BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (Demo temporarily offline) (800k~ Word)


And I was wondering if you like got rid of these?? And how to Unlock Megan’s romance??

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the romance with Raquel I had no idea what to expect but I like it tho I never would have expected her to actually purr when in bed with you


FUCK YEAH… oh did I say that out loud? Whatever, it’s a happy early birthday to me! (Birthday is 01/31)


My other posts are a little higher up. This might be the last thing.
In the beginning despite us “not knowing each other” Picard gives Shotty a Present? Despite not knowing him?
I think that I understand that they are family and I don’t have a problem with it just wanted to point it out. And what happens to his family or at least the people we were with? Are they like just throwaway characters Kind of?

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She looked a little traumatized at first and then wouldn’t stop giving me the stink eye while I was reading the new content. I’m pretty sure she hates me now.

I’d hate to be there when Gabriel broaches the subject. Will it make a difference depending on our relationship with Michael, if his relationship bar is higher or lower? Or maybe depending on choices we’ve made before this part, like if we’re more merciful and don’t kill people if there’s an option to avoid it?

Fair enough. I’m happy Gabriel doesn’t want to hide their relationship and respect the fact that he’s not afraid to be open about it, even if Michael, whom he’s known for much longer than the MC, doesn’t approve. Not to mention, Gabriel is an adult, more or less, and can make his own decisions.

Sorry, Rook! I swear I’ll make it up to you! Also, I’m surprised he’d only be disappointed, not confused or shocked that this happened. Considering Gabriel is as thick as a brick, all I’d be thinking is “How is this even possible? The guy is obviously!”


These are actually some of the feedbacks I’m looking for before going through the re-write of the prologue and chapter one.

I’ll be going through them one by one and there are some discrepancies that need to be dealt with.

The masks have their own special purpose and they aren’t exactly finished as of yet. I didn’t remove them, they were never finished in the first place :sweat_smile: I’ll be working on them in the next update.

As for Megan’s romance, it’s not done yet, but most of the FBI stuff, including Megan’s and Anthony’s romance will be in the second part of the game in chapter 5 and 6. However you can start Megan’s hangout as early as the end of Chapter 2… though it’s not done yet :sweat_smile:

Happy early Birthday! :birthday:

The Picard (Kaidan) and Shotty actually knows one another, though they’re a bit separated, to say the least…

Kaidan’s character and history is actually very complex, so complex I’ve decided to just give him his own game. He will be the main “Gabriel” of the game after this two part one. It’ll take place in Los Angeles, and if any of the prologue characters are alive, they will make an appearance


Nothing a little can of Tuna wouldn’t help :smile: :fish:

As for the other things Michael’s main purpose as Gabriel’s friend is to keep him in check, as he very commonly likes to be the hero and thinks that he can save everyone. They have a job to do and cannot afford to be distracted. Whether or not you’ve saved Megan will help or worsen their relationship. So keep that in mind :wink:

Despite what Gabriel wants to do or be with, Michael raises a good point. They are criminals and no matter how much they’d like to think that they could have a normal life, and that being seen as a hero is an optional objective. He wants things efficient with as least distraction as possible. They still have a job to do, and it hasn’t been easy…

As for Rook, He’s been let down by a whole bunch of things in his life and to him, this is no different. He simply moves on and tries again.

Rook: The game isn't over yet until you're dead. Keep trying until you are


I imagine the MC’s relationship with Raquel suffers as well if they choose to romance Gabriel. For similar but also more selfish reasons, like bring in love with him herself.


Yes… very much so…

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Raquel bb I’m so sorry.

I just finished Gabriel’s scene and I am thoroughly shook, I mean it was very funny and sweet but also Gabriel? More like BABEriel

Now onto Raquel’s scene, which I think I’m still not emotionally prepared for…


How do you romance raquel?

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And the end of chapter 3, if you haven’t romanced anyone.Raquel and Gabriel will visit you, and you can invite her inside



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Always happy to help! :blush:

Hmmm… Replay the game 50 times to figure it out, or read through all the horribly complicated code? :thinking:

Does the relationship vallues change before they are revealed to us?

MORE content?! :smiley:

It was definitely the relationship roll, and not the normal persuasion one.
It’s not really a problem for me, as I only need to roll a 2, but it’s just so weird, and it might be a symptom that something is wrong.

Oh gods, are there critical failures for relationship rolls? Cause that sounds absolutely hillarious!

Is inviting them in limited be relationship value? Or will you only ever have the option for one of them?

I will be back with more feedback later!
Need to play with the alternate crew to see all the content, and then see how much I can get Gabriel to like me!

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@MichaelMaxwell I’m assuming that the unique masks will be unlocked in the full game, but is there any chance we could get a skull mask? I know you can paint a skull on your mask but I was thinking of a mask more like Black Mask in Arkham Origins, or the skull masks in GTA 5 (with color options would be awesome).

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Aww man everytime the demo ends at chapter 4 I die a little inside on the plus side I romanced Raquel and not too suprised that she’s a super freak super freak she’s super freaaaakyyyy :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Define “Revealed to us”

Yes, most likely :smile:

As much fun as that would be, I decide not to leave the critical fails in for Relationship rolls, because let’s be honest, it’s already bad enough to be rejected :cold_sweat:

As for the other question For Gabriel, all you need is to not date anyone and he’ll come knocking. For Raquel, you’ll have to have a relationship of higher than 70 to get her to “volunteer” to stay at your apartment.

I really hope that I’ve succeeded in making this game replayable :sweat_smile:

Yes, there will be teirs of them that progressively unlock, but as of currently, I’m a bit busy with the hangouts. As for the skull mask, that could possibly be a thing. I’ll see what Ben can do.

Well, I’ll be enhancing her romance a bit more soon, adding more and more stuff to all of the other currently available romances, because honestly, I’ve set quite the bar with Gabriel’s romance, and i think the other romances needs to be a tad bit better so that they don’t get too overshadowed.

Mind you, Raquel’s and Gabriel’s romance will both still be very unique, such as Rook’s.


Yea, I figured…xd

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I got really excited reading some posts about your future plan for the story.
I could only wish you the best of luck.
You’re probably tired of hearing this, but you are awesome!



I mean when they show up in the stat menu. We have interactions with everyone before that happens, right? (excluding Mouse)

I read through a few chapters worth of the code today, and I still enjoy playing it… :wink:

More spoilery feedback
  • Gabriel didn’t notice the kitten when he was visiting and having tea? Was she hiding?

his his leaning in to push your legs apart with his knees.

  • ”His” is there twice, but I think it’s better without both of them.

The two of you pull each other closer and closer, and spend the night in each other’s company for as long as you two are awake,

  • Would flow better if the later ”two” was removed.

Okay, if Megan dies, we can get extra relationship with Gabriel, so in that case, I would have been over 80. I guess it’s enough if we point our gun at Michael.

I’m rather surprised we don’t get any for persuading Michael not to shoot her.
I’m also surprised there’s no negative relationship from saying ”Just shoot her.”

As it stands, persuading Michael to stop gives you – 2 Michael and 0 Gabriel, while telling Michael to shoot her, and then comforting Gabriel afterwards, gives you +8 Michael and +6 Gabriel, and pulling your gun on Michael, then failing the intimidate check, then comforting Gabriel, will give you 0 Michael and +8 Gabriel.

I’m also surprised there’s no Raquel relationship change if you pull your gun on Gabriel.

In regards to the Gabriel relationship+persuade roll:

As far as I can see, the reason the check doesn’t show up is because the relationship increase from choosing the romance option gets me over 80 before the game actually checks it.

Since I can’t get the roll to show up again, I’m inclined to believe it’s just me miss-remembering things, and not an actual error.

And I made you Gabriel Romance fanart...