BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 20-March-2023)

Oh well shit, I gotta check that out then. Thx for the info.

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@MichaelMaxwell Ok, so…hear me out.

B. Searcy & Co. double rifle chambered in .600 NE starting at a low $50,000 USD, in case you decide to add dinosaurs to the game.


Change the Date on the title, still says December 20th🫠

I’ve played the second part and so far no errors on my side but I’ll test both branches and see what falls out of this beautiful tree of an interactive story.

Grateful to be part of the process.


Unfortunately no :sweat_smile:

The Cerberus shotgun is as good as you’re gonna get with anything bigger than 12 gauge.

Kaz will use whatever weapon is right for the job. He does prefer shotguns mostly cause he has terrible aim but if you continue to hangout with him, he does improve over time.

Thank you! Completely forgot about that :sweat:


A bit of a nitpick but everytime I try to put a compensator on a pistol or secondary weapon it auto change into a flash hider for some reason. This bug is also present in the first game. Nothing game-breaking but still a bit annoying. Hope it gets fixed in the final version. I can already see a lot of improvements from the first game

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For some reason, I’m curious as to whether we can have a musket like Brown Bess in the game as a joke item. Just as the Forefathers intended.


I could just imagine runnin’ round with a flintlock, everyone staring at you as you yell “COVER ME, RELOADING!!” I’d read for days just to see that over and over, Michael giving you the cold stare while shaking his head, Gabriel sighing wishing you’d quit stressing him out, and Raquel staring at you blankly before giving you hand signs you begin to think mean she gives up on all of you.


Ah yes, thank you for reporting this, apparently the accessory script hasn’t been working correctly for some time and I didn’t catch it for some reason :sweat:

Found and fixed for the next update.

I did actually intend for there to be at least one flintlock/matchlock pistol, but I ended up scrapping it for the first game. I think I’ll end up returning, but not a single shot, it’ll be a double barrel flintlock.

On a side note…

Update 15 is now in private testing, and will be coming to the public link around the 20th of this month.

It consists mainly of the update for Justin’s Hangout, Salazar’s Hangout, as well as Rook’s hangout.

Keep in mind that you cannot do both Justin and Hayne’s hangout. you have to pick one or the other. Same with Salazar, Rook and Bishop. You have to pick one or the other.

This is mainly to limit the stress on my brain on writing for 18 different hangouts for all romance options and, yeah… I’m a masochist, but I’m still human and my brain needs help.


I’m not sure if it would work but maybe try out some of the AI writing thingamajigs?
I know it is basically cheating but I sometimes use those to give me some inspirations when it comes to writing. You can bounce off of what the AI wrote.

It doesn’t work that way, same with me having a human throw me ideas when they don’t have the full context of Breach as a whole, and the characters’ complex personal relationships and struggles. I would have to explain to the AI what the theme, story, and context of Breach is, and what human emotions dictates each character’s actions and goals. Their full backstory, their future paths… I have to explain to them everything.

At least humans can catch on the context pretty quickly and can immediately know what feels natural and what doesn’t in terms of emotional instincts.

It’s possible with an AI, but I’d rather not… and it doesn’t feel like cheating, it feels cold and lazy.


Caught up to the latest update today. Man this series has totally become my latest obsession. It’s like once in a blue moon you come across a story that just make you stop and go “wait a minute, did they write this story just for me?”. I think including this series that has happened to me like twice. Good stuff


I’m glad I’ve achieved creating a story that can hopefully at least make people’s day better :smile:

There’s definitely some stuff that I could do to improve for Breach 2 and it’s been quite the task to write two stories at once, but I think it is definitely worth it. The breath of choice is a good breath of freedom.


But seriously, like this series has so many things I want to see in a movie or series or even a game. It’s like you’re in my head. Badass crew of anti-heroes/villains with interesting characters who treat each other like one big family? Check. In an action thriller with mystery and a hint of a conspiracy going on behind the scene? Check. An RPG video game that implement dice roll in stat check and don’t use combat as filler and my choice actually do matter? Check.

Also actually good romance. Raquel is surprisingly cute. Can’t get enough of those cuddle sessions.


I know its been mentioned before. But how mamy chapters are you aiming for with this title?

With two seperate stories, the word count is nuts so far. But cant help but notice that in the FBI route. Where as we get some cool intel, there hasnt been much progress. Do each of the two stories try to cover other things? Is one meant to have more action?


Pretty sure it’s four chapters each with two parts to a chapter

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I very often just imagine the whole story as a movie, and I do love writing action, but I know it’s not for everyone, so I try to keep it interesting and make sure your choices mid-action matters and the skills you’ve built up matters.

In total? 4 chapters, with 2 parts for each chapter so, in reality, 8 chapters.

But considering it’s two almost completely different stories, basically I have to write 16 chapters… plus 1 independent chapter.

the FBI and the Archangel route are two completely different stories and covers a completely different arc.

It’s a whole different timeline and things play out much differently, considering the Archangels just lost one of the most important asset. You.

That being said, a lot of things will play out the same way but most of the things that happen in the Archangel route, you don’t get to see in the FBI route because things are playing out differently.

The FBI route is supposed to be the Noir Detective Crime story, and the Archangel route is the Payday Action Crime story


So I have a question. In the first game I manage to save Greg personally and Gabriel deals with Sorez by himself. Would that count as Sorez being killed or merely knocked out in this game? It’s a little vague for me


If you see Sorez die vie melee kill, shot through the heart, or through the head, he is dead for good. No coming back from that. Otherwise, he might be wounded and he might come back… if he recovers…


I’m not sure. My character is too busy trying to drag Greg to safety so Gabriel sort of deals with Sorez by himself. I don’t know if he kills or only knocks him out


Oh, so FBI is supposed to be more Detective style. I wont lie, ive been a tag focused to avenge our little Mouse. :sob: You really made a character that just makes you pinch their cheeks and keep them safe from all the bad guys.