BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATE #37! 30-January-2019) (800k~ Word)



Time for a hotfix update… Cracks knuckles


You read it right! A new update only 5 days after the previous one!

Breach: The Archangel Job (Updated)

DEVELOPMENT LOG# 37 (30-January-2019) (Public Testing)

(3.O36.19.01.30) :arrow_left: Make sure this is the same!

  • A whole lotta fixin goin on
  • Added Anna’s hangout
  • Added Gabriel’s romance
  • Added Raquel’s romance
  • Very Easy Difficulty will now no longer have negative stats
  • Hangout weapons prep fix
  • Hangout token fix
    W.I.P: Carly’s 3rd Hangout
    W.I.P: Charlie’s 3rd Hangout
    W.I.P: Charlie’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Anna’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Carly’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Hayne’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Raquel’s Chapter 3 romance

Have fun everyone! :wink:

Also, sorry if you were all in the middle of playing. Any save made before the update can no longer be used. Very sorry :sweat:


It’s quite rare to see someone going for Rook. I’m glad he gets the love he needs :sweat_smile:

The testing cheats is “sayplease”. Without the quotation marks. You may enter at the start of every chapter starting at Chapter 1 by goinng into the "Change Settings" choice and then going to "cheat codes"


Okay, i wasn’t expecting that at all, I was just lurking around the forum because i have nothing to do lol. Will be playing this right now, so excited!!


Also, can I romance Gabriel in the FBI route? Because i was in the middle of playing that one and wanted to finish it


Yes, you can romance him even as an FBI informant. Unfortunately, the save files you may have before this update can no longer be used. I’m sorry about that :sweat:



You are spoiling us, updating so quickly!

… I guess I didn’t need sleep tonight anyway…



I like the changes to the difficulty selection screen.
But the menu says very easy difficulty has a luck of 6 (as usual), but both the stat screen and calculations says it’s 4. (How am I going to survive this!! :laughing::fearful:)


Wow… I really didn’t expecting that.

Gabriel / Raquel taking off their mask (and even more) right before my eyes.

I am not worthy!!!


I just realized that the luck modifiers is a bit of a mess :sweat_smile: I’ll have to get Ben to fix it soon.

Apprently, they think you are.


This made me go “Aaaaaaaaaaawwww!”.


Is the Anna romance available?


Yes it is. Hopefully. If not, let me know what happens :sweat_smile:


It works and two things: one thank you for the update and two you are awesome and great writer of this game. Thank you for letting us try out this wonderful game you have created! You are awesome!


I’ll try again, maybe I picked wrong choice?


Thank you very much! It brings me lots of hope to know that people enjoy the game as much as I anticipate releasing it :sweat_smile:

You can romance her in her third hangout, the one where you get to visit her in her blacksmithing workshop and then clash with her stalker, but only if you haven’t romanced anyone else yet. If her third hangout doesn’t show up, let me know.


I tried it last night. It shows up but similar to Alice before, I never saw a romance choice. I’ll try again maybe I did something wrong.



Thank u sir :lab_coat::lab_coat::lab_coat::lab_coat: