BREACH: Chicago War Zone (WIP) (First Public Upload)

Does anyone have a active link to michaelmaxwells discord server?

We should be able to take revenge on Michael if Mouse ‘really’ is dead.We will channel the spirit of LUCIFER and fulfill our desires. he he

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Ah the Good old Gangster story is Back. i be honest im really interested but i have to replay the first Game :). as far as i rember i liked the archangels a bit more so Im a loyal Outlaw then :slight_smile:

is it possibil to buy that toilet armor by now?

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I feel like I’ve neglected this forum for too long, sorry :sweat_smile: I’ve been mostly on Discord. But here’s some news!

First off, I’ve lied to myself that I would be able to pick things up and work on Breach on my own, with Rikuo gone, and Ben stepping back and providing only code maintenance. I have to admit that it is hard, and it does take time get used to it.

But I have now gotten used to it, and things are finally getting back on track the way I want it to. The new update is coming, it will consist of the new Chapter 1 Part 2 for the FBI, and a new Chapter 1 Part 1 for the Archangel, with the original part 1 being moved to Part 2.

Outlines are complete, writing is on the way. All I have to do now is write down everything that’s in my head, polish it, and send it. Easier said than done, but it’s going along.

To compensate for making you all wait for so long, here’s some new sneak peek that I’ve posted on Patreon. It is now free for the public to view the screenshots.

The new update will include the following notes (Subject to change, and may have spoilers for the first game.)

-Shooting is now only used for pin-point shooting.
-Weaponry check is now used for general shooting.
-New Script wepshot - empties the entire magazine, reloads if empty already. - to be used with Weaponry check
-Added Giveinjury
-Added dead return, var 99
-Mouse will no longer suddenly come back to live when they're supposed to be dead
-Greg will also no longer come back to live, I hope
-FBI Side has Weaponry checks
-ARC side has Shooting checks
-Added a few new achievements
-Added choice of skill training
-Added new tips to the "Tip Of The Day" list in the stat screen
-Fixed repetition bugs in multiple labels
-New Variable batch for Greg or Tracy
-Non-essential questions left out of essential only CC (character creation)
-Removed dual wielding fuckery. Revision coming soon.
-Breach TAJ Ending origin limited specifically to starting origin.
-Added choice of primary and secondary weapons for Archangel route CC
-Added choice of melee weapons for Archangel route CC
-Added choice of body armor for Archangel route CC
-Fixed skill menu and relationship menu cheat problems
-Added cheats, like, really...
-Added new Chapter 1 Part 1 for The Archangel branch.
-Moved old Chapter 1 Part 1 of The Archangel brach into Part 2
-Added new Chapter 1 Part 2 of The FBI branch

I’m aiming to be able to finish the update this month. The update will be posted here for the public after about 15 days of private testing.

Until then, much thanks, and much love!


Unfortunately no, not yet :sweat_smile:

It will be it’s own little arc, and has it’s own ending.


Thx for the discord server invite

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[quote=“MichaelMaxwell, post:248, topic:88934”]
Mouse will no longer suddenly come back to live when they're supposed to be dead
[/quote]I’ve had the opposite problem, actually. FBI route

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XD one day It’s Possible I belive in that Armour XD and you

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I’ve read that in game 2 no one has plot armor, so i assume the trio have become killable, but does that mean we can end the three of them at once or are we only allowed to choose one and face the other two’s wrath?


That should be fixed too :sweat_smile:

Yes and no, it will be hard, very hard, it will be it’s own arc. In a way that you get to hunt down your own crew one by one, you get to hunt down Gabriel, Michael, and Raquel too. I can’t say more than that


Do you think we get to see the past of our MC?


Yes, that is the plan :smiley:


Hunt down? :eyes: that sounds interesting. Also, in game one there’s been a lot of times where mc had to listen to a bunch of monologues while all they can do is :no_mouth:, in game 2 will we be able to be the one to…deliver more impactful dialogues?

Remembering that scene at the mill for fbi mc where gabe was willing to kill/let mc die, can we call him out on that? Like choosing to-for the lack of a better word “give up” on mc (and i assume, whatever promise he made) when mc turned out to be something that gabriel didn’t expect or want them to be?


We will be able to choose our custom loadout?!?! Very cool!

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Gabe knew what you were before you even left NY, but I do agree because I admitted it to him but when I did the intemidation check to deny it Gabe was down to kill me after his fight with Michael

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Yes, I hope. I’m trying to write the 2nd game in a way that would give more depth to the MC while still giving the player some agency.

You will get to see the MC being more of the leader of the crew that they were meant to be. In the FBI route, the MC will be more independent and have a lot more say in the matter of how they take down The Archangels and The Outfit.

In the FBI route, yes, you can most definitely confront him on this. I forgot if it’s been put in yet, but there is a scene in the Archangel route where if the MC was an informant but stayed in The Archangels after getting found out, they can talk about it with the crew and the Trio about it.

Yes, yes you will be.


Hey @MichaelMaxwell, I just found a bug, I had Mouse in a coma and yet…here it’s saying she was autopsied, and was dead.

As you’re walking through the laboratory, you hear a familiar voice call out to you. “John!” You turn around to see Dr. Emille Kartan running up to you. “Agent Walken, I’m glad I caught you. I’ve been looking everywhere”

“What’s wrong?” You ask.

“I’ve been informed by the people at the hospital that the autopsy is complete” He says.

“Whose autopsy?”

“Your friend, Avelyne. They’re moving her over to the FBI Field Office’s medical wing. The body will be under my care, and under law, I am to cremate her remains by the end of the month if no family comes to claim her.” He tells you.

“Who could claim her?” You ask. Throughout the time you’ve known Mouse after so many years, she’s never talked about any kind of family, besides how much you are one to her.

“Any next of kin. Closest living blood relative or relatives.” He says. “But, that’s not all I wanted to tell you” He says as he gestures for you to follow him.

The two of you head on over to the forensics lab, and inside you can see what appears to be whatever remains of Mouse’s gear. Her bloodied bright blue hoodie, her velvet red and black mask, her laptop, phone, and gadgets, and two expired Mike Donald’s free ice cream coupon.

You can see forensic agents in the lab working on Mouse’s phone and laptop, they appear to be trying to crack open the laptop’s security system.

“Your friend Mouse had set up quite the security on her electronics. The lab is banging their heads against the damn thing trying to find a way in. They were hoping you might know the password” Dr. Emile tells you.

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That should be fixed soon in the upcoming update


Poor mouse… Just imagine… You romance them, they fell in coma… You start new romance… They wake up… They die from heart aches


I came here gfor or a good time but honestly feel so attacked right now. Why would you do this? :cry: