BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Demo temporarily offline) (800k~ Word)


I’ve decided that for the easy and very easy difficulties, all penalties are halved.

I’m just as surprised as you are…

Buddy cop movies are supposed to be about two people who don’t go well together. Rook and Bishop may likes to banter with one another. but as soon as the shooting starts, they work together… They may banter as they work together, but they’ll work together… With deadly results.

Rook: Goddamn it, Max, look at what you've done...

Don’t tell me you don’t like it.

Rook: ...Fine
Bishop: I don't like it. I do not consent

Don’t worry, Rook can protect himself quite well :laughing: Recovering drug addicts are stronger with help, than they are alone… No offense, Rook

Rook: Oh, no worries. I'm not recovering

… You have given me a new story for a short story. :rofl:

I looked back at all the things that’s been posted, and boy, this game is taking quite a long time to make. But finally, the end is nigh…

… I’ve set the expectation. I will not lower it, nor will I raise it. I’ll do my best to meet it.


Is it possible to kill Bishop to, I already got Rook don’t need his friend coming back. Or did I kill Bishop when I shot him with the sniper?

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I don’t know. Since the MC didn’t have time to go and check it out, nor do they ever encounter Rook and Bishop again after that, we may never know :man_shrugging:

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I can't wait to read the romance between Rook and the MC.

That's nice of Rook to share his spot with Mouse. I changed it.:grin:

Even though he doesn’t know it’s supposed to be the other way around, I love how he’s willing to protect a group of people himself; I know he would’ve given it his all.

Thank you.:heart:

I love it when these two are together.:joy:

Spiced Taco Sociopath? Sweeto Burrito Sociopath? :joy::ok_hand: Love it.


Can you romance raquel if yes can someone tell me how please


Yes, you can. You have to not romance or haven’t flirted with any other character, and must have at least 70% relationship with her. You may gain relationship with her through numerous things, two of which are rooting for Gabriel, and getting shot and letting her heal you.

As soon as I finish Hangout 3, you’ll have your chance.

Rook really is a gentlemen somewhere deep inside of him… deep… deep inside.

It really is fun to write them :laughing:

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its all good Rook you have alot of “fans”


Rook: I've been blown up by IEDs multiple times, getting friendzoned hurts more...


Thx for telling me but i cant figure out how to get the scene that starts the romance

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Its a the end of chapter 3, Gabriel comes to check on you, dont invite him in, if you have 70% with Raquel you will get the opportunity to invite her.

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So even when they first met, they got along like a house on fire? On the job they’re two people I’d rather never see in an alleyway (or otherwise for that matter) but it’s amazing to see how chilled they are off the job - not so much Sweeto Burrito?

Would it help if I said it was a term of endearment?:wink:

Please make my day and tell me Sweeto Burrito is a tsundere! I can’t tell if deep down he’s a really sweet (and dangerous gun wielding) teddy bear or he’s just deadpan.

After seeing the man in action I don’t doubt it! I think it just because he’s so utterly precious when you get to know him that’s difficult not to! That being said, pretty much every single one of your characters seems to have secrets and/or dark pasts. Will there ever be time or space for MC to discover them?

Extra content for the content we already have? I keep telling you you’re too early for Christmas!:laughing:


Rook is agile, and has near superhuman stamina regeneration. His hands move incredibly fast, though not as fast as Kaidan, but still fast enough to exert enough energy to crush your ribs and disrupt your heartbeat in a single punch. He’s fast, eager, and somewhat insane.

Bishop on the other hand has the near superhuman endurance. He could take an incredible amount of injuries and still continue to walk and fight for as long as he could still breathe. He complements Rook’s fast-paced firefight nature with his own patient and resilient mindset.

A fight between Rook and Bishop would last for days… with no probable winners.

Rook: Then yes! I like it!

Bishop is… a very interesting person. His story is actually quite sad and can be a bit creepy.

Which brings me to my next point:

All of the character backstories will be somewhat explained in the hangouts except for a select few.

However, I do plan to make short stories for every last one of the crew members and especially for Rook, Bishop, Kaidan if necessary, Gabriel, Raquel, and Michael. However… if I’m going dedicate my life to this game, I’m going to need patreon :sweat_smile:


Honestly it’s getting harder and harder for me to do that (with my MC)! I just have to keep reminding myself of Gabriel. I mean, my MC has to keep reminding herself of Gabriel! :flushed:

I kind of like his weirdness :wink:

I’m pretty sure Gabriel wouldn’t care :unamused: (he’s lucky I like him so much!)

So does this mean Raquel doesn’t need us to be her wingman/woman?


Love this game and can’t till it comes out you’re a really great writer

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I don’t think Gabriel would mind. :sweat_smile:


Yes, and no. Gabriel and Raquel will be together either way, but without the MC’s help, never in a romantic way.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the game!


Rook reminds me of a certain character from an old tv show… Here’s a quote…

“But you stole this pillow.”

“Yeah, but it’s the thought that counts.”


“He doesn’t want me dead, he just wants to me to suffer” She explains. "He doesn’t want me to testify against him because he knows I know everything about him

He just wants me to suffer*

And the tire pop on anna’s side story at chapter 3 isn’t bold.

  • Off-read capable


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Where would this be?

I have no idea who that is, but nice :laughing:


If I’m reading correctly, the use of this instance of pop is an onomatopoeia. You’ve used these before, in words such as bang and snaps and clicks. It signifies a sound being made. Then again, Crow could be meaning something else entirely. Haven’t played much of Anna’s route.