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I’m making an attempt of writing a choice game but first I want to get good and bad characteristics from well loved story book hero’s and villains to mesh together to make a authentic deuteragonist for the game.


What works for a protagonist and what works for a deuteragonist aren’t always identical, particularly because the deuteragonist needs to in some sense be complementary to the protagonist, or at least a foil. Planning a character to be a foil to the PC simply won’t work, though. Also, if the story will fall flat if the player doesn’t like the deuteragonist, then you should probably think again (for example, Sem from Way Walkers 2 doesn’t exactly appeal to me, and the story is harmed by that). And you can’t predict whether the player will like the deuteragonist.

The only CoG that I know has a working deuteragonist is Affairs of the Court, which is about the PC and the Monarch. Augustin(a) is very much a deuteragonist, but their role in the game is about a power relationship and works whether or not the player or the PC actually cares for them. Also, if it’s not a love relationship (or even if it is), there’s other possible love interests in the third game.

What role in the story do you see the deuteragonist playing? A companion? A rival? A mandatory love interest?


@Ramidel I see the deuteragonist playing a love/hate role at one moment he is your greatest asset but the next moment you feel like you want to kill him but can’t due to him holding a special relationship to the protagonist that dose not allow the protagonist to do so. although you do have a point what I really want is for the player to at least appreciate the deuteragonist but still hate his personality for the character will know that he/she is immune to you, gut at the same time during times of trouble for the player to give him/her their grudging respect


I like JJ from Slammed! JJ who is extremely obsessive and most certainly thoroughly messed up. I play the game with a main character who’s equally as obsessed as JJ is, and so understands and forgives all the crazy stuff that goes on. One who is also extremely guilty about the accident. Which I think is the only real way that their relationship will work. But I do enjoy Slammed! as a story about obsession.

I also liked Choice of Broadsides with the relationship with Villeneuve. In that case you’re rivals, through circumstances, but you also have so much in common. I do wish that the relationship had received a proper ending, in so much as acknowledgement of what you’d shared in the past in that last scene.

And I like Breden from Choice of Rebels, who I’m not sure if they’re a spy who betrayed us or just what they seem to be.

And I also like that with each of those three you have a choice of just not liking them and following another path.


Not a choice of game, but another form of interactive fiction, I really enjoyed the relationship in Love, Hate and the Mysterious Ocean Tower. It’s a super short game, and it’s better experienced than explained. I did particularly like that for once we weren’t the protagonist, ordering about our sidekick, but we were more in that sidekick role to the hero. He’s just so much more vibrant and alive and confident and heroic, than the bookworm that that the protagonist is. I really liked the dynamic between the two of them. I’m not sure if I would for a longer game.

I like Apex Patrol, if you choose Kasador as your ex too.

I think I like that sense of history, a history which is most certainly complicated by a number of other factors. It makes my character feel grounded.

I liked the protagonist and Vega, in Choice of Romance. I liked the scheming with Vega, the working to earn his respect, the subtle, behind the schemes political manipulations. It was a dynamic I enjoyed. I didn’t particularly enjoy the romantic relationship though.


@BloodDemon: If you need the player to react a certain way to the deuteragonist, then again, that’s not going to work.


@FairyGodfeather Thanks for the feed back I will be sure to check your suggestions out for a more in depth look to see if they would fit this “Character”
@anyone I would still thank and welcome any suggestions for my deuteragonist


@Ramidel what would you suggest I want to find a half decent way for the deuteragonist to be applied to the game with out the bulk of the populace to completely hate the character but at the same time I want the protagonist and the deuteragonist to experience some personal growth while leaving the player feeling satisfied with the way the game went thinking “that was a truly worth while to invest my time into that game” while I admit this game will only have a few action it is more of a game about a certain traumatic event that will put a damper on the human soul I want the game to end on a high note that will leave the person feeling warm inside while leaving a dark under tone of a certain antagonist


Why do you want players to hate the character?


