BREACH - Crime Thriller (Finished Demo - Patreon Tier Update) (800k~ Word)


Wow… I knew I was making something overpowered, but not that overpowered.

It’s apparently just a missing *goto. Fixed!

Only in Breach, is there a golden baseball bat with a random number on it that’s so powerful it could break the game.

I’m sorry, I should put up a disclaimer for the Golden Baseball bat :laughing:


Application: Accepted :grin:

This is honestly the most positive thing I’ve heard since Gabriel’s romance came out! I’d hate for a Breach : Civil War thing to happen especially when they’ve gone back as far as childhood. I hope what ever happens doesn’t break them apart.

As much as I love how long the game is (and will be) there’s not nearly enough time to go into detail about everything. I’d love to see more of Bishop and make him and MC besties tbh. :rofl: Rook is a full-time job on his own - one without vacation days.

This ain’t it. It’s so not fair. I think if he was angry or outright disappointed, it’d be easier to deal with than this…downright awesome behaviour. Have I told you I love him yet?:laughing:

I wouldn’t want him any other way!

It’s gonna be a long list then :smirk:

/pretends not to enjoy this/ Why is he like this? I feel like if ever Rook and MC were in danger, it’d be a competition for who can die for the other one first. He strikes me as the stubbornly loyal type.


indeed, not just any number that was like a iconic number for beta testers… that damn number.


Am I the only one missing saved data?

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Quick grammatical error here.

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ayy lmao someone broke the game with the error weapon!

Reminds me of this happening in gmod:

god… the horror…


So, here’s another collective of errors that I’ve found. At least, I think they’re errors.


Fire should be fires


Mirrors? Do you mean windows?


Collide should be collides

Dude… I just rolled straight 4’s on every skill check… But I’ll take your word for it.


I’d remove few. Or if you want to keep few, add something like meters or yards and remove distance. idk, my take on that.

Everything? Maybe revise that. Replace it with like, the strap that he’s aiming at. Or remove “everything”

Breathe should be breath.

taste should be tastes

add an a after and, before single


trickles should be trickle, or the sentence should be “but you can sense as his confidence slowly trickles out of him”, add an as after sense.

Should the empty gun message be here? idk, it just interrupts the flow for me a bit. If nothing here is wrong, ignore this.

burnt it all

Gabriel says


There are multiple cartels, right? If so, then this should be "So the cartels are running the show, are they?


For god’s sake

So he orders a sandwich and fries… and the worker asks if he wants fries with that?

oh, addendum:

I don’t have 2 jobs to do, just 1 is available.

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Sorry for the late reply, I was a tad bit busy out of town :sweat_smile:

As tempting as that sounds, Gabriel and Michael has their own thing going on after Breach…

Rook can be quite the handful, but he can take care of himself. But hopefully, in Rook’s next hangout, you can see more of Bishop as you would of Rook. The two come hand in hand, so to speak :wink:


To question that is to question his existence.

He’s generally stubborn anyway. :laughing:

If the save data was from before the update, then I’m sorry to say that it is no longer usable.


Oh god please, you’re giving me PTSD :laughing:


Fixed them!

The only problem is that the lock open script works perfectly… on a revolver that shouldn’t lock open. :laughing:

That’s… the joke. :laughing: Perhaps I should change that. I’ve actually had this happen in real life while I was ordering food.

Everything else is FIXED!

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Geez man… You work fast…

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I’ve finally created an account on the forum after playing over 10 COG games. This will be my very first time posting anything on the forum and I choose your WIP to do so because I just can’t contain the amount of joy I have for this masterpiece. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you and everybody else that have contributed so much time into this beautiful piece of work! I would have to jump into the Rook protection squad because I smile every time he came up. Can’t forget the badass baking machine Gabriel either. Your update was a pleasant surprise and if you had to ask about my reaction to the new ROs updates: omg

I can’t wait to see more amazing work from you and follow the updates until the big finish! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awe! Thank you very much! I feel honored to be the first game you post in :sweat_smile: This game has taken quite a while to make, but hopefully it should be done soon.

Thank you! It’s been quite the ride for us but with everyone else’s help pitching in, and @Fonex helping out in some of the most desperate of times, and everyone in the forum sending feedbacks and reports, everything is going absolutely stellar! :smile:

I’ve moved Rook up the priority list so his hangout should be coming soon.

It’s the same reaction I’ve had when I realized I’m actually going to finish this game :laughing:


Well, it’s monday! time for another nitpicking!

Nitpicking stuff

Unreachable if condition
Chapter1A line 6036 and 6038
*if AllMenPair and *if AllGirlPair
I think you haven’t made a function to turn those values to true in the first place.

And you need to update those “Discuss this game” link in the index file. Because it leads to inexsistent topic.

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missing space… FIXED

Missing script. Fixed!

Dashingdon thing, Fixed!

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I hope I could still play the matchmaker between Gabriel and Raquel eventhough I’m romancing someone.
As much as intriguing Gabriel and Raquel are, Avelyne is still the only one that could melt my icy heart :grin:
And I really want to see them both together.

Welp, I could already feel lots of death stare from Gabriel and Raquel fans :running_man:


Keep your distance from Raquel pls.

Jokes aside though, I thought they were a couple (-ish) before I learned that they were both romance options.

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When everyone keeps talking about how much they love Rook and you keep killing him.


That’s alright! I hope it was a productive day!

I don’t suppose I can offer MC’s services as a mediator?:worried:

Now that’s a two-for-on special I wouldn’t mind having. :laughing: I kind of have trouble picturing either one of them on their own but then again, we’ve only ever seen them together!

Could’ve saved me a lot of time if I knew my Knight-in-Shining-Armor drove a taco truck! :wink: MC has a new mission: keeping Rook in the friendzone. I mean beneath all the weirdness (and more weirdness), he’s so sweet and caring and stubborn and loyal and funny and…ahem I hope Gabriel didn’t hear that…

If you ever gt around to that Rook story of yours, I’d love to have this question answered :rofl:

Customer satisfaction rating: :100:


So I’ve some plot spoilers here, for those who haven’t played through the first time meeting the Chess Club


I always feel bad after killing Rook, I keep thinking that the old woman that answers his phone for the hangout is his grandmother or something. I’m blurring that in case that’s true.

But I always play through the rooftop scene, and I wonder what happens to Bishop after we fire at him and pass the skill check. Do we kill him? Do we wound him?


I must be honest, I’ve run out of ideas for Mouse’s hangout :laughing:

I’m waiting on Ben to come up with some brilliant plan.

They were supposed to be a couple anyway, if the MC were to not date either of the two.

Rook’s the type of person that you either hate or love. If you hate him, then I shall give you the option to try and kill him. Otherwise, go ahead and hangout with him :laughing:

I suggest you buy some protective gear before you do so.

Unfortunately, Bishop won’t be making an appearance in Rook’s Chapter 3 romance ending. That one’s just him :sweat_smile:

But yes, Rook and Bishop’s dynamic complements one another pretty well, so well that if you just had Rook, he’d just be a crazed maniac with little sense of seriousness or reality. If you had Bishop all by himself you’d have an emotionless and sometimes heartless bland assassin.

Instead you have the Spiced Taco Sociopath and the Sweeto Burrito Sociopath. Together, they’re Deranged Chess Assassins.

Rook: *Slams his forehead against the table* ... I'm fine *Smiles*

This is something not even Rook himself can answer… but maybe Bishop can. :thinking:

That is true… Abuelita may not be related to Rook by blood, but she took him in when no one else would, and she’s the only family Rook has left aside from his biological sister. who is in a mental institution

You’ve made him severely reconsider his life choices…