BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (NEW UPDATE! 9-November-2018!) (800k+ Word)



I stick more with your description of him being capable of sweet-talking a monster. That charming. Youthful look, same age. He looks old enough to have a 5 year old daughter though. Hold on, lol, I uploaded the one before I shaded his face.

Nah, same size. Like if you zoom to the doodle leaving just his face. Different and baggier clothes.

You can let Fonex see it first.


Shouldn’t the juggernaut armor already have a full face helmet with it.


I’m Going to romance the heck out of Mouse.


what the code you have to say to the FBI In chapter 4 pt 1?


The undercover FBI part of this game is amazing.


Written well enough it could be a Reservoir Dogs/ A Way Out take.


wow, a whole weekend without edits…

damn school…


Good luck!~

No, you’ll have to buy them separately… Greg’s a bit of a douche when it comes to that.

Also, @Phoenix_Wolf If you played through the morning as an FBI informant, and you saved Megan, Anthony will tell you what the code is

Oh wow, thank you! I really didn’t put much priority into it at first but after realizing that so many people like to go through the undercover route as their second or third replay, I’ve decided to put more effort into them…

Also, one of the endings in A Way Out is just sad… like… seriously…

Eventhough I eagerly await the next batch of edits, I am currently enjoying the peace and quiet… :sweat_smile:


Just wondering are you going to add a desert eagle to the pistols cause i would love one.


Personally I Like The Vigilante route. I mean so far there’s nothing particularly “Vigilantish” in it yet but again I keep getting distracted at the Mask customization. I think I’ll test if there’s an option where you “customize” your mask by making it like half one color half another. Also the first half is white and the second half is white. “So you’re saying you don’t want it customized?”

Say nothing.


Yes, later.

Sorry to say, but there’s not much difference between the criminal and vigilante route as of the current moment. will make much more of a difference later.


Dude got his rocks off on seeing me and my Little Sister/Future Girlfriend/our relationship Dynamics are weird undressed. Now I’m going to have to kill him eventually :Sigh:

I like only speaking to Mouse and mainly to comfort her and protect her. Too bad our first job only goes off nonviolently if we are crowd control and thus talking.


Another wonder will we be hunting down the angels in the undercover route after we go to hospital after being shot when your cover is blown cause that we be so cool hunting them down in revenge and storming buildings with the swat teams plus i feel like there should be unique armor and masks for when you start hunting them down since you can’t use the black market shop anymore.


Quite popular among people I see. I’m indifferent towards everyone but who was it that you told me? The one that thinks Mouse is annoying? Female Mouse it was. Probably early game before you wrote anything about male Mouse.

I like a Mouse though, not in your game, ahem. psssst chicken wings of victory. That’s another character though. One is that hoody girl. Wasn’t criminal, but pretty much delinquent. Fights with brain too, but manipulates instead of being cowardly. You know, sssshhhhh


There are people who compliment, people who insult, people who backhanded compliment.

And then there’s people who’s opinions would take the entire cast of every CSI show and Sherlock to suss out weaving words of confusion.

But if you talking bad about Mouse Bae we gonna throw down.


Sure, if your Dopeness remembers who it was…


I mean Breach Mouse.


And I mean if he remembers who said Breach Mouse annoying.


I like to believe my MC is so traumatized by something from their childhood in foster care it rendered them almost entirely mute. And the only person they can speak to is Mouse.

Edit: If we’re an undercover detective will it be possible to have friends/lovers that we go back to if we survive taking down the archangels? I know we’re probably too young to have a spouse and kids but I imagined like playing a lesbian MC who seduces an RO and then their RO gets arrested along with the others and they go home to their husband and kid. Talk about DEEP undercover.

Although all my characters are Actual lesbians or Asexual it’s an interesting mental image.


Who? Rook?

… yeah, he’s a walking dick.

Yes, but no spoilers… You will be able to get your teammate’s masks and possibly wear them

Um, I started writing male and female mouse at the same time

Um, I have a really bad memory…

… Also what?

That may or may not be true.

Still trying to go through the entire game before settling in on a character origin reveal.

If you don’t kill them, sure.

Oh dayumn, that’s some deep level spy work right there…

Hey, “Anything can happen, anything can be” …