BREACH - Crime Thriller (Finished Demo - Patreon Tier Update) (800k~ Word)


I more than liked it, you’ve pretty much ruined me for any other RO. :rofl: Just when I thought the biggest hurdle would be getting Gabriel to understand MC’s feelings…Not gonna lie, I’m not looking forward to dealing with Michael (esp since his insane ways kinda grew on me) and what little we do know of his sister, doesn’t instill confidence in me whatsoever.

This is just proof that Rook is the Goodest Boi :tm:. He gave me serious ‘Mr Steal-Yo-Girl’ vibes, so I’m kinda surprised tbh. The guilt is real but Gabriel man…:heart_eyes:

I hate the fact that despite how biased I am,I agree with Michael. It’s one of those uncomfortable truths you don’t want to face, especially in light of that sweet update. Then again, I think he should let Gabriel have that little bit of happiness with MC or whoever he chooses. I mean he literally said that he has no other life besides his criminal life. If he’s able to do his work at the same efficiency as before I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed?


After I romanced Gabriel I thought to myself “How am I going to face Rook and Raquel after this” I felt SO guilty because I both of them so much lol.

I can’t wait to see more Rook scenes, he is such a fantastic character.


Okay now I’m officially starting a support group! I love that I’m not the only one suffering but I’m really curious as to how it’s gonna actually play out though. It really does hit you in the feels because he is the sweetest guy ever and I mean anyone who can take flattering pictures of you whilst driving is a man worth having.

I’d be lying if I said Raquel did not scare the daylights out of me. But it did make me wonder more than once if she carries a torch for Gabe?



OK I just finished the demo and It took me longer then most and a few things. 1. I love it in all of its entirety. 2. The names you can pick… you are a critter aren’t yah. 3 Gregorys glorious goods… ok yah you a critter alright. and finally 4. YOU ARE AMAZING… Keep up the good work for Thordak is watching.


Did the informant path get smaller?


Wow, okay, thank you very much :sweat_smile:

They do get shown in real time. The original relationship scale is 1-200, so they were divided by half on the stats screen to show a percentage.

She was sleeping in the bedroom. You actually get to see her in the continuation of the next chapter, which is no longer availble, unfortunately :sweat_smile:

That has got to be the most cruel way of getting a relationship point with Gabriel so far… :laughing:

I’m… actually quite surprised too. There should be some negative impacts.

I’ll be adding a few more relationship impacts to that.

Oh, so it can go over 80. Alrighty then :laughing:

But yes, that can actually happen, variable increase lag is something that can be fixed by adding a page break.

… what an absolute masterpiece. :joy:

Don’t worry, Gabriel can deal with them… I think… I hope. I’m not so sure, I haven’t fully fleshed out his romance yet :laughing:

… That… was a bit of a surprise, but I think I now see. :laughing: Though Rook wouldn’t have a problem finding someone else to like him, he’ll have a bit of a hard time finding that “perfect one”.

Though it is true, there’s something more than efficiency that Michael is more worried about, a very big risk that Gabriel is willing to take just for a relationship… And no, you and Gabriel are not related… it’s something else :laughing:

I can’t wait to write some more of Rook’s scenes!

Rook is pretty much a grown up child with lots of strange skills that would make his CV look like a world record certificate.

She’s supposed to be. She won’t do anything to you that Gabriel wouldn’t allow, but what Gabriel doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt him… :wink:

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Well, what makes you say that? :thinking:

Yes, yes I am. Though I haven’t been catching up on season 2.

Thank you! And… Gulp … T-That’s unsettling to hear :sweat_smile:

just a bit, because I cut out Chapter 4 for now.


Do you get to choose whether to romance Raquel or Gabriel or is it based on the gender you pick?


You get to choose, when Gabriel comes to check on you and you dont invite him inside, you will have a opportunity to invite Raquel instead( if her relationship is higher than 70, from what I understand).


I can’t even begin to imagine the file size (how many guns were there?)… It’s what dissuaded me from adding pictures into a wip I was working on. Speaking of game size, how large is this game, in terms of megabytes (Or whatever unit the file is measured in)?

