BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Demo temporarily offline) (800k~ Word)


Are we not going to be able to the major bank in the first half? I remember that never being an option earlier.

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Error report (or long convoluted post) number: whatever one this is


I’d remove the out from outperform. I’m no in competition to do any better than anyone. Maybe I could outperform acrobats whilst I lift weights? Just, revise the out from outperform.

haha funny theory. Gabriel’s our long-lost twin from birth, that’s why he never takes off his mask. oh god wait nvm what if players romance him oh no what have I done

So I have a baby’s face, but it’s been stretched to fit my skull. That’s horrifying.

huh. So for whatever reason my computer has an affinity for skipping the text box where I can input my last name. Apparently my phone does it as well. Quite strange. Anyways…

Yeah, it’s got nothing on the '69 vorcette… manta ray…


Period after away, unless it’s the coding bug you mentioned a while ago

This is one sentence? Quite the mouthful. I want to give advice for this, but I can’t think of an alternative way to write it. Ignore this one.


change is to are


change period to comma


I’ve noticed a distinct use of the “as he” phrase here. Maybe this time, change this to “…coming” He says, pulling out his phone. idk, maybe just to change it up a bit.

Why no mention of how I just blew the robber’s head clean off his shoulders? I do believe that they’d mention if the gun was discharged recently.


Don’t be a baby


Oh boy… Let’s not jump to conclusions, mr. narrator…


Add a period behind him. For reference, I’m at the part where mouse leaves to help Gabriel with a job.


Her should be here


He has 2 1911’s, therefore an 's should be added after “1911” unless, of course, this is a coding limitation.


Period after held.


Add period after security


Add a period after good.


add a period after him.


possible should be possibly.

add a period after that.

Anyways, that’s it for tonight. I’ll do more tomorrow. please man I wanna see more raquel scenes i swear i will pay for them


-Placing my hand on my chest- Awww.

I’m really enjoying Rook’s dialogue.

:eyes: I need it.

I agree. Mouse was first until Rook came into the picture. I imagined Rook nudging Mouse out of the number one spot with a smirk on his face, while Mouse is left in the number two spot with a sad face :joy::sob: (I still love you Mouse, don’t worry).


addendum: taste should be tastes.

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It’s hilarious if you think about it. When Rook first came into the picture guns blazing at Gabriel, I was like “Oh hell no” and now it’s like I’m the President of the Rook Protection Squad :tm: Mouse is cute like a younger brother or a puppy and Rook…well…Rook is Rook :rofl:


:ok_hand: Exactly.


Let me in on the Rook Protection Squad, I’ll be Vice President. :relaxed:


They’ve been friends since childhood. Not a whole lot of things are going to break that apart.

If you were to hear Bishop’s backstory, he really needs more love. In fact he probably needs help… Which is why Rook is there. Mainly to keep him busy :laughing:

Rook: Friends stay, lovers lay. Glad to have met you either way

And I enjoy writing it :laughing:

I think Rook wouldn’t mind sharing the #1 spot.

Rook: You know you've made it in life when someone could only describe you as yourself~

He is quite… Unique, to say the least.

Rook: Being unique is the least of my skills.

Is everything a skill to you?

Rook: If you're damn good at it, yes

And Rook will be Rook

Rook: Is this a squad of the people I'll be protecting?

Um, no it’s the squad of people who will be pro-

Rook: I shall guard you all with my life!


So i had saw a post a while ago about the games length being cut in half, but couldn’t find the post again to figure out the context of how the game was shortened. If someone could elaborate that’d be great. Also I don’t know if its a bug or not but the game doesn’t seem to give the choice to wear the bulletproof suit and a tactical vest under it. I try equipping one and the other one automatically comes off.

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The game is now being split into two books, so yes the content will technically shorten, but there will be a whole other book afterwards! :smiley:


This is because the bulletproof suit is technically an Armour in of itself. Unfortunately, you cannot wear any other armour if you’re wearing that suit. Not unless I make a whole new set of variables for it, and a whole new equip and dequip script for it… and Ben does not like the sound of that, he’s already shaking his head at me as I’m writing this :laughing:

That is correct. In order to save time (and my sanity) I’ve decided to split the game into two because just half of this game is already around 800,000 words including the codes. It’s been quite the process, and I’m honestly quite tired of not having anything done yet for the past 4 years.

