BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 15-April-2022)

There is 3 planned

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Author mentioned this is the second of the 3 books in the first post of the thread, just to cite a source.

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Would be cool, but i dont think so. The main three, or at least Gabriel and Raquel are some sort of specialists ((they hint at this when they mention an old unit)), and are all skilled in multiple fields. It isnt easy just becoming a Raphael like the MC.

Plus, that isnt even bringing into consideration that in the FBI arc she can potentially die. Mouse just doesnt have the nerve. :person_shrugging:

If anything, itd be more likely that she’d be given a unique title; since she is the only one with no angel codename so far. And we haven’t really seen any other tech expert than her.

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Maybe you’re right, but when I was playing the book 1, Gabriel said to Kaidan to promote two people from his crew to become the next Raphael/Raquel, and to hire two recruits to substitute their places.

Sure, Mouse isn’t ready yet to become the next Raquel/Raphael, but with some training provided from us or the Trio, they can become one (same goes for the Raphael and Raquel of LA’s crew, but under Kaidan’s supervision).

Also, Mouse had shown some traces of leadership, at least during this demo. But I won’t discard the fact that Mouse can get an unique title for them too.


Two people. Kayden or w.e was one, and MC will be the second.

Can someone tell me how the hatori chisa katana looks like?
I googled it and it shows pics of diffrent katanas but none has the name.

Can we perhaps become Michael :eyes:

It’s Katana but smaller