BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (UPDATED! 15-April-2022)

Walk under the black flag with a scallywag swagger


U are indeed cultured.


I feel like the top 4 series that are either out this year, or hopefully will be; are this, zombie safe haven pt.3, wayhaven book 3, and Samurai of Hyuga 5.

Though, im sure everyones top lists are different. :rofl: Reading through the thread, i cant wait to pull an anrgy ex-angel playthrough; who snapped after their Mouse died. ((I REALLY RECOMMEND HAVING DIALOUGE OPTIONS MADE FOR THIS)). `

I read something about a safe house feature? Also, will there be any side content in the game? Sidemissions or the stuff like when we could hang out with crew members in Breach 1?

And after going through the demo, i noticed that the Angel route gets pretty interesting early on. But the FBI route is kinda…eh. Is it going to spice up in later chapters?

But, torture Michael scene for killing our little mouse pls? Also, totally not biased here, and i know it is hiiiighly unlikely.


WHAT?:exploding_head: Spoilers, I think you should blur the M thing, I’m waiting for the 2nd book to go through the FBI route…Someone might as well

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Apologies if this already have been reported, but in the character creation, when being interrogated by the FBI, the second choice might have a typo

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I mean, its spoilers, but it isnt? Breach 1 has been out for how long?

Idk, long enough that i dont really feel bad for mentioning part of the main story. If youve chosen to hold off on going the FBI route i would normally say that sounds like a you problem and not me for talking about Mouse.

But, i wont be toxic in this nice community. So, i am slightly sorry if my post spoiled something for you.

EDIT: i also think i blurred it for others now? Just to be safe.


My bad, you are right It is a me problem for sure! I thought it was in the demo of the book 2, but you are right that that would not be a spoiler since the 1 book came out some time ago.

Just want to keep the suspense of unknowing the other pieces of the “puzzle”, that’s why I’m still not playing the FBI route.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, here’s a vanilla cupcake :cupcake:


This… is actually a pretty cool idea, but there won’t be any shield, sorry :sweat_smile:

You do get a sword though!

I am absolutely grateful and honored! I’m glad you enjoyed it! And yeah those other books are absolutely an incredibly read.

Yes, you will be able to hangout with crew members once more, though with a slightly different system, and you can even hangout with the trio this time!

For the FBI route, you can also hangout with your task force members, alongside doing certain missions like investigations, and raids, that is essentially it’s own little arc that is completely optional, but will grant extra equipment.

Absolutely, the FBI route has a lot of different things planned for it

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to torture any of the trio :sweat_smile:

You will however be able to kill one of them… I believe I’ve said this before somewhere.


No worries :grinning:

I’ll just to have to use my Sound Sword



[quote=“MichaelMaxwell, post:658, topic:88934”]
You will however be able to kill one of them

Oh, this is lovely, can’t wait to pop a bubble in that chain of command.

Will the MC be able to react or behave differently while going about it? Tearful vengeance? Calm precision? Malicious laughter? Expression expression expression


Okay I have a question , feel free to answer with “no comment” if it’s too spoilery.

You said we can kill one of the trio… Does that mean we can also interact (fight/kill) with other characters? Like , characters from the first book?

Your game/writing is amazing and it has a special place in my heart , Really appreciate effort you put it into it.


Considering the fact that the whole point of the FBI route is to take down the Angels, I’m pretty sure we’ll have the opportunity to do both, maybe we might even be able to become an Angel again if our previous RO was a crew mate


Yes, I have since been shifting focus to give the MC more of the spotlight, which in turns gives the MC choices on how they might want to feel about certain situations. Expressing more of the MC’s personal thoughts and struggle, if any.

Either way, there will be a lot of things the MC can have opinions about…

Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game!

As for the question, yes, yes you can. The MC will be the main focus of the branching this time, and multiple people’s lives can be at the MC’s hands.

Correct, I think I have said this before as well. You will be able to meet your former crew members once again in the FBI route.

How they’ll react to meeting you again depends on how much relationship you have with them… some are less forgiving than others… some are more violent than others.


Hayne RO with male MC


Theory: During this sequel, we’re going to boost Mouse’s confidence so they can become the next Gabriel/Raquel of the team.


Lol looking at the insanity happening over in Chicago and the amount of potentially crippling clownery the MC can get themselves into, I look forward to seeing the variety of different ways the MC can think and act on those things, and even more on the way other characters can end up reacting to MC’s actions hwhwu.


Mouse and Raquel isn’t too far apart from each other. What Mouse does for you and Kaidan is the same thing Raquel usually does for Gabriel and Michael.

A lot of the fate of Chicago rests on the MC’s choices and all they can do is hope the MC is up for it.

May chaos reign.


Srry I meant Raphael instead of Gabriel

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Yeah, let’s just try seeing what happens when you put the fate of an entire city infested with crime on the shoulders of a single person, let’s hope their sanity and absolute vehemence are up for it : )

Also, imma assume that it’ll take time to finish writing and polishing those fates, make sure to get your rest when needed before your old man bones keropos.


If I may ask how mang books are planned for the series?

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