@FairyGodfeather I want the players to love and hate the character well, hate is kind of a strong word maybe more of a sort of brotherly relationship between the two so kind of like at a certain moment you feel like just going out back and having a all out brawl but at a different moment you’d work together like a perfect team


@BloodDemon I think one of the most important things when writing that sort of character is to make sure that the relationship works no matter how the player feels about the character. I think JJ from Slammed! was a great example of this. Unlike FairyGodFeather, I played a character that loathed JJ after the betrayal and felt no guilt whatsoever about the accident. Still, JJ worked well with both of our very different characters. On the other hand, you have someone like Jury in Heroes Rise. I never really disliked him, so they game forcing me to hate him was very annoying.


@Dolphingirl well i’m not trying to force the player to dislike the character I may have been a little too rash at the star it’s kind of like this the character is a good person but buried under all of these personality flaws that would not be accepted by social norms for example the character would kind of be like Rorschach from watchmen except killed down a lot you know with out donning a mask but just a quasi troubled individual


@BloodDemon I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, in fact, I think that sort of character sounds quite interesting. I was just making the point that I think it’s important to make sure that that aspect of the story doesn’t fall flat if people don’t react to a character the way you anticipated.


Yeah. I never disliked Jury either, and I hated that the game made me hate him. I wanted the opportunity to befriend him just as much as I wanted the opportunity to dislike Black Magic. Or for the game to give me a good concrete reason to hate him. It’s all about choice for me.

I liked that the rivalry with JJ could be played either way and neither path was losing out on the story and both were as interesting as the other. I think Slammed! is the game with the best example of the whole friendly rivals. At some points you work with JJ, at others you work against eachother. I do love the scenes where you team up.

If I am going to hate a character make them do something to deserve it. You need to work for that sort of thing. Betrayal is a good way of doing so. Have them trick you, lie to you, sell you out, that sort of thing. Steal your lover, your job, sleep with you and then never mention it again, or tell you you were terrible. Or just be better than you are, and arrogant enough to rub your nose in the fact they are better.

Black Magic was disliked by many on these forums. JimD found, in Zombie Exodus, that a character he created to be a friend was strongly disliked as well, and people were asking to romance a character he made to be disliked, so you never can quite tell how people will take your characters.


@anyone I think I found a setting at least I want somewhere like France but it would have dived cultures for example north would be french south English west a mixture of Chinese and Japanese and east would be a mixture between native American/Canadian and African cultures
@FairyGodfeather again thank you for your input I shall definitely play Slammed again this time from the prospective of a fellow writer to examine what he did right with JJ then I will play unnatural to see how Nocturnal_Stillness made me want to just plain kill Veronica with my bare hands


@BloodDemon You are aware that there’s no one Native American culture? There’s a whole different variety of them. I suspect it’s the same for Africa. I am all in favour of diverse settings mind you. It’s just a tricky line to walk, to create a game that’s culturally diverse, without resorting to offensive stereotypes. Not that I think you would.


@FairyGodfeather don’t worry I know at least the cultures that are spread in a Canada as a requirement for my Métis statues card the reason I did state them all like they where one culture was because I plan on making a mesh between the tribes I know about and the African tribes that I studied a few years back and yes I am native Canadian no polar bear jokes please


Wow, that’s amazing. See a game set in world based on those sort of Canadian cultures would be far more fascinating to me than the idea of one set in France. Especially if written by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, as opposed to just writing the same old stereotypes.

What is it about France that appealed to you?


@FairyGodfeather not a bad Idea what dates would you be interested in? I have a few one is 1812 war between America and the Canadians with the help of the British empire would start off at Niagara on the lake. 2 less Native history more smuggler history 1930’s the depression the age of Alcapone and the Sleemans would take place in Guelph Ontario and finally we could go back to the beginning of my native heritage when the French pioneers came to Canada and certain states of America


@anyone I would really appreciate some research help for the American tribes of Blackfoot,Mohawk and Apache as these tribes where not covered in my required knowledge for my statues card