Books versus the Internet discussion


So basically, I was just thinking, I used to be an avid bookworm when I was younger, but thanks to computer games and a slight (actually, major) internet addiction, I don’t really read as much. My old fashioned mum told me that the internet is “full of rubbish” but personally I don’t think so, because WikiHow (and 5-Minute Crafts) also taught me a lot of new hobbies and crafts to do around the home.

Which leads me to my next point. Which option do people prefer more? And what happens to out-of-print book series? I want a nice and civilised discussion of the pros and cons of each option! Plus, the problem is that many books are deterioating at a rapid rate thanks to silverfish. How to prevent this from happening?

Also I have many eye problems, so my eyesight is deterioating as well. Which is why I like ebooks sometimes because it has the option of making the text larger on the screen

Also, it has come to my attention that in some countries there are low literacy rates, so how shall we improve the literacy rates of other countries?

  • A library of Books
  • The Internet
  • Both the internet and books!
  • Ebooks

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Why restrict yourself to one? Both! Stronger and better!


In my experience literacy rates tend to be higher when basic necessities can be easily met and there is little danger of risk to oneself from the environment you live in. The best ways to improve literacy rates is to improve the quality of life in these nations with low literacy rates. However it isn’t good to solve someones problems for them. They need to make the change themselves so until these nations improve the lives of their citizens I unfortunately think things will stay the way they are.

As for books versus the internet, my personal preference is books. You often pick one up looking for answers and learn so much about a subject without even realizing it. And books are less likely to give you false information and have more sources then a lot of things on the internet.


Oh wow, I’m expecting Ebooks to be popular.

Well, I mean, as long as you can find them in the right place, the internet also has a lot of quality materials without the limitation of space and papers.


I used to be a bookworm when I was younger, mostly because I had way more free time. I also stuck pretty much to YA and fantasy novels that honestly weren’t that challenging so I would tear through them quickly.

I still love reading and try to fit it in. I primarily read ebooks and haven’t allowed myself to buy physical books in years. Having had to move a few times in the past few years made me evaluate a habit which was honestly approaching hoarding. I kept maybe a quarter of the books I amassed and every new purchase must be an ebook.

Ebooks have also been nice for freeing me to interact with the text. I don’t feel bad about highlighting, making notes, or bookmarking a page anymore. Footnotes and annotations show up as convenient links instead of having to hold one finger in the footnote section and flipping back and forth.


I’m not sure if the literacy rate is the biggest issue here, nor is the form in which the media takes.

Your problem is one that myself and every other first-worlder shares: we live in a world full of distractions. Thanks to phones in particular, our attention spans are shorter than ever. Most folks can’t go through a 24-minute episode without checking their phones–much less a chapter in a novel!

That’s why a lot of “normal” people just don’t read. It’s not that they can’t, they just don’t want to.

Not sure who quoted this, but ultimately you get out of life what you put in it. That’s why an elaborate board game that takes hours to understand will feel more rewarding than just playing Fortnite or some other shooter online. My point (if I’ve got one) is that someway, somehow, society has to make “paying attention” sexy again. That’s how we’ll get more readers!




Well, I’d say that if english is not your native language and you’re here, talking with other people and discussing things, it is already a big accomplishment. Or so I like to think, because I’m not a native speaker.

I was also a bookworm when younger, I used to read so much back then, but I would not blame it on the internet for my lack of reading nowadays. College and work are very time consuming, and after reading so many books that are necessary for college it can get pretty tiring to read something else at all.

Also, I’d say that here in Brazil a lot of people that I know never tried reading much because the only experience they had with books, if they even did, was only with those old, usually boring, but classic books that we are forced to read when at school. Besides that, I think what @Diman and @MultipleChoice said, if combined, explains why we have a low number of avid readers.

@Zenith8, my mother used to say the same thing, and now she’s the one with a thousand something friends on facebook while I barely get close to social medias.


There was a time when people said that TV would replace books. There was a time when people said that the Internet would replace books. Books are still here.
I do not think that something (the Internet, computer or other games, etc.) can replace this deep immersion in another world, created only by the imagination of the author (and yours). It could be a detective story, or it could be a journey into the mountains for finding a deposit, or a story about the battle with dragons, but what can replace this sense of immersion? Games. At present, the technology has reached the point where we can immerse ourselves in the game very deeply. However, this is not always a story that we want to read or understand. Take for example Mass Effect and Dragon Age. These are great games that give you the right to choose, where you can create your own character and at least somehow influence the game. But how deep is the influence? The original ME trilogy ends with the fact that Shepard is probably dead, so that we do not choose. In DA each game provides a choice of a new character. The game makes us choose from the already prescribed options. In the world of DA and ME, there are gnomes, and asari, and turians, and many other races, but they are already spelled out, this is the canon. We can see them with designed looks. Designed not by our imagination, but from someone else. How do other races looks in books? Unknown. Yes, there are general descriptions: they are tall, look good and have blue eyes. Well, what about the nose? And the lips? How do they walk? What customs do they lead? These empty places fill our imagination. Only ours, if the cover did not have all the creatures present in the book. The visual perception of the world is beautiful, but it does not give room to imagination. Drawing, writing, playing music is the work of our imagination. It is ours and only ours. And when we read the stories, we create characters how we want. It’s possible that time will prove otherwise and games will replace books, but so far I see only games as the biggest enemy to books. I do not believe that the Internet is a worthy opponent of books, because a) most of what can be found on the Internet is in books; b) If this is not in the books, then you need to find more books; c) even more. And of course, other countries should be considered. For example, the Russian Internet is very narrow in its specifics. Yes, we have people who publish useful videos, but they are negligible. In addition, not everyone has access to the Internet, but there is always access to books on wood processing in the local library.
As for the choice between paper and electronic books, I choose both. Prices for books in my country are very high. And I mean very. high. I read the book in 1K pages in two days and if I buy a new book every two days… well. I probably die from starvation. Therefore, first I buy an e-book and if the book is really worthy of purchase, then I buy a paper copy to support the author.
And as for low literacy rates… I have no answer. Money, probably? To support education in other countries?.. Really, I don’t know.


peoples always think one thing will kill the others . Oh no! DVD! well…who need video tape anymore ? Oh no CD ? well who need cassette anymore ? Oh no! the z’internet ! Aye…the books are doomed ! lol

well , while DVD and CD replacded both tape video and cassette (and both could get stuck and break easy…urghh…remember that ?) . the internet will not replace book . Ebook will not replace book .

There is a certain attachement to papers , pages of a book and even its smell . That peoples aren’t gonna replace with something that feel ‘clinic’ and empty like an ebook .

Add to that , the internet while it open doors to many thing : 1) its still pricey , way more pricey then a book ever will be . and 2) its not for everyone .

I know some peoples who only use the internet to send an email lol and some never touch a computer . Yet they have a library at home and are up to date to whats the latest book out .

the internet will never replace a good book . It just…because the virtual has too much detachement .

that one is hard to answer , because depand on the country . There are MANY reasons for the why .

Some its due to religion , some due to mentality , some due to poverty…etc .

it isn’t an easy solution either of say ‘lets send 10,000 books! that should fix it !’’ .

So yeah you gotta understand the why to fix anything .


Well I’m visually impared so… :stuck_out_tongue: . I couldn’t read without the internet and audio books(I too prefer physical things, I hate streaming, and all music, films etc being digital, and their popularity pisses me off). But I like the internet as it gives a voice to people who otherwise might not get published or what not, like on youtube I listen to a lot of little known creepy pastas, and a lot of youtubers I’m subscribed to aren’t that big.

But…well I don’t know how well it is to get published, but when I had full vision I read a few books that weren’t that well known. I preferred that I could navigate the book easy, finding the bit I want on audio file, on my phone or my computer isn’t easier. I prefer that…well sometimes I’ll love a creepy pasta, but not the narrator and can’t find another youtuber who has narrated it, and my phones voice is just awful for listening to books, robotic, no emotion-no thanks.

And as I said I prefer physical things. An old book can have history, memories, sentimental value etc. Certain ones can be magnificent just for their sensory value. I have an antique bible, a massive, massive bible, I thinks it’s one hundred years old. And the look, the feel and the smell of it are absolutely amazing, and a book in any other format can’t replicate those things. But sadly, I can’t read physical books, though I do still have some of my old ones at my mum’s house.


I admit I also have some… interesting habits toward books, too.


If it’s one or the other I much prefer online interaction to books.


My problem isn’t the internet, I’m just a terrible passive reader. If the story doesn’t hook me the right way I get distracted by my thoughts and I have to force myself to read. With a notebook and pen at the ready I can jot my thoughts down or make quick notes in the margins. Both fiction and nonfiction books and the internet can work well with each other as long as the internet doesn’t become a distraction.

One, libraries; two, collectors; three, less than legal .pdf files if the books aren’t in public domain. Depends on how desperate you are I guess.

I think there’s a certain romance to out-of-print works, when have you ever seen someone collect first edition ebooks? An ebook (assuming ebooks are treated like pretty much any other digital media)? If you have spelling mistakes, want to remove, or rewrite something, update it. With physical books, yes there is a chance that editions can be lost, but I’d argue there’s less of a chance taking collectors into consideration.

As long as books and the room they’re in are properly cared for, silverfish shouldn’t be a problem. After that, you have deterioration due to the acidity of paper and deterioration of leather if the book is leather bound. For general care of books: Library of Congress preservation FAQ.


I love books more than internet or ebooks, but it’s usually cheaper to buy ebooks, so now a days only time I use real books is if there is no ebook edition or it’s cheaper to buy the paper book (which is usually a rare case)


forgot to add some stuff…

Like for exemple : ebook and the like , can be read anywhere . You can say ‘so a book! you can take it with you too!’ . while this is true , ever notice how anything new is going to the thin-kleenex-light-weigh form nowdays ? Thin laptop…thin scree…thin phone…thin tampon :sweat_smile: ok that last one isn’t there yet lol

So a book is still heavy to drag around , and when you move ? wanna count those boxes that you need to carry cose you wanna keep your precious ? lol

On the other hand , pdf book or ebook , they are inside a machine . Pc , phone , Ipad…or whatever you use to read them . Easy to move around .

The downside is…if your precious machine break…well there goes your collection . For book , you can’t delete that…now can you ? of course if a fire break…may as well .

And last…a book can be used to smack someone with :smiley: that’s something no technology can give you ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: