BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (First Public Upload)

As a person, I don’t really have an opinion on the Archangels. Any position I had would be based on reality, which these games clearly isn’t, and not really applicable. I don’t think this story works without putting reality somewhat to the side, and just going with the narrative.
If this was reality, I would have very great concerns about all sides, and would need a lot more information than we are given, to make a judgement.

My characters tend to look at it as a nuanced issue, no matter which side they fall on.


I am planning to go next week end

Small continuity bug, I chose charlie as my sariel but they mention carly as the sariel here.

I haven’t been on the forum much the past 2 weeks and was pleasantly surprised that Breach is back again!!! I’m really really excited to see where this is gonna go, especially after that kidnapping scene :eyes:

Speaking of which, i’m surprised that the kidnapper managed to breach (haha) the archangel’s defenses really easily. It seemed that no one was alerted. Also, i actually thought it was one of the main trio who wanted to wake up the MC for something, but considering the injection bit, i think it’s safe to rule them out? It could be Don Lavedechi’s people, because he does know where the Archangels are, but idk. It could be the FBI too. Maybe it’s someone from the inside? Whoever this is knows where the MC’s room is specifically. And why MC? Were they there just to kidnap the MC? Did they do anything else? How the heck are they going to carry the MC’s body without getting caught? So many questions! Oh! And the MC better be back quick, they’re on a tight schedule with the bank heist

Also, i haven’t played the FBI route yet and from what i have read in the thread, apparently Chicago’s current state is very chaotic? I never got the vibe the entirety of my archangel playthrough. It actually felt pretty calm and normal. Was there no implications of this or did I just miss it? Either way, i think this fact should be made clearer.

Anyway, I can’t wait for more content! The first Breach is one of my favorite IFs from hosted games, so this is mighty exciting! Sending all my support to the creators!!


I have just finished the demo and man oh man did you deliver on the FBI front, it’s exciting to learn clues and deduce information from the scenes of the crime, specifically Archangel Activity.

Something I do feel the need to point out, is that during my first play through of the demo- emulating my game only an hour ago- (yes I still play Breach: The Archangel Job). That I came across a rather odd scene, the good Doctor notifies the player that Mouse is receiving care after being transported to a different hospital, (I think that’s what was said.) However I chose the option that lead to Mouse’s death which also acts as a motivation to bring down the Angels, the Fallen Angel character however is alerted that Mouse is in a coma - even though all dialogue precious indicated his passing, including the option to have him not survive.

I’m not sure if it’s intended as a placeholder for the time being, but I do hope it helps! ^-^

You can have an option where Mouse dies? I didn’t know that.

I would put my first bet on, the ones responsible for kidnapping the MC, right under the Archangel’s noses ( I wonder how the Main Trio will react to this! ) was the Ghost Company. Or a former Ghost. My second bet would be VamCorp.
Which raises even more questions: Why the MC? If it was a kidnapping by either The Ghosts or The Corp, what would they want with the MC? To torture him for info? To blackmail him? To recruit them?!?! To me this kidnap, right off the bat, was a curveball and it ( probably, who knows? ) opens the potential to have a BIG background development and exposition. One way or another I think someone may end up spilling some beans, either this Black Mask person or The Main Trio.
MC: chuckles im in danger.


I played the first Part and it’s currently the best Choice game I ever played. I enjoyed how long the game was and engaging so I didn’t really feel bored after playing for some time. I love the characters in the game and their personalities like Rook. I also love the side stories.
The heist were great and I hope there is more heists than two that we can do in Chicago War Zone. The dice rolling was unique and I think the only Choice game that has that. Also, difficulty settings was pretty unique too and cool idea to include in the game. So, I’m looking forward towards this game and the other game, Afar.


@MichaelMaxwell I’m not sure if anyone has asked yet but will you include a way to carry over our previous game data from The Archangel Job to Chicago War Zone?

Normally what happens is a little farther down the line, there’s a save system implemented in the first game, usually win the second game was about 85% complete? Though, you will have to replay the first game to then save your data.
At that point though, you should just be able to then load your save it to the second game.


Is there any difference between daggers and knives for a weapon? I was playing around, and I didn’t realize you could get either of them. Cool :slight_smile:

You fight really differently with daggers or knives actually. And the long/close range if we are talking about standard daggers or knives are actually different too. According to the MC I’ll definitely choose specifically one of them, not both.

When are cheats gonna be available?

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I’m usually on discord but I finished my FBI playthrough and almost the entire demo portion of book 2 on the FBI side today and I realized that this is probably going to get long, so I’m sharing it here.

The reason for why I say almost entirely, is because I have the same bug as NoobLube above except the other way around. In the scene where the doctor tells them that Mouse has been transported to another hospital even though their Mouse is dead, the doctor tells me Mouse’s autopsy is done even though my Mouse is in a coma. So the code seems to be switched around. Anyway, that’s as far as I made it into the demo.

First of all, if there’s one thing I regret is that it took me this long to finally pick this route back up and finish it this time. Everyone should play through the FBI route at least once, if for no other reason than for Anthony’s character development and the VAMPcorp scene at the end of book 1. Juicy stuff.

I also love that I get to do such basic cop stuff like investigate crime scenes, track people and interrogate criminals; cop style. Though I so do wish I could’ve played good cop bad cop with Anthony in the interrogation scene but he was judging me and my submarine gun and I just felt silly. :laughing: It’s moments like this I miss my Rook. :joy: :heart: But Anthony is a cop so what did I expect, was just trying to have some fun.

The route almost feels like a different book because my MC is in such a different headspace than my Archangel ones were. It’s kinda like if we were given the Avengers movie from Thanos’s pov, with him as the main character, maybe one could even sympathize with his motives more.

I actually thought this was cleverly done and I think done this way for a reason. I didn’t realize the state of Chicago either on the Archangel side because you’re part of the action and it’s almost like it all comes with the territory, you know? You kinda get glimpses of it in small ways, but you never stop and think about it because there’s more pressing matters. On the FBI side, however, you’re outside of that action, your job is to stop the Archangels so understandably you pay more attention to the carnage they’ve left behind.

So it all comes down to the writing, and @MichaelMaxwell, I know you worry about favoring the Archangel side but honestly, you’re doing such a good job making the FBI side feel like they’re “the good guys”. Sure, like half the police force is corrupt and apart from Anthony, I don’t know who to trust. But at least I’m not “part of the problem” that is bringing Chicago to chaos. You can kind of headcanon that the MC is just stuck with Anthony and is just gonna betray him later on, as I assume there’s a chance to switch sides again. But it’s just as easy to play your character as someone who feels like they’re on the right side of the law for a change.

On the subject of Anthony, I’m going to make a prediction that his popularity is going to shoot up like crazy (edit: if he doesn’t betray you, that is), especially amongst those who give the FBI route a chance. The end of book 1 and the start of book 2 feel kinda like a buddy cop movie with Anthony in the best way possible.

Anthony and Gabriel are like the two sides of a the same coin but the thing with Anthony that works in his favor (and this is something I brought up on discord) is that he actually needs you. I actually, legitimately, almost feel sorry for him for how my criminals were with him on the phone because Anthony has such a bigger hill to climb than Gabriel does. Not to downplay the challenges Gabriel has ahead, but he has the backup. Anthony’s situation is kind of… a mess. So when he’s appreciative of your efforts, you actually feel that. You are part of Anthony’s task force, in a similar way you were part of Gabriel’s Archangels, but you feel more like Anthony’s partner or sidekick where as with Gabriel you (or at least I) always saw him more as my boss. The trio are just on another level. I liked that difference between the two routes.

Okay, this is getting way too long so I’m gonna end it here, but I have a few more nitpicks I’ll put under a cut.


I feel like this should either be “What do you think about Anthony?” or “What do you think about Reville?” MC is familiar enough with Anthony to not use his full name, especially with Salazar.

Missing some words after neat

Chair repeats

Take out the first “so”