The first half of the game will consist of The prologue, Chapter 1-3, and half of Chapter 4 which will technically be the epilogue, but not really because the whole story is actually two books…

Can there be two epilogues and two prologues in a two part story? I’m not really sure…


Awww gotcha! I guess that’s even better since that would technically make the story longer in the end which I don’t mind in the slightest haha.

Okay the suit thing makes sense. Another thing I noticed is that there wasn’t much point buying the bulletproof mask from the GGG store since you could get the full bulletproof face mask for less and be safer as well.

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I’m assuming it’s the Kevtac Helmet VS the Titanium Reinforced Hockey Mask.

The titanium reinforced hockey mask will protect only your face from the front, and is able to block up to a .44 magnum. It’ll save you from pistol and revolver rounds, but it won’t stop all rifle rounds. The full-face helmet offers better protection, and better coverage, since it covers the whole head, which is why it’s much more expensive.

But then again, I do agree, 60k is a bit too much.


So I’m torturing Andrew. I shoot him, with my REX Revolver. Yet, the game thinks I’m using a p-90. I did, however, use the p-90 the last time I used a weapon, so maybe that has something to do with it?

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Missing variable change. Fixed!

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Why do I always get hungry when playing this game??? Damn those tasty food options!! :sob::sob:

Anyways, I played Raquel’s romance (among others) and I’m curious about how her romance is gonna play out. With the rest of the ROs, we can hang out with them and slowly build up the relationship, but that’s not available for Raquel. Will the option to hang out with her be added with future updates or is her romance going to be relatively smaller when compared to the others and maybe expanded upon in the sequel?


Most of the time, I write the game on an empty stomach :laughing: There’s not much to eat and I kinda have to save up, but writing the game takes my mind off of it… up until I write the food options.

Raquel and Gabriel have their own unique relationship lines. You can’t hangout with them, but later as the game progress, because you can’t exactly ignore the trio as they are the main characters of the game.

It’s not really small, I’m just not done with it yet.


You pull out your golden 9508848 bat and you whack him right on the arm, causing his whole right arm to burst into dust. He gasps in surprise as you reel back for another bash, this time, directly at his face. You bash him across the face, and his whole head bursts into dust.

His body rolls of the seat, and onto the floor, limp. ERRORR ERRORR Whoops! Something went wrong here! Well, um… you better report this in the forum!

Please put this in your report ==> Error = sayplease

Last run script = “woundcheck”


Please post the codes below for review (copy and paste all)

