… Then something something on what’s about it they’re playing.

Hold on. Don’t we have a time machine somewhere…

She is excited for you to romance her too, I bet~


Slowly pushing 1 million words


What I miss?


Is raquel romanceable? If yes, could anyone gimme hints lol


Unless your in the private beta. Not yet but getting hurt will help so high difficulty.


rule 1 don’t jinx it on heist
mc ;FBI will never bring tank
Mouse : guy! there tank coming
everyone: you had on you say it
MC: shit


Hey Max regarding the storyline what is the company exactly?



Rook: People that me, Gabriel, Michael, Bishop, and Raquel used to work for


All I can offer are subpar memes, Mouse romance recommendations, House romance recommendations and an fbi where we hunt kill every single Archangel for murdering mouse. I can go into very vivid detail. My final offer, take it or leave it. (Sarcasm, tone is very hard to get across in text.)


You had me on memes

Trust me, I know the pain…


Did someone say memes ?
Seriously though, all I can offer is memes, typos, and errors I find while cheating


i found those and inmediately tought of the archangels


“Hayne and Hayne”


Have this horrible meme that I made