BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 26-August-2023)

I might have missed something, but why do I have to send people to do work in the sewer, when we are planning to go in through the front door?

There’s also no option to do the optional parts in the planning phase. Because everyone’s assigned? But I had to assign them to the non-optional parts.

@ClaimedMinotaur btw, in my game they mentioned that Carly had to upgrade the car, so that’s probably why she’s not available.


@The_Lady_Luck Really? I didn’t notice that. So maybe there’s an issue with the planning section as a whole.

Had the same problem. No option to do optional stuff.

I’m pretty sure you only do the car upgrade if you plan on crashing through the door (could be wrong obviously). I decided to stealth my way through the sewers so I didn’t need that. But then using Carly for something was just… not an option.


I’ll take a look at the code, when I’m done with my first play-through.

I keep being interrupted by stuff, so it’s taking a long time. :laughing:

@ClaimedMinotaur I’m planning to just walk in and threaten people, but was still told she needs to upgrade the car.


@The_Lady_Luck I just reread the sewer path. Aside from Carly mentioning that we could bust through the door with an armored car (and getting immediately shut down), there’s neither any mention of any kind of car nor really anything regarding Carly at all.

For you it might make sense because you’re going in loud and need a quick getaway, hence why she works on the car.


Finally, thankkkkkkk you soooooo much.


When the demo to the sequel of one of your favorite IF’s arrive:


I’m too tired, so this is all for now:



”Just call me angel…”
Great now I want to watch Deadpool again.

I miss my character’s equipment and real stats, but I understand that every detail can’t be included in the character creation. Felt strange that I didn’t have any lockpicks, as I used them a lot, even though my character is a smiley.

I really wonder what difference it makes who we see in Bishop’s painting. (Also, I hope the room’s better ventilated than I imagine, since he’s using oil paints.)


Clearly acknowledge the player’s romance choice early on, preferably the first scene where they are together. Most players who have chosen a romance will be looking for it, and even just once early on will settle that anticipation, and make them feel, well, acknowledged, and then it can be ignored for a while without really being a problem.
Though, of course, I’d love to see more romance specific flavour-text, in general.
There’s some places where it feels weird that there’s no acknowledgement. (Like telling Rook he looks good, and the text being the same, whether you’re romancing him or not. The dynamic of dating either Rook or Hayne in their shared chess scene, could make for interesting little differences.)


Something’s up with the part of the planning where you assign tasks. It seems really buggy.

Grammar, spelling, etc.:

“Nothing I could handle”

Pretty sure that should be ”couldn’t”


Finally it’s here!!!


I’m enjoying the Punisher and Oceans references. The “blowtorch”(ice pop) and having the dude named Livingston is a nice touch.


Aaaaahh boy here we go again, this is going to be one hell of an exciting read for sure after coming back to this forum


I agree with this one. I must contained my loud heartbeat everytime I see Gab and disappointed when they’re not really openly together. Not even a word of flirting. Maybe it’s for the further story, like they can still have character development, or I just a impatient person lol.

Although in final page when we back to looks like mc and Gabriel’s room I wonder where he went, bathroom? Shows that Gabriel and mc share a room together. I’m happy tho😌

Oh and yes, the cliffhanger. I wonder who they are :thinking: I cant help it, but I’m a whumpee human and that triggered my addiction :sob::rofl:


Cool artwork for the cover :heart:


First off, I’d like to echo the excited sentiments expressed by others. :slight_smile: The first installment is one of my favourite cog based games, and will always be a standout quality wise. The demo is an interesting teaser, and even if I had’t already wanted to read a sequel, I would be eager after reading it.


There doesn’t seem to be any clear indications of the romances - in the last novel this clearly impacted character interactions (it was a chain reaction of opinions) whereas here it seems non-existant.

The dialogue feels a bit rushed or stilted, but I can’t pin down why I get this feeling. Sorry for being unhelpful. :sweat_smile:

Also, minor glitches: in the fbi playthrough i selected mouse was in a coma yet he was somehow dead. And female character was refered to as male a few interactions.


are there cheats ???

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Love it so far amazing

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can we actually kill gabriel ?

YES! this is one of the novel i’ve been waiting for…!!! IM EXCITED TO EXPLORE MORE AND SEE DORKY GABRIEL!

There goes my plan for the weekend…


Awesome, I live in Chicago so this makes it even better.


Just finished demo and love it, can’t wait for more. You should do that we can be in relation with multiple people and to keep it a secret that where persuasion comes into play.