Variable codes

AKslot11new 9508848
AKslot12new 9508848
AKslot13new 9508848
AKslot14new 9508848
AKslot15new 9508848
AKslot16new 9508848
AKslot17new 9508848
AKslot18new 9508848
AKslot19new 9508848
AKslot21new 9508848
AKslot22new 9508848
AKslot23new 9508848
AKslot24new 9508848
AKslot25new 9508848
AKslot26new 0
AKslot27new 0
AKslot28new 0
AKslot29new 0
AKslot31new 0
AKslot32new 0
AKslot33new 0
AKslot34new 0
AKslot35new 0
AKslot36new 0
AKslot37new 0
AKslot38new 0
AKslot39new 0
AKslot41new 0
AKslot42new 0
AKslot43new 0
AKslot43new 0
AKslot45new 0
AKslot46new 0
AKslot47new 0
AKslot48new 0
AKslot49new 0
AKslot51new 0
AKslot52new 0
AKslot53new 0
AKslot54new 0
AKslot55new 0
AKslot56new false
AKslot57new false
AKslot58new false
AKslot59new false
AKslot61new false
AKslot62new false
AKslot63new false
AKslot64new false
AKslot65new false
AKslot66new false
AKslot67new false
AKslot68new false
AKslot69new false
secwepcall your HK MP7
meleewepcall your golden 9508848 bat
meleecol 9508848
primwepcalltype your Machine Gun
secwepcalltype your submachine gun
meleewepcalltype your bat
meleewepfull your golden 9508848 bat
secwepcall2 9508848
GymTraining 0
HasKitty false
catname 9508848
KaidanWound 0
zip_ties furry handcuffs
BBH_DateName 9508848
AgilPenprimwep 7
IncogPenprimwep 20
AgilPensecwep -1
IncogPensecwep 4
AgilPenarmour 8
IncogPenarmour 10
AgilPenmelwep 2
IncogPenmelwep 3
origprimmuzzle 0
tempwepassigntoken 6
statscreencount 0
difficulty_token 1
BBH_Info1 0
masktoken 98509
cufftoken 6
Heist2 0
HeistNum 1
startstate 2
OGplan 0
C3EndingState 0
GGGCountdownDelay 0
C3MeganState 0
KeptWepMelee 98502
KeptCountMelee 5
RelRook 200
H2BackRoom 1
GGG_buygoods 4
MaskOn false
C1SawEveryonesFace false
C3HealedGabe false
RookDead false
C1gonethroughsewers false
MCwearsskirt 3
MC_Unused false
AimProtocol 0
C1UniquePrologue false
meleecustomname false
FirstTimeofferedname true
MCbadcop false
RollCounter 0
errormessage sayplease
secbang 9508848
primwepcall your M60
C3AndrewState 0
C2callbeforehangup 3
damage 0
primwepfull your M60 Machine Gun
secwepfull your HK MP7 submachine gun
hitarea 9508848
primwepstorage 0
INV_JustinMasterKey 0
MCsexcount 0
bang THUMP
HeistLoot 9508848
HeistVehicleSpecial 1
HeistLootCount 12
HeistPCtake 30
HeistRTake 25
HeistUTake 25
HeistSTake 20
RelMegan 200
hairtype long and afro
C4warehousewentwithwho 0
KeptWepPrim 40
KeptWepSec 63
KeptCountPrim 5
KeptCountSec 5
ACC1primtype 0
ACC2primtype 3
ACC3primtype 2
ACC3primtype 2
ACC5primtype 3
ACC6primtype 102
ACC2sectype 5
ACC3sectype 0
ACC5sectype 4
ACC6sectype 6
FBIcallratcount 2
FBIcalltold 2
C3MouseState 1
C3AndyCondition 0
HeistVehicleArmour false
hasvest true
C2hangup true
HeistVehicleOffroad false
HeistNoCasualties true
HeistNoCivilCasualties true
unlockedMegan false
UnlockedGreg false
UnlockedRook false
MCinformant false
MCdirtycop false
Ratoption4 false
DualWield false
primwepmagtype belt
secwepmagtype magazine
HeistVehicleSpeed 5
BagCount 0
meleeattack whack
meleeweptype bat
armourname Complete Heavy Combat Vest
wepreloadbypass false
HeistCountdownStart false
primwepreloadact 5
secwepreloadact 1
primwepchargemax 40
primwepmag 6
HeistVehicle police cruiser
ConversCount 5
Story_Milestone 3
HeistDeadline -2
INV_C4blocks 4
HeistGetaway 4
HeistCountdown -72
primwepcharge 40
HeistTemp1 0
INV_Zipties 7
HeistTemp2 0
secwepcharge 8
primwepmagmax 6
