BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 27-November-2021)

Did you try to reach the romance scene while as a former informant or cop?


@MichaelMaxwell I’m playing as an undercover cop that betrayed the FBI and took side with the Archangels


The prologue recap for undercover agent / informant, chosing raquel as ro, and ends with shooting gabriel before getting pelted by raquel


You can’t get jiggy with the ROs if you were an informant. I’m surprised some of them, like Hayne and Raquel, didn’t rip our hearts out, tbh.


Shadow Of Titans has been released to the public! It is now free to read, no need to become a patron.

There’s been some… unavoidable family issues, and It’s been pretty wild the past couple of month but, I am glad that this is over with so I can go back to focusing more on Breach 2. :sweat_smile:

Public Patreon post:

With the Titans trilogy of short stories complete, I have plans on releasing the other two short stories free for the public in the next couple of months. I will be focusing more on the game and less on the next few short stories, but the patrons will get to choose which short story I will be making, once I feel that the game is sufficiently updated.

… I should make a catalog of all my short stories somewhere…

More details on the release in our Discord server. Come join the somewhat-functional family!

Yeah sorry, like what @bryanhayden555 said, when you’re an ex-undercover cop, or ex-informant, most of the ROs (apart from a select few) will be reluctant to sleep with you in the first chapter.

Fixed for the next update!


There is a very high possibility that I am hallucinating this part in the first instalment but… what happened to the rings? Or was it just one ring? Like the other piece of jewellery we got from the heist.You know, the place we got the necklace that was once Gabrielle’s? Sorry but it’s been a while since I’ve last read that story.


The Aria set i think it was called, not sure if thats right but i know it starts with an A

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The Vanzetti Chronicles set. The Aria and the Cavatina. You can get the Aria ring and keep it for the rest of the game, though it doesn’t really come up again later in the story.

However, I had plans that you could use said ring to propose to some of your romance option, or have it sold as a last resort for money.


Noted! Will the option of either keeping it or not appear in the demo character set-up or will it just appear later in the game as mentioned (like, when we ultimately load a character)?

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I’m planning to put it in, yes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Be cool if you can use it to propose to your RO. I want to propose to Mouse.


YES. Gosh, I can already imagine at least one member would tell the MC “… :expressionless: you were withholding a lot of money from us, huh?” or something along the lines :laughing:


Why is the mc naked after they get drugged and put in the prison cell?


You’ll have to ask the kidnapper that.

… Might even get a chance.


I have a therapy that one of the kidnapper is our dad, because he didn’t want us to get hurt when we were fighting the mobs boss. Also what would the ROs do if the mc gave them a bouquet of flowers? Btw this demo is awesome!


That is one hell of a therapy :joy:

But I’m glad you enjoyed the game!

Some of them would think it’s sweet but, not all of the ROs would appreciate it.


Is chapter 2 part1 of the FBI route out and of it is I can’t play it as it shows the end of the demo

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Not yet, but in the next update hopefully. It will involve the raid at Gregory’s Glorious Goods, so it’ll be quite big. The only problem is that lately it’s been completely exhausting for the past two months… lot of, complications, with my personal life.

And to be honest I just have no idea what to do anymore, with any of it…

But, rest assured, so long as I still live, I will continue to write as much as I can. I have a plethora of stories to tell, even after Breach 3. I’ve recently fleshed out the outline for Chapter 2 Part 1 of the FBI route and is in the process of filling them out as much as I can.

There will be a lot of new characters, both in the FBI and the Archangel route, and a bit more look into the MC’s past life before they became an Archangel.


Thank you for making this game and I hope your problems get solved and take care.


I love your game. Please take your time solving your problems. Thank you and take care.