Bored outta my mind


Anybody have any book recommendations while i wait for the next choice game?


Harry Potter.
Do them again <3
Honestly, Da Vinci code, if you like conspiracies. Haven’t gotten around to finding Angels&Demons[First one? In a way.]


The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers. Believe me, you will DEVOUR this thing.


Uhh Try “the color of water” and the new series of Choose your own adventure…(The New ones are kinda dull so I don’t highly recommend it, but hey! Ur bored so why not.)



“The Name of the Wind.” First of a planned trilogy, but it stands on its own pretty well. Classic fantasy. Or try Terry Pratchett if you’ve never read him before; the Discworld books are AMAZING.


I’d recommend the wheel of time series, although only if you have the desire to read through over 10,000 pages worth of it only to find you still need to wait for the final book to come out :smiley:



Well, everything from Sourcery (sic) anyway. Color of Magic isn’t a great place to start.


Ty for all the reccomendations everyone. Already read some of the books your guys mentioned though.


The count of Monte cristo. My favorite.


@Dominic_Bishop: do you not count Brandon Sanderson’s quasi-cowritten volumes? (I stopped reading the WoT books some years ago, so I don’t know whether I’d count those! But I know they exist.)


yeah i was counting those also, we still have the final volume still to come out!!


Anything by Terry Pratchett.


^ I still say it doesn’t come into it’s own until Mort…and let’s face it, that’s rather on the skimpy side.


The Book Thief
Very good. WWII historical fiction. First and only book to make me cry like a baby.


Hey Sam bro :wink: real talk here… your from what country?


Ender’s Game is a classic Sci-Fi must read. I liked Ender’s Shadow too, but haven’t read much of the rest of the books. There are ~10 books in the universe, 4 following Bean, the protaganist of Ender’s Shadow which are about what happens on Earth right after Ender’s Game/Shadow and 6 following Ender some thousands of years into the future using relativity and a really fast rocket.

1984 and Fahrenheit 451 of course, assuming you haven’t read them (warning: they are rather political).

Carrie is really the only book from King that I have really loved. (I *like* a lot of his work, but I really *love* Carrie… Wait, I hope my wife doesn’t read that :p)


All of darren Shan books


Hunger Games…


Depends soooo much on what you like.

How about the Abhorsen trilogy (Garth Nix)
Or Laurel K. Hamilton’s Merry gentry books?
Or A Dream of red Mansions/The Story of the Stone (Cao Xueqin)
Or The discovery of Heaven (Harry Mulisch)
Or The sorrow of war (Bao Ninh)

All very good reads, but very different books.


Pillar of the Earth, good histocal fiction, if still into HF, try, cole series. Of course the Song of Ice and Fire, Martine NJ all the way!