secwepchargemax 8
secwepmag 9
secwepmagmax 9
wepreloadact 0
INV_Medkitcharge 4
INV_Medkitmax 4
HeistCondition 1
meleestrength 950
HeistGuardStat2 0
HeistGuardStat3 0
BBH_ManagerialStatus 0
vehiclemod 0
HumanShieldGender 0
HeistGuardStat1 0
HeistGuardStat4 0
INV_PlasmaCutter false
HeistGuardStat5 0
HeistTake 0
pointtoken 0
terwepreloadact 0
wepreload false
noammo false
HeistNumber 1
HasHumanShield false
HeistVehicleType cruiser
seclastround true
primlastround false
HeistVehicleName Fort Crown Victor 2010
Rhe she
Rhim her
Rhis her
Uhe he
Uhim him
Uhis his
She she
Shim her
Shis her
Mhers hers
legprot false
Nighttime true
timetoken 2
seccol 9508848
seccustomname false
primcol 9508848
primcustomname false
CurrentHeist 2
HeistEntry1 0
HeistCrowdControl1 4
HeistChoice1 2
HeistChoice4 0
HeistChoice5 0
HeistChoice6 4
HeistChoice7 0
HeistCrowdComplience 0
HeistTime 3
Visits_Greg 2
R_relstat 0
U_relstat 0
S_relstat 0
M_relstat 0
Daytime false
gymcount 0
NonRandDC 0
GGG_ShopTier 5
PHONE_info1 true
FirstTimePub true
FirstTimeGGG true
Chapter_Bypass false
R_Unused false
U_Unused false
S_Unused false
M_Unused true
RatOption1 false
RatOption2 false
RatOption3 false
DeactivateRand true
GGG_Side1QuestUnlock false
GGG_Side2QuestUnlock false
meleetoken 98502
meleeact 5
armourtoken 8
hasarmour true
deathcount 0
activatedice false
activaterand2 true
GodMode true
activaterand4 true
activaterand6 true
activaterand8 true
activaterand10 true
activaterand20 true
nocritfail true
locker true
MCcop false
MCvigilante false
MCbad true
HeistCrowdControl2 3
MCmale false
MChe she
MChis her
MChim her
MCfemale true
mask gold mask with the a chrome Skull
percentiledice 0
MCrole 9508848
MCcallsign 9508848
money 7974530
OHmoney 0
name Voldemort
midname 9508848
lastname no last name,
sir miss
genderopp men
genderplur women
mr Ms.
nolastname true
yeslastname false
parodyname 4
bleeding false
share $4,500
M_share $450
skipmodule 999993
gender woman
gendernoun female
genderyoung girl
eyecolour hazel
hair jet black long and afro hair
haircolour jet black
impression trustworthy
bodytype 3
facetype 2
build athletic
body fit
incognito 200
weight 80
showrand false
d2 0
d3 0
d4 0
d6 0
d8 0
d10 7
d20 2
counta false
counta2 false
counta3 false
counta4 false
UNItempSkip_module false
counta6 false
H2AriaOwner 0
HeistNoTake 0
BBH_Plan 0
difficulty_lev Very Easy
countc 1
countc2 0
countc3 sayplease
BBH_HeistDate 0
countz2 0
countslot1 1
countslot2 0
relMouse 200
crimerep 28
citizrep 3
RelFBI 3
mhe she
mhim her
mhis her
mname Avelyne
Mwound 0
M_knows false
M_Work the Golden Rose Garden
INV_ATMscrambler false
hasmelee true
hasprimary true
hassecondary true
nosecondary false
primwep M60
primweptype Machine Gun
secweptype submachine gun
secwep HK MP7
terwep X26 taser
terweptype taser
meleewep golden 9508848 bat
meleetype bat
aldead false
blood 1000
wounds 0
armour 0
strength 200
perception 200
intelligence 200
intimidation 200
persuade 200
accuracy 200
agility 200
incognito 200
agilitypenalty 0
strengthpenalty 0
perceptionpenalty 0
accuracypenalty 0
strengthmod 200
perceptionmod 200
intelligencemod 200
intimidationmod 200
persuademod 200
accuracymod 200
agilitymod 40
incognitomod 0
engineering 200
weaponry 200
driving 200
MeganWound 0
tactics 200
LtDanWound 0
C4EvidenceInfo 0
engineeringmod 200
weaponrymod 200
drivingmod 200
deathscene 1
