BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (First Public Upload)

Ah, well that’s why I never knew. I have a specific crew I always use.

I kinda wanna see what Carline can do. I know she’s explicitly more of a mechanic, but she seems like she would use that and work on a sleeper car in her spare, spare time. Wonder what it would be. Being from Belgia, I’m guessing no muscle. Maybe lower-end Euro or Asian import. Something that doesn’t need nitrous, though, because she would know how to properly tune a car to hell and back on any given Sunday. It would be impressive. She would know what to put in it. I can see us walking up to a shed a friend of hers has that was holding it for her. Since she’s admittedly not the best driver, she’d probably make something for street drag. Quarter mile. No drifting or real traffic evasion needed.


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So, potential plot inconsistencies:

In the informant route, doesn’t MC hear that there are two potential Cartel moles in the FBI from the Archangels before they betray the FBI? Gabriel mentions that there are two named Cartel moles, as well as a corrupt judge, in front of informant!MC, but the ensuing plotline in Book 1 and the Book 2 demo make it seem like MC didn’t share that knowledge with the FBI.

Also, was House meant to be a mole for the Cartels too? Michael says that she is after killing her, but it doesn’t come up again in my informant playthrough.

Also, I was wondering if there could be a scene or something where MC could come across Michael, Gabriel or Raquel without their masks (in any of the routes) and not recognize them? I figure that the three of them could probably hide in plain sight just by taking off their masks and pretending to be normal people. It would just be cool if some random NPC whose face you don’t recognize you turns out to be Gabriel/Raquel/Michael on the down low. Idk though that was just a thought haha.


That thing where the MC hears about the cartel moles is actually an inconsistency that I need to work on, thanks for pointing that out!

As for House, that is a route specific thing, when you’re an Archangel, House is an actual informant for the Cartels, however when you’re an informant, House is not an informant. Like in Chapter 4 in Breach 1 where in the Archangel Route, the Archangels kidnap Salazar, but in the FBI route, the Archangel kidnaps Captain Flowers instead.

This is already in the game. At least for Gabriel and Raquel. You have yet to meet Michael without his mask. That is coming later in Breach 2. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Heh…heh, heh…heh…heh…

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Oh, we’ve met Gabriel and Raquel without their masks on in Book 1? Or in Book 2 demo? :o

House was said to be a Cartel mole even when I was an informant, but that was in Book 1, so maybe in the informant route come Book 2 MC says something to Reville about it, who clarifies that Michael was mistaken?


I absolutely love the game WIP so far! Finished the first game yesterday and now I’m obsessed! <3

Question: I’m playing the Archangel route

So, I just finished the warehouse part and searched for the blueprint.
Since my MC likes to heavily rely on persuasion checks so things go more smoothly with no unnecessary deaths if they can help it - I choose to persuade the guards in the warehouse to surrender and tied them up, but after finding the blueprints, the MC and crew just left the warehouse without doing anything…

I was wondering if there will be an option to get the surrendered out and just torch the whole warehouse? Since Gabriel did say to burn all of the drugs, and I am playing as a Vigilante, it would just make sense for us to be able to do it. I did not even trigger any alarms since I took Justin and Kaz with me so there was no need for my crew to make a quick getaway.


there’s so many “as” in the sentence :sweat_smile:


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Now time to sink teeth into this thing…

It would be cool to turned out that our MC is Don’s brother and you will have to make a choice whether or not you would kill him in the end since our MC was an orphan and didnt have any clue of who was his/her parents and relatives are

Hahaha Im gonna be honest that would be cool

I just want a good look at Gabriel beneath the mask(s).

Which ain’t gonna happen because I played an undercover MC, and lover boy is probably out of her life for good at this point. Oops! Shoulda known not to date the enemy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: