Blood Legacies (UPDATE 20/05/24| New Demo | 101k words)

I see what you doing let’s just hope Daddy dearest doesn’t find out if we do get that option if we just try to show them a way out and if they don’t you give them a stick and then force them to leave I personally don’t want to hurt anyone but I take this in history book counts you’re an idealist and a more floral planner and and I wish I was not a realist and a a history geek

Politics has spun since people had communities. Politics never changed really, just who vs who does.

Magical worlds also has politics in its worlds. Ancient societies before Rome had politics.

Im confused what your saying. Even puppet magic is politics to manipulate your enemies.

I understood what was said by the other poster.

Blackmail, political maneuvers and etc, always been a thing

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Even in medieval period there is still politics there is still handshake and making deal with each other, I am just trying to make an option here to find middle ground, sure you can just kill everyone if that is your way, but I think differently, I understand that MC have image to maintain, they have people to rule, how MC is being perceived by people is important.

I am not touching friend or enemies relationship I am limiting this scope only to this incident, where MC is tasked to investigate this uprising and put a stop on it.

All I do here is extending goodwill, to show there is another way to resolve conflict, if they refuse to shake hand then violence it is.

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Daddy dearest will know eventually but after that what he do doesn’t concern MC, MC is the next leader of this duchy.

That’s why to surrender simply not an option, MC need to break this uprising in peaceful way or hard way, since the end goal is obvious “end the uprising” Why not try the peaceful way first? Let’s negotiate what people grievances what MC have in their power to give yo quell this uprising? It’s not hurt to try, If the negotiation fail then lets do this the hard way.


My suggestion is less radical than that, I am offering chance of amnesty, a willingness to look the other way as long this mess is settled because the King’s entourage in on the duchy capital.

If I remember it right this uprising is actually have grievances against the King not the Duke, this people want some sort of compensation because their family member is the soldier that killed because the King refuse to aid/send reinforcement to MC’s father when fighting the rebel ( in the event before MC mother death ) resulting like thousands of soldier killed.

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First, not a bro. Thanks.

Second, politics, manipulation, blackmail, making deals is universal.

I find trying to do a middle ground as a primary choice for me as well. I don’t want to murder them. Father will obliterate them.

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Imma keep checking for updates every month because I truly love this storyline

I hope you have a wonderful day or night ^^


Your point Im assuming is from their perspectives?

They can be idiots if they want and die by fathers hands if they wish. Trying to talk them out of it then surrendering is my choice. I get to warn them. Its on them beyond that.

I will call them morons for going against Father though. Me being a prisoner won’t stop their deaths. Dealing with me without violence might.

If assumption is right.


Seems like a war is going on right now in the thread.

Nah this rather calm lol

This only show people like the story, it show that they care.


So far i found this :

Eddor first dialogue :

-“Eddpr stutters, her face changing from confusion, anger and shock within seconds.”

Gorick first dialogue :

  • “Apologizing won’t get she back!” Hayden yelled back"

  • “Cecília then looked up at Voce.”

In the menu “Elves” :

  • choicescript_stats line 352: bad label elves [that error did crash the game so it’s not fine]

  • The menu “stories” doesn’t have a “back” option to return to the main menu stats. So its a stuck situation.

  • inventory menu give only a loading bar at the bottom of the screen. And you get stuck and have to reload to the begin of the story.

Academy leave :

  • “Your son reminds me of Alexandra sometimes,” said Lord Alexiel.

    “You seem very certain,” Lord Alexiel said.

    Eleazar didn’t answer. He wouldn’t dare.

      something is not right here.

first battle :

-“in addition to Vax and Asthet,”

Get to look at the achivements and read this :

  • " One less: You have honored the laws and kingdom of Petrus and eliminated the threat, one less blood-blind sorcer to deal with. (35 points)"

two orc on a tree :

-“Go get yourself -” The soldier punches you again, this time harder, which makes you spit blood and try to move on the chain and even makes the tree sway briefly"

its them who are chained on a tree, not you. And they can get anyone free punch ? :grinning:

i did see more but will wait a little.

Till next time


Wow punch back :rofl:

Thank you for letting me know and for trying to help. I will resolve and improve these scenes; however, I am no longer working on that older demo, but rather on the new one. These dialogues and scenes are from the old demo. In the new one, I intend to change the scenes and add better dialogues and other things when I get to those moments, with the exception of chapter 3 (which will have some additional content and better translation, but not everything will be changed). Thank you all the same.


I understand, but I won’t dwell on them too much, but it will be necessary to go back to the past at certain moments, not all the time for every important scene in the present, but sometimes it will be. The flashbacks have important events that can have a great impact on the future, as well as explain, develop, and even change the way you see certain things, it will depend on you. This made me think about simