BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATE #37! 30-January-2019) (800k~ Word)




Here’s hoping the fixes work.

Breach: The Archangel Job

DEVELOPMENT LOG# 36 (25-January-2019) (Public Testing)

(3.O36.19.01.25) - :arrow_left: Make sure this is the same!

  • Fixes, fixes, fixes, tiddly fixes.
  • Deactivated the in-game checkpoint save system completely as it is redundant when CJW’s save system is active
  • Added Anna’s 2nd hangout
  • Added Anna’s 3rd hangout
  • Added Charlie’s 2nd hangout
  • Added Mouse’s 2nd hangout
  • Fixed Hayne’s romance and hangout (Hopefully)
  • Fixed the cheat system (Also Hopefully)
  • Fixed the in-game chapter save system
  • Removed the small bank as a heist option
    NEXT UPDATE WILL INCLUDE: W.I.P: Carly’s 3rd Hangout
    W.I.P: Charlie’s 3rd Hangout
    W.I.P: Charlie’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Anna’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Carly’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: “Enhancements” to Hayne’s Chapter 3 romance
    W.I.P: Gabriel’s first romance scene

Wow, that took some time to put out. But anyways, hope you enjoy the update! I’ve been mostly setting up the work layout for the weeks to come, but now that there are lesser things to worry about, everything’s much more organized and the end is near!

In other news, the last private testing thread for this game will soon start in the next few weeks! I will message the individuals who have been selected as part of the private testers!



I think it’s gonna be a sleepless night now :smiling_imp:


Uuuuuhhh, I spy an update!
And just as I was thinking that I didn’t have anything to read. Perfect timing!


This! Just this! flailing


You sure must enjoy making people happy because I’m overjoyed! :heart_eyes: In other news: it’s time for another run through!


It seems a lot of people have been waiting for Gabriel…

Honestly, the top 3 romances I look forward to making are Gabriel, Rook, and Raquel. All of whom are crazy in their own rights.


Those are also the ones I’m looking most forward to playing. :purple_heart:


Gabriel being Gabriel



That is without a doubt the most accurate meme that describes Gabriel


I’m not finished with the demo yet, but I have to say that Rook is my favorite character. He’s hilarious; I can’t stop laughing right now.


Yeah, most of the character here is… intriguing.
Even my straight male MC would go gay for Gabriel and Rook :sweat_smile:


His hangouts are by far the most fun to write.

Nothing is ever normal in Breach. Gay preists/black market dealer? Check. A trio of unknown criminals with little to no real identity or background? Check. Taco-truck-driving assassin/strip club owner? Check.


I’m really enjoying the 2nd hangout with my beloved adorable little biscuit. Could she please be a little less adorable for a while.

Anyway, found a little… bug(?) I guess, it’s not game-breaking or anything like that though.
At Chapter1A line 324, 2609, and 2612

To be more specific:

Gabriel gestures towards the two empty seats for you and Mouse as he pulls out a pistol and lays it on the table in front of him.
*if weaponry < 30
	A 9mm Browning Hi-Power.


You look behind you and you see a man in a three-piece Suit and blue tie, sporting a white hockey mask with a red smiley face, pistol in hand.
*if weaponry < 30
	A 9mm Browning Hi-Power.
And a rifle hanging from a sling hanging over his shoulder.
*if weaponry < 30

I assume it should’ve been > instead of <
Since if my weaponry is high enough I should’ve been able to recognize that weapon specifically. Not the other way around.
Correct me if I’m wrong though :sweat_smile:

By the way… do you need report for the missing punctuation or something like that?
I think that kind of report is annoying for some writer. That’s why I’m asking you first :grin:


I don’t if you’d count this to be less adorable, but as the story progresses, they will become more and more mature and slightly more independent.

You’re correct, I’m fixing that now. :sweat_smile:

That’s isn’t really the highest of priorities right now, but any feedback is welcomed, and nitpicking is encouraged. (Though I’ve come to regret saying that over and over, it never hurts to listen to constructive criticism)

Currently at the top of the priority is the coding errors like the one you’ve found. I couldn’t have possible seen that if not for you.


Man I missed this thread. It’s been bedlam today in the news and then this update! But I’ll probably just wait for the next update if it’s gonna show Gabe’s first romantic scene! Ahhhhhhhhhh Im excited already!!!


I cried tears of joy when I saw this.


Can you blame us though? I swear every time I play there’s new reasons to swoon over Mr Indestructible! Low key shilling for Rook too. He had me at the the tacos tbh


Due to an entangled narrative, I will be writing Gabriel’s and Raquel’s romance in tandem, so this might take a bit…


This is both good news and not to me - good new because I won’t be tempted to ruin the game before it is released (sooo easy to do), bad news because I will - of course, like with all addiction - miss it as well. :grimacing:

In the end, good wins hands down, though, while bad stands there with the hands up looking like a gerbil who forgot it wasn’t a blue whale. Yeah, I have no idea what that means either. :crazy_face:


Whenever I see an update in this thread my heart starts racing. Is that weird? It’s pretty weird. Can’t wait to replay this entire game for the 50th time :grin: