BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 27-September-2021)

Keeping in mind that I haven’t read the update yet:

I’m pretty sure I have given you feedback for the first game, about the MC being a bit too passive at times, while the other characters were talking and acting a lot, so I am definitely not against adding more dialogue.

The thing about having a customizable MC speaking without direct input is, of course, that the things they say have to be either fairly neutral, or based on the specific personality and prior choices of each reader’s MC, which is so much work.

If the MC is going to take more of a leader role, it is probably necessary for them to communicate more.


For this one, I agree but MC doesn’t need to necessarily talk to respond to their environment, the one thing I loved in the demo was the mini dialogues where it described things like the MC feeling their heart-beat pick-up, trying to blow off some dust only to remember that they’re wearing a mask, the interrogation subject squinting and glancing at them, all the fine little things that made the MC felt present at the moment.

In some parts yeah, the archangel route felt like there was a little bit too much action going on, the second chapter made me constantly need to reread and double-check on a couple of things because there were just so much going on and new characters being introduced and named so suddenly that I had a hard time keeping up and remembering what was going on on-screen. Other than that the rest of the demo would usually read as smooth as butter.

While identity solidification is important for the player’s character to help them gain a stronger grip on knowing how to feel and interact with the outer environment and the characters in said environment, it felt like most of the MC’s identity and accomplishments was already established in book 1 so having the childhood customization suddenly appear out of nowhere felt like it was adding a little bit too much more weight on what already was there.

What I did end up liking were the small details of that hint about MC’s past and experience, tidbits where it mentioned that you’ve been to fences when selling the necklace and seen drug labs when raiding the apartment kitchen, the nuggets of information felt nice to dug up.

One final thing I’d like to mention is that the MC is by no means a good or a bad person. But because they are the protagonist, it’s up to the players to justify the actions taken, so don’t be too afraid of going a little wild with shaking the player a bit for the consequences of MCs actions. :female_detective:
I really can’t stress enough how much I liked how it made the MC acknowledge the amount of grief and loss they had caused to other people in that one dream sequence, that part was absolute :weary: :ok_hand:

Also apologies, for the giant this end of text, ended up having way too much fun got getting carried away while writing all of this :snowboarder:.


There goes my Michael Myers if my MC starts speaking automatically. Oh well. I know it will be impossible to keep silent the entire time, but the previous poster put it quite nicely. When you are going to speak automatically, it will need to fit the personality which can be a problem and a lot of work. In my honest opinion, this is the part where I silently thank my luck for not being you right now. Whatever you come up with, I’m sure it will be great. I’ll support you either way.

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The Raphael is pretty much about to get a few more responsabilities :wink:

Please don’t apologisze, I absolutely love reading through these. It pretty much lets me know that people really enjoy the story, and I’m always glad to be reminded of it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The main plan is to somehow implement the personality stats intergrated into how much the MC speaks, and if time permits, it might even dictate what they say and how they say it.

So far, I’m going with the general public on how talkative the MC is and try to stay as neutral as possible with what they say outside of the choice given.

The dialogue choices themselves are what I’m looking to implement and improve upon. You already see these in the demo and they cover the basic “kind, humorous, straightforward, agressive” dialogue options, and I was wondering if there’s anything more or less that could improve that, or if it’s already good enough as it is.


I, for one, would really appreciate a toggle for having the dialogue options say which personality they belong to. It’s often really difficult for me to tell the specific tone in these games, and it can be rather frustrating thinking I’m choosing one thing, but it’s really another.


The latest demo update was superb . It went beyond my expectations i was actually praying the demo shouldn’t end most importantly I love the new twist the story is taking. I look forward to more update.:grin::grin: . While playing I found a few typographical error I would upload it and send the link across.


Can we have more chance to use our melee weapon in this part ? I was genuinely surprised by the fact that you have already included golden bat into the game, whacking our enemy’s head into gold dust is just so much fun :smiley:


how to romance megan?for this wip

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Hey Max. Do you know a power slap elbow destruction video on YT? If you know can you add that move into a hand to hand combat scene? I think its gonna be funny and cool. (Sorry for my bad english.)

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I do try to keep to the pattern as the first will always be the kind dialogue, second will be humorous or sometimes flirty, third can either be a more matter-of-fact speech, or could be agressive, then anything after that is either the MC staying quiet or a number of questions

Either sending it here or in the Discord’s bug report channel would be great. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yup, don’t worry, there will be moments where you can use your melee weapon, though maybe not as much as other scenes. But you definitely can use it on Anco.

Unfortunately, you can’t romance Megan yet in the current state of the WIP

Yes I have seen it :joy: But no, the MC might have a few tricks up their sleeves. Their elbows and knees could be included, but most of the time, it’ll be either melee or environmental.


Good enough for me :slight_smile:


I didn’t make a new one, but I did regain control over my original one.

  1. Definitely, your personality system is there for this so as a player I’d be excited to see my mc taking initiative:) or if speaking might be too out of character for some, actions that left for more interpretations work too. The casual conversations with the crew/FBI team and their RO will probably be even more rewarding that the mc is comfortable enough to say sth, not just watching the scene

  2. So far it’s not confusing, just some redundancy that can make players skip reading some parts, especially if it’s an action scene because…you know, fast action so long narrative during that scene seems out of place to me, and I found myself skipping and having to reread the part I skipped, silly me XD

  3. Vague choices on our origins are better in my opinion. My creativity on building a backstory for my mc is a bit nah, it’s not as impressive as choosing from options that are available and made to fit the world building.

Thanks for the update btw, hope you have fun writing and implementing new stuff :blush:


So… I romance raquel in book 1 but can I romance her in book 2 Instead of book 1 ?

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Gabriel lemme smooch! Loved the update! <3

Anyway, I know romance isn’t the main thing about the game but I personally think a little bit more acknowledgment between MC and their respective RO would add a bit more flavour to the story. Like if your MC is romancing Rook and they meet during the highway incident, the interactions felt too bland and casual. The dialogue is the same for a romanced and non-romanced Rook, when in Book 1, he seemed sweet and a touchy-feely too xD

Anyway, that’s all I can say for now. I really enjoyed the update and I can’t wait for more of this! <3


Is anyone else getting a feeling Micheal may not like that Mc is getting close Gabriel lol


I think it’s less not liking it and more likely going to be because Raquel is one of the big 3, if the MC is compromised like we saw in book 1 by the FBI and Outfit then that means that they have a line to Raquel, and let’s be honest she’s the only reason Gabby is still mostly alive and kicking. Take her out and the Angels lose the medic and probably the only thing keeping them unified.

Plus Michael is the first son of gods angels, so the character of michael has to look at it as a leader and not as a friend. It’s not fun writing that kind of discussion let me tell you. It leaves me cringing for a few hours after the fact, and I’m an author with over a million views on a story.

But I digress.

Another way to look at is that while Raquel is probably the least likely to break under heavy torture, would she snitch if it meant the survival of her lover?


There goes what little hope I had for an angst free romance lol


Its funny how this entire serie is inspired by payday and i never noticed it until someone mentioned it :sweat_smile:. Well never played Payday before the archangel job but still…anyway i absolutely loved the first game and im hyped as hell to see the release of this one, keep up the good work my friend :ok_hand:


I’m glad you’re all enjoying the game! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And thank you so very much for the feedback. There definitely has been stuff I’ve learned from Breach 1 that I am starting to implement into Breach 2.

What I’m most concerned about is how long things are taking, and I’m very sorry for making you all wait, having to learn choicescript is one thing, but having to also learn the MISC engine is another. I’ve been slowly but surely able to learn how to fix and maintain the MISC engine codes along with developing new features that I already have planned from the beginning.

Right now, the personality system is what’s taking a long while to develop, and honestly, it’s a headache on the concept side rather than the coding side. There’s so many ways to implement it, trying to pick the right one just feels like a minefield… same goes for other features and story outline concepts.

As for the romance… it’s not my speciality, but I will do my best to provide for those who do choose the route to romance someone through the game to make it feel more personal rather than just some side line. :sweat_smile:

Yes, yes you can. You can break up with people you’ve romanced in Book 2, you can start a romance in Book 2 if you haven’t romanced anyone in Book 1. You can break up with someone from Book 1 and romance someone completely different in Book 2.

Yes, this means I have a lot to write, and yes, some break ups will be violent…

This is very true. The trio’s strength and integrity, is only as strong as Raquel’s.

I can’t say too much, but… The trio’s dynamic is a closely knit one and if one is taken away, they all fall apart. The MC can, in theory, mess with this dynamic. Michael keeps them moving forward, Raquel keeps them all alive and informed, Gabriel keeps them well prepared for anything. If the team’s focus or momentum is disrupted, it’s Michael’s job to take care of it…

The is heavily inspired by a lot of games and movies, but, primarily the Payday series, the GTA series, Ocean’s Eleven, and Heat.