I was looking at this index:

…of all the possible outcomes and pathways in CotV, and I noticed there were a lot of scenes taking place in Boston. Up to this point I’ve played the game so many times I thought I had seen everything, but I’ve never been able to go to Boston or even had the option to - that I know of. Can you really go to Boston in the game, and if so, does anybody know how?

This is most likely unfinished stuff that may or may not be implemented in part II.
There’s also other unifinished/unimplemented stuff like an election in Memphis.

i think i agree with you.maybe it’s for part 2

It was said that part of the game was a “Preview” of part 2, I heard something about typing ‘Continue’ as your name unlocks it. Not sure.

I tried in the past but it wouldn’t let me he disabled it and said he may or may not enable it in the next one