But… I’m a cop… Working for the FBI… I assume you’ve made note of these errors in continuity, I haven’t been active on these forums recently.

Anyways, wish me luck, I’m going to try and play Raquel’s route. I can only assume this will end badly. Whichever part it ends in.

Slight grin? idk grim seems out of place

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Raquel and Gabriel have no gender requirements, but it is relationship based…


Well thank you! … It’s actually quite nice to see someone answering questions for me. :blush:

just the texts themselves? Around 4 megabytes, even after the cut.

I haven’t actually seen much of those around so thanks for the report!

Good luck!

Typo, fixed!
EDIT: Nevermind, wasn’t a typo, just out of context


Wow. That scene was uh… huh. Not that I dislike it or anything. whew. Now, I’ve gotta ask, why, did it have to end right there? Why, exactly, do the undercover players end the demo at this point?


Since I’ve cut the game in half, the finish game will only be 4 chapters. So the fact that the demo shows 3 chapters is already a bit too much. I am planning to cut it down to 2 chapters when the private testing starts.


And I was already missing chapter 4… :cat:

That could be a bit awkward if you’re doing the Raquel romance.

I thought about actually painting it, but that seemed a bit too extra.

And I would have had to wait for it to dry.

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Dang… I was dying to see how Rook reacts to the new ro’s when he shows up at our apartment.


At least he won’t be alone in it! I have to admit, I’m so used to seeing him as the cool, calm and collected type. Seeing him in a situation that requires more than just guns and brute strength (well, I hope not), is going to be a learning curve for everyone involved.

I think it’s because he walks a very thin line between brave and stupid and not to mention his confidence in everything is astounding! I feel for him because in the business he’s in, meeting the “perfect one” is hardly ever guaranteed.

I’m now officially concerned! I mean, I want to be all starry eyed about Gabriel going so far for a relationship but considering I don’t know what it is… :worried: I can’t even imagine navigating all this and the “office politics” during the Informant route.

I honestly feel like the amount of craziness that Rook possesses could fill up an entire game on its own and I don’t think any of us would complain :rofl:

Yip, there goes her sleepover invitation! :no_mouth: Does she just not like MC or is she jealous? Sure she’s scary but I never really thought of her as outright malicious or vindictive. Then again…


The update slipped completely by me. I gotta try Raquel’s romance RIGHT NOW!

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FUCK! it ended at the good part
Right when I finally got Gabriel!


You know when Gabriel looses his calm, shit’s going down hard…

In all honesty, this is why Gabriel and Michael need one another. Though both of them have different ways of seeing things, they complement one another’s weaknesses.

Rook likes to double down on things that doesn’t necessarily sound like the best idea, and he may sound stupid, because he is, but Bishop is almost always there to make sure he doesn’t die.

Rook: And who's a better "perfect one" than the main character of the game?

Things are going to be interesting, to say the least.

… I should write a short story for Rook.

She’s a generally nice person. She’s gets extremely jealous from time to time. But honestly, she won’t do anything unless the MC were to hurt Gabriel

Good luck!

Hope you enjoyed it thought :laughing:


We can only hope it doesn’t get to that point. I agree with that too. I’m sure at least part of the reason why the Archangels are so successful has much to do with the complementary personalities of Gabriel and Michael. I’m going to be an optimist and say that every friendship gets tested at one point or another; this is just one of them.

:rofl: That sounds like Rook alright! I feel like Bishop doesn’t get enough love (I think part of it is he’s a non-RO and we don’t see him often) but my goodness he is an MVP! And that quintessential dry British humour in comparison with Rook’s crazy behaviour is even more entertaining.

I feel like I’m being punished for not romancing him :laughing: Seriously, I don’t think there should be this much guilt involved when getting into a new relationship! He;s beaten Mouse in the ‘Must Protecc’ category tbh. I wonder what it means for his relationship with MC going forward, since he wasn’t exactly discreet with how he felt.

How can anyone say no to that?!

Now that I can respect. Since they both have Gabriel’s interests at heart, I don’t see why there can’t be peace if she takes her own advice tbh.