tacticsmod 200
BBHtemp_VAMdebt 0
activatepictures true
primtoken 40
moral 40
lawful 45
proleader Picard
proshotguncut true
proshotgunner Shotty
prochainsaw Chains
procrowder Smiley
MCrolepro Smiley
CrewMask off
prologueteam good
prologuekill false
prologuekillcivil false
C1triedtostealgun false
C1stolecar true
C1didntstolecar false
C1triedtostolecar 1
C1theman Anthony
C1thewoman the woman
C1counta false
C1counta2 false
C1counta3 false
C1tempbullet 1 bullet
C1countc 0
C1quietcount 5
luckmod 82
cheaterMC false
C1FBIwin false
C1FBIloose true
C1showncctv true
C1activation false
withKaz true
ultrafail false
shotsuccess true
woundsuccess false
killsucess false
killcount 0
C3SavedAaron false
Rweapon Colt M4a1
Rook_relstat 0
wepdam 12
RaquelWound 0
armourpiercing false
nameinitial V
wepacc 19
RookWound 0
primwepdam 12
secwepdam 5
terwepdam 0
primwepAP false
secwepAP false
terwepAP false
primwepacc 19
secwepacc 5
terwepacc 4
primwepatt false
secwepatt false
HasTertiary false
hitarmour false
sideprot true
sideprothit 150
shouldprot true
shouldprothit 120
FBprot true
FBprothit 150
neckprot true
neckprothit 130
thighprot true
thighprothit 120
groinprot true
groinprothit 100
headprot false
headprothit 0
BBH_Info3 0
C4MapState 41
C4WhoBeDrivin 0
LastRunScriptLabel woundcheck
C4DonLavadechiStat 3
weppicktype Machine Gun
weppickcall your M60
armourmod 0
RookRelStages 0
DCrange 56
critfail false
nat20 false
rollresult 610
primwepsight Scope
incognitopenalty 0
timecount 0
C1freedomcount 10
relKaz 200
INV_lockpick 5
statscreenskip true
primwepact 2
secwepact 2
terwepact 1
sectoken 63
tertoken 2
BBH_Info2 0
C4SorezStat 3
terwepcharge 4
KazWound 0
relAnna 200
relCharlie 200
relRaquel 200
relGabe 202
relpoint 0
relstat 0
MCtop leather jacket
acc1primtoken 0
acc2primtoken 4
acc3primtoken 3
acc4primtoken 0
faceprothit 140
legprothit 0
armprothit 0
MChes she’s
MChers hers
acc5primtoken 2
armprot false
hassecondary true
MCbottom jeans
M_cut 450
C1escaperesult 3
secwepsight ACOG sight
acc2sectoken 3
acc3sectoken 0
acc5sectoken 2
fakelastname Jones
MCnonbin false
weppickcalltype your Machine Gun
BlueSapphireOwner 10
faceprot true
armoursave false
shotmiss false
rollfail false
rollsuccess true
mascol gold
maspat Skull
maspatcol a chrome
relHayne 200
acc1prim 9508848
acc2prim high magnification scope
acc3prim folding bipod
acc4prim 9508848
acc5prim low-profile suppressor
acc2sec ACOG sight
acc3sec 9508848
acc5sec low-profile suppressor
acc6sectoken 8
acc6sec Shortened magazine
withMouse false
customprim true
customsec true
acc6primtoken 0
acc6prim 9508848
primwepsuppressed true
secwepsuppressed true
relJustin 200
relCarly 200
JustinWound 0
CarlyWound 0
weppick 1
HayneWound 0
AnnaWound 0
CharlieWound 0
MCheis she is
HeistChoice2 0
R_Token 1
S_Token 2
U_Token 2
Rname Hayne
Sname Carline
Uname Justin
GabeWound 0
MikeWound 0
C4GregStat 1
Heist1 2
relMichael 200
undershirt true
BoomDeYada sayplease
HeistChoice3 0
PHONE_InfLocker 6
tempweptoken 0
AllGirlPair false
AllMenPair false
RaquelnGabrielPair 0


Ummm this showed up in chapter 3…


@Bookz23 - you broke the game with a golden bat.

Grats! I don’t think this has been done in the history of gaming. :100:

@MichaelMaxwell - you shouldn’t set your adoring fans up like this - :sob: :sob: :sob:


I see nothing wrong here it worked great it inflicted damage and crashed the game.