Bought a game from steam


I was wondering if we will ever be able to download the apk version or equivalent onto are phones from steam, since i’ve never played a choice of game game before, and i played choice of robots, loved it, and i would really like to play it on my phone but i can’t, and there is NO option of any hint of the option of being able to get a copy of it for my phone if i have purchased it on steam. Do i own the right to use the client strictly on a PC, or do i own the right to use it on both my phone and PC?


Pc only, as then it could be ABOOOSED to give your friend’s copies on their phones. But if you have steam you may be able to play it on steam mobile.


You might email CoG support. Maybe they can credit you the game on the website if they can confirm you own it on Steam. I don’t know. I also don’t know if they could help you out at all with, like, the iOS App Store.


As long as the author has put the game up on the AppStore or steam you can get the game but not all copies are free the highest I’ve seen is $3.29 for a CoG game and yes as long as it’s been posted to a AppStore you can get the game on your phone or tablet or your computer you can also download the game file at the main website as long as the author has gotten COG sponsorship then you can get it at the hosted games screen but not all games are free usually you get only three chapters or the whole game but those are usually made so authors can be noticed and aren’t exactly made for length more for just a quick game to play but there are some good long games that are free to play. Personally I stick to the forums because you never get bored but also because I like the development more than the finished product just my opinion though


I don’t think they can because they are two very different companies so know I very highly doubt that.


If you email Choice of Games support, with proof of your purchase they can credit you with the game on their webstore. That’s if you buy the game on steam, for instance, you can then also play it on I think you can play the game there, on your phone, but you need to be online to do so.

They can’t give you credit for the game on other platforms though.


Steam mobile is the best option for it now, buy on steam via pc; download steam mobile, and play game :slight_smile: