BREACH - Crime Thriller (Finished Demo - Patreon Tier Update) (800k~ Word)


I have a question though how do you start the romance for Raquel because I don’t know how to do it?

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You can only Romance Raquel at the end of Chapter 3, and only if you haven’t romanced anyone else. You will need to have at least 70% relationship with her to even have the chance. (You can do so by either cheating, or getting shot and have her heal you up)

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Quite literally stalling playing the update because I can’t decide if I want to go for Raquel or Gabirel first. I didn’t expect this update so soon omg.


Thank you.

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Quick question again I’m sorry what is the cheat code for raising Raquel’s relationship?

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It’s the same thing.

You can go ahead and go to the cheat menu, only available after you’ve activated the cheat code, and you can maximise any relationship or skill from there in either the Relationship cheats option or the Skill cheats option respectively.


Hey thank you again you are awesome!

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I may have screamed a little…
And startled my cat…
And she may have scratched me…
But it was so worth it…

Edit: Yep, that romance scene was definitely worth the scratches. Though I’m curious, is Gabriel going to want to keep his relationship with the MC a secret from the rest of the Archangels, at least until things are calmer? Especially from Michael, because I get the sense that Michael won’t be too happy or proud if he finds out about it (can something like that even be hidden from Michael?). I wonder how Rook is going to react too. Sorry, Rook, your flirting and suave personality didn’t work. This time anyway. :wink:


Hey thanks for adding this. Streamlined the game for me on mobile. Maybe I’m too impatient to spend a few seconds scrolling.

Nitpickery Feedback Stuff - Some of it is spoilery...
  • I’m very happy with the ”normal” names list. Especially since I love the name Taliesin. That is now my canon MC name for this game.

  • The beginning feels a lot more polished, and moe like the rest of the game.

  • The issues I had noticed with the amount of money being show in the stat screen, seems to have gone away now.

“I’m not wearing the vest” Bishop plainly answers.

“I can see that. Why aren’t wearing it?” Rook asks again.

  • Missing a ”you”

“Didn’t you carry that kind of money around in your pocket. Could’ve used that in the bowling alley”

  • Missing a ”know”

  • It feels a bit strange to go from the second outing with Rook and Bishop, directly to the park scene, in which they are also involved.

"Would you want Chicago to be under the control of The Archangels?" You ask.

“If it means keeping the peace, yes. Ever since we took over Chicago, crimes caused by gang wars has dropped by 70%. If I have to, I’ll do so again here” He says.

  • Is Gabriel supposed to say Chicago here, or did you mean New York?

  • WHY did I feel like a nervous teenage girl, when my character told Gabriel they liked him?!

It’s the only thing you could do besides smacking him over the head with the serving tray.

  • Which is something I’m sure we all feel tempted to do by now.

  • Is it actually possible to get Gabriel’s relationship to 80 before choosing the romance option? ’Cause the highest I have gotten it is 78.5%, and I don’t really want to sift through all your code to figure it out.

he chest pressing onto yours through the shirt.

  • That should be ”his”.

A few more article of clothing later

  • Article s

  • Okay, I don’t want to be too nitpicky about the romance scene, cause I really liked it.
    That said, it was a very sudden change for Gabriel’s part, going from seemingly completely oblivious to obviously very attracted, very quickly. I know it’s not uncommon in games with optonal romances, and sure, he might have been feeling like that for a while, and just pushing it away because of profesionalism and all his issues, but as said, it just felt sudden. Especially the ”I love you” (screeeeeeeeeeeeee!) threw me for a loop.
    I guess it makes sense to wait to talk things over, but it just feels a little bit weird, especially if it never actually gets talked about ingame. Which I, of course, can’t know anything about, yet.

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@MichaelMaxwell Found a bug

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Forgot this:

What does go through your mind as you slowly fall asleep, is the fact that you’ve just finished your second job. Two down, one to go.

  1. We don’t have a third job anymore.

  2. It seems a bit strange that my character would be thinking about having finished their second job, when they have since then been on the second outing with Rook and Bishop, had the grave-digging park scene, and started a romance.
    Which is quite the eventful day, now that I think about it. :laughing:


/looks at screen/ /looks at you/ /looks back at screen/…Mom, I fell in love with a criminal.

But on a serious note though, I’d pictured many times what a romance with Gabriel would look like…but this, it didn’t even come close in the best of ways. I don’t know why I thought it would be a ‘wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ type of confession but the build-up! The build up was nothing short of beautiful. Carefully getting him to relax and even chatting about work, it was amazing. Suffice to say, I’m nothing like Mr Indestructible because my heart got destroyed. I wish I had the words to tell you how much I loved this. You made my week!:trophy:


(´ ▽`).。o♡


Okay. First time I used the romance option, there was no persuade check calculation shown, even though I was under 80 relationship. When I loaded back and played it again, there was one, and it was still there when I went into the stat screen and back out. Then I reloaded and it’s gone again. And now I can’t make it appear again. I’ve reloaded 12 times to try.

I am so confused. :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:


:flushed: H-hi
I found a few things in the game that were missing a letter or two, and a few other things that didn’t seem… Right to me.

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Oh god :laughing:

I hope you and your cat are okay. As for the other thing, Yes, Michael will not be happy about this, and considering him and Gabriel are quite close, Gabriel would most likely let him know about it. Keeping it a secret isn’t exactly healthy for either party. Rook on the other hand would be slightly disappointed, but won’t let that deter him from finding the right person for himself.

You’re welcome, I had a feeling that I should probably just scrap the images completely due to the file size already getting so huge.

Thank you! These are some of the stuff I’m really looking for in terms of feedback.

I’m glad to know some of the fixes and re-writes work, though the prologue and the first chapter will be getting a full re-write later in the work phase.

All the other missing words and typos have been fixed.

There was supposed to be a gap somewhere in there, and because the option to hangout with Rook is pretty modular, the MC can go to their hangout in just about anytime they want to once a day. There are three of Rook’s total hangouts (currently only two are available) which you can go to once a day, and there are 4 possible days where you can hangout with him.

I don’t know, let me know if anyone’s ever gotten any higher than that :laughing: It should be possible, I think.

This is due to the fact that I’ve apparently skipped something in the point of writing it. There’s supposed to be a confirmation choice and a bit more narrative… let me go fix that :sweat_smile:

That’s… um… actually odd. I’m not sure why that would happen :thinking:


Did you get rid of the cheats :o

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It’s funny that I’ve written that before all the new romances were finished and I added more and more scenes to chapter 3. I should change that… :sweat_smile:

Thank you! I’m glad you liked the update! Gabriel was really one of the more unique romance of the game due to the fact that this is only his second time actually being into a relationship (his first time didn’t exactly pan out that long). He’s quite fun to write, and weaving through the Archangel politics with Michael and his sister would be quite the challenge now.

I’m just as confused as you are :laughing: The relationship persuasion is a different role than the persuasion persuasion , but it shouldn’t disappear or reappear like that… I have no idea what’s going on :sweat_smile:

Hi! Could you tell me what it is that didn’t seem right to you? Perhaps I could fix it, or maybe explain it.

GASP I would never!

When you activate the cheat “sayplease” at the start of every chapter starting in chapter 1, you’ll unlock the Cheat Menu which contains various different cheats for testing purposes.


In this it says like Shotty caused the candy among other things to crash onto the floor? I was just going to say it doesn’t mention what happened to that those things when the cops come into the store. And before that Picard (Kaidan) "parks us in an alley to wait for the cashier to start closing up? But whenever he pulls up we go in and the cashier is at the register moving maybe getting restless? Or bored because they still have another hour or so??