BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 26-August-2023)

“I think considering their motives and then BAM! backstab— look I love Michael to the end until death rips apart but the thing he said and then did was a big betr—”:eye::eye::joy:


IIRC there’s a way to save Mouse and end up in the FBI route. During the confrontation when Mouse gets shot you need to immediately move to patch up Mouse. But there are consequences, much better than death though.

Spoiler probably

Mouse ends up unable to walk IIRC.


Damn. Mouse romancers are having a hell of a time lately lmfao. She’s either redacted or crippled.

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Nothing bad happened to mouse yet in the archangel route besides being kidnapped.

Which worries me since in breach 1 mouse will get shot no matter what (if you are on the FBI route).

I hope I’ll get to skin they’re kidnapper alive.But with the way things have been going the kidnapper will have plot armor or something. Or maybe the author will decide to be an absolute menace and get MC knocked out/kidnapped/ambushed one last time for old times sake while we’re in route to rescue mouse.
(I’m just going on a gut feeling here thought, so that probably won’t happen)


This is Mouse kidnapped scenario. (My half-cooked version)

The streets of Chicago were ridden with crime, filled with violent clash between the rival fractions. Amidst the ongoing showdowns, Mouse has been kidnapped. Mouse’s absence left a gaping hole in MC’s heart, that is filled with only seething rage.
MC is investigating through the war-torn streets; the weight of worry and fury bore down on them. Every shadow and every whisper seemed to scream of Mouse’s plight, fuelling their already seething rage even more.
The archangel crew including the Trio become the receiving end of MC’s wrath if they dared suggest caution or/and restraint. Their reasonable pleas fell on deaf ears. MC’s normally calm and stoic demeanour is crumbling faster than anyone can handle.
When they finally were able to find the enemy location where Mouse is being held, MC wasted no time to show the enemy how hell can be on earth. Each beating and each shootout that were thrown were born out of desperation, all MC could only think is the safety of Mouse’s well-being, how frightened Mouse must be and MC doesn’t want to imagine what the enemy are capable.

With a primal defiance and covered in blood, MC doesn’t care of the odds that is stacked against them. Strategy be damned as long as it brought them closer to Mouse.

As the battle has come to the end, MC’s entire body is trembling from a mixture of exhaustion, pain and relief. MC immediately rush to Mouse’s side, checking him of any injuries before pulling Mouse into a protective embrace.

MC’s body is filled with gentle warmth of love. But, deep within MC’s heart, the memory of the rage still burns dimly. A terrible reminder of the lengths MC would go to protect those he loves.


Bruv is writing fanfiction :eye::eye: :joy: Ngl I would read it


I do wish we got more Mouse dead moments.


Breach 2 definitely has a different focus as the trio are slowly taking the sidelines. It may not start that way but it will gradually turn to an MC focused story. Hopefully this will ease some concerns.

It’s always time for Pavo Gordo. The Big Fish never sleeps.

That… is quite a lot :eyes:

I do have plans for the FBI route and it does involve Michael as the center focus of the MC’s attention, should they choose for it to be. A scene similar to this is already in the works and has been in the plans for quite some time :sweat_smile:

It has yet to grow into a much larger conflict, as time and circumstance wouldn’t allow for such a show, I do intend for it to be the fuel that would drive the MC further down the line and the eventual downspiral that the MC can go down into. The same people who are safe from demise in the previous story, no longer share the same comfort in this one.

Hopefully I can deliver on such promise but for now my main focus in finishing the story itself, which should hopefully be sometime in the first half of this year.

Super spoilery stuff

Uh… Yeah… about that :sweat_smile:


Uh… Yeah… about that :sweat_smile:


The impending tragic destiny you’ve bestowed upon of my favourite character has been long anticipated, I’ve been dragged through an emotional rollercoaster with a broken seatbelt. It’s like playing chess against a grandmaster who insists on using rubber ducks instead of pieces.

As much as I want to shake my fist at you for making me feel feelings I didn’t sign up for, I must tip my hat to your prowess at storytelling. You’ve managed to turn my digital comfort zone into a veritable war zone of emotions.

Could you kindly clarify if there will be point-of-view sections dedicated to specific characters within the game?


LMFAO this man evil


Is Gabrielle gonna be a RO in this game? Bc I fully invested in Carly and Raquel Ro paths, Carly bc she’s a mob bosses daughter and I would like to be a mob boss and for Raquel idk why I’m so invested but I whole heartedly love her. Now if Gabby is an RO I would like to see that path bc for one I’m not gay so I can’t go after Gabriel this is the next best thing and who wouldn’t want to be 2 in command of of all of Canada’s underworld (I’m American btw and I like to conquer shit in games:)


nah,she won’t.


That’s not how that works man :sob:


Not in this one no. But I think I remember seeing that if Max ever made another story set in the Breachverse then she would be one. Take that with a grain of salt though.


Breach is undeniably one of the cornerstones of CoG, and it’s one of those stories that I just have to keep re-reading - for the awesome cast, if not for the great stories Max provides with the choice to truly take the path you want.



Well at least I know what I’m doing after robbing the bank.

It’s the game that got me into it all, alongside war of the west and midnight road. But the vibe of archangel is very distinct. If the community continues growing I could totally see the first game becoming a movie.


Hi! First I would like to say that I absolutely loved the first game and cannot wait for the second one!!! You are an amazing writer and several of the characters have me in a chokehold.

I have no important feedback to give since I don’t have any issues with the game as is. However, I wanted to make a small suggestion (that is really nitpicky in all honesty :sob:) when it comes to hair selection in the Character customization. Instead of referring to Afros as ‘long’ or ‘short’, I would suggest saying ‘large’ or ‘small’ since they tend to be about size and volume rather than length (because of shrinkage and all that jazz :smiling_face:)

Again it’s a super nitpicky thing that doesn’t need to be changed in any way but I thought I would give my small input in cause it would be helpful to you! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! MUCH LOVE :two_hearts: