BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 20-November-2022)

You should change the title to 20 November as well

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I am looking forward to this and the possible final game of the BREACH series. Especially the features, storyline, mechanics, and characters (My requested one is the ability to upgrade MC’s home, crew, weapons, meeting point, etc… there are so many GTA Online features I want in BREACH)




I never really thought of asking this until now, since the progress is up to chapter 2 ((work count at already over 500k)). Just how many chapters do you see this roughly being? Also, if you need help, cant you make a thread recruiting possible helpers ((i have no idea how that works here)).

But, if you keep up this flow ((like average word count per chapter or 2)) then this title is gonna be HUGE. Heck, the first one was already really large ((though, i do wish we could have done a little more as an informant)).


It’s supposed to be four chapters, from what Max has said before and what the achievements list shows

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I’m not sure how the safehouse upgrades would work cause the MC won’t be staying in the warehouse safehouse the entire Breach 2, they will be moving around a lot of places in Breach 3 :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I know I need to be doing, cause, this game needs to be huge with how I’ve set myself up. I’ve been trying to break down the unnecessary stuff so hopefully it shouldn’t be too huge of an ordeal for me.

But yeah, I’m not sure why I named them chapter parts instead of just chapters… because each chapter part, is a whole full chapter :joy:

Breach 2 will have 4 chapters. Two parts for each chapter. And each part is different for each route. And there’s an extra two part for the aditional Independent route later at the end of the game.

So really… realistically speaking, if we’re keeping in mind that each chapter part is one whole chapter, Breach has 16 chapters for both the Archangel and the FBI route… as well as 2 extra chapters for the independent route.

… Yeah, that’s… that’s a lot…



This is a welcomed reunion.

Though it’s hard to pick on between flashing your old friends a nice smile or giving em teethfuls of spite and broken elbows.

Careful and take care old man, if you ended up with no sleep over this, you might wound up with your bones crippling by the time you’re done lol.

I’m pretty sure we’d rather have the author well for longer than have the game out for a shorter amount of time, so don’t push yourself too thin.


I echo that sentiment. Your welfare is more important. Plus I’d rather see the great story you want to create instead of a rushed story that you felt pressured to complete. Take good care of yourself.


To be honest, moving from a safehouse swarming with mafia and FBI to a safehouse that isn’t is definitely an upgrade, so it kinda works XDDDD


What about the crew, weapon, vehicle, and armor upgrades? Is it possible for this and the third game?

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I’ll do my best to remember that :sweat_smile:

Those will still be a thing, don’t worry. Some upgrades will make your job a whole lot easier.


line 33: There is no character at position 1. “” is only 0 characters long.
Get this when I try to play chapter one.

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That… is odd, cause that means your MC does not have a name. Could you replicate that?


I believe in the thread for the first game it was mentioned she is asexual

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Don’t MC and Raquel have sex when the romance kicks off in Breach 1 when you invite her in? And at least one more time in the first chapter of Breach 2? Or have I been reading these scenes wrong?


when you romance Raquel in book one I believe it just says you go to sleep with her laying naked on top of you,there’s no really an implication that you have sex with her but in the other romances there is


I guess, because I haven’t played the other romances, I had nothing to compare her scene to. I just thought the sex scenes were tame lol. I’ll have to check the others out. I always intended to get a save ready for each of the lady ROs, but never got round to it.