BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



It’s even better in context :rofl:


Okay, first off you just said you didn’t even get to Rook which means you didn’t even really start the story. How are you gonna know anything about the game if you stop before anything really interesting happens.
Secondly, about Greg and his Glorious Goods, it would take way too long to write and code to get a new place to shop just because YOU don’t like him and want to go elsewhere. And it is possible to kill him or have him die later in the game, which you didn’t even bother to get to.
Thirdly, this is not a “gangsta” game. This is a game fighting against gangsters with your crew. You are meant to help the general population, not be a sleaze bag that “fucks shit up” and tells at old ladies when you are breaking the simplest laws ever. That is not this game. You want a game like that, go find another one. You are literally at the other end of the spectrum for Michael’s game. Yes, your MC can not be that great of a person, but will yelling at little old ladies who aren’t doing anything besides walking down the street going to make you feel like the big guy on campus? Because, if so, you need to sort some things out


Yeah I don’t think they understood the concept is to kill and steal from the bad guys not be bad guys in general.


Oh yeah will Michael ever be an RO?


Thankfully, no :sweat_smile:


Lol dont rush updates. By the time you finally release it I’ll be gone in the wind for a month doing what ever I’m supposed to be doing. Eating donuts or w.e. :slight_smile: I mean you can club, it’s not like we sit outside criminals houses and are like “oh yes he is leaving! Let’s get em bois. Oh shit nvm call it off. Hes not going to the club. Hes just getting McDonalds” So take your time, do what your hearts content. Occasionally eat, I forget sometimes too.


Whaaaaaat ? We can kill Gabe ? Later in the detective path ? Nobody can be such a monster and kill Gabe, right ? :sob:

And sorry but I’m with @Franz_Ponce Michael should be a RO. I already imagine all the problems it would cause to have such a route :laughing:


Woahh. What did I miss? Anyways I’m typing from home, in my bed. I’ve been afflicted by a strain of the flu. My inactivity, however, was caused by a procrastination-induced backlog of work.

I’ll try and post when I can.

I wonder if the archangels have a panacea, I sure could use it now.


So I obviously missed some stuff on this thread…But you, my good person, are amazing.


Yeah, there was someone here that obviously didn’t know what they were talking about and it was frustrating…

But thank you very much! The people who play this game and understand it like most of the people on this forum are amazing too! It’s so awesome to me how many different people can come together and play this game and enjoy and critique it. I think we’re all slowly building this game up and in extremely positive ways. Michael’s writing with Ben’s coding and all of our input is making this game one of the best I’ve ever seen! Great job, everyone! :grin:


Don’t worry, I only forget to sleep most of the time. I eat just fine :smile:

Speaking of clubs, I most likely won’t be putting out both of Rook’s second and third hangout because of the limited time I have so, I’m very sorry. But rest assured, my current goal is to fill in as many side stories as I can.

I’ve already finished Carly’s second hangout, which will consist her first romance option, because unlike other crew members, you can romance Carly in her second hangout while others can only be romanced on the third.

Well, as it’s said in the game “Anything can happen, anything can be”… though there isn’t much options to do evil, I try my best to put in as many choices as I can when the plot allows it to. Lately I’ve been limiting these due to the fact that I’m trying to keep a faster pace, but I will most likely go back and re-read the entire game and add new choices.

And most choices do have consequences~

Well, I’m sorry to say that the current plot doesn’t allow such a relationship to happen :sweat_smile: … and trust me, such a relationship with him wouldn’t last long…

Oof, hope you’re okay! Get some rest and get well soon!

Raquel may or may not have it…

Yes, yes she is~

… I would like to marry this woman.




Oh yeah I have a suggestion. Regarding the sniper rifles, I suggest that they should be buffed in terms of damage as I believe that sniper rifles deal a lot if damage. Also pls add more snipers thx


Yeap I’m pretty sure Michael would kill the MC for… Hey there could be so many reasons. ‘The shortest path of the game !’ :joy:


Tbh most of the fighting that happened so far in the game has been close-medium range, so my suggestion would be to entirely remove sniper rifles


True but one the game is in development so any of the scenes can change. Two chapter 5 and 6 is still in development and long range battles may be present depending on Max. Three is it seems to be that snipers are still usable in medium range combat and four who doesn’t like sniper rifles mate? Don’t take this offensively.


None taken,I Do like sniper rifles, I just don’t think they’re of much use in close range combat. As for medium range, it seems that most of the outfit has assault rifles and such so they’d heavily outclass us in firepower


Although sniper rifles have limited use in the game, I do think that with the current missions and possible combat in the game, the sniper rifles are balanced the way they are right now, considering most of them use ammunition that are the same as some of their assault rifle counter parts.

I will however, add more for future tiers to come :wink:

Pretty much :laughing: Especially if you’re working for the FBI…

Actually, I don’t think you even need to be in the FBI for Michael to be able to kill you… Spoilers~

Though this is true, there will be scenes with long ranges up to 500 meters, which some normal assault rifle would still be viable. The sniper rifle is there for three reasons.

  1. I’m a sniper myself in both Airsoft and in games
  2. Someside-stories (Given to you by Geoff and Greg, both of which are still in development) and also a couple of scenarios in later chapters will have the option to assassinate someone at long ranges.
  3. Any weapon above a certain damage (Mostly sniper rifles) can cut right through ballistic shields, which will have more frequent appearance the further into the game you go. (Currently, all sniper rifles and also the PKP Pecheneg Machine Gun can do such a thing) Other sniper rifles with higher damage is coming, don’t worry. The .338 lapua and .50 BMG is not forgotten!

Rate of fire is essential in close quarters and still useful in medium range. It’s also something I’ve neglected on using as a modifier for some reason… I’ll have to talk to Ben for this, but there may be use for them after all.


Oh yeah Max what does the golden baseball bat exactly do?


It vaporizes whatever it touches. If it hits a limb, bye bye limb, if it’s a mask , bye bye mask , etc.