BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Update #38 16-March-2019) (800k~ Word)



Maybe it occurs when loading a save from a stat screen? I’d test it if I could, but I’ll be gone for the next few hours.


New update?

… It took me 5 glances to realize that it was my game.

It just occured to me to ask, did you load in a save that you made before the update? That may cause some hiccups.

I’ll do a thorough read-through for my game. Thanks for helping!


First deaf, now blind? Someone, buy him a pair of glasses!


Just out of curiosity how far along are you in terms of Character Romances?


And before I Forget i found several grammar errors, I can post the photos of them if you like, honestly though their the same error in the same reference over several chapters


As of currently that’s available? 2 out of 11 romances

  • Hayne
  • Mouse

Currently working on the 3rd and possibly 4th and 5th

  • Carly
  • Raquel
  • Gabriel

Just post one of them and I hope I’ll know how to fix them.


I was wondering how high luck needs to be to roll a 20 every single time? Also I know cheat mode want be available on the finished version, but does that also mean that you plan to take out the custom difficulty option?


You’d most likely need 19 luck… but even if you have lucks higher than that, if you get a natural 1, you will still fail, no matter what.

As for cheat mode, along with the custom difficulty it will not be in the finished game. I will however leave in the other difficulties from the very easy, to the very hard

… I may be including a cheat code function for you to be able to use the cheat difficulty, or maybe add a few points to your luck


This is fantastic. When do you plan to release it?


I just realized that if the player cheats the Raquel route is no longer viable.

Additionally, the detective route, which will see the big 3 being arrested, will be rather sad for a player who romances one of the main 3. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.


Well, it sure is quiet. Anyways, as we approach hallows eve, I find myself wondering who either has the scariest mask, or how the characters in-game react to the holiday…

I assume Mouse wouldn’t fare too well?

And Michael? I assume Michael would just shoot anyone who scared him…

Gabriel… Nothing scares him, right?


Yeah because to romance Raquel you have to be shot several times. What if you fake Raquel or Gabriel’s death on detective Path or get Hayne a deal.


What do you say to adding this option, @MichaelMaxwell? I personally like the idea of vouching for an RO who isn’t one of the main 3. It’ll be difficult in certain cases, but I could see it work. Maybe not with Hayne, though…


I don’t comment a lot but this is my favorite wip on the forum. Will definitely buy this when it’s finished.


Some code ideas:


It depends on how loyal they are to you versus their loyalty to the Archangels.




The only thing that gets me through most months is the fact that this game is updated like once a month, so that means we’re getting an update soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Petition to have @MichaelMaxwell post this everytime he updates the game.


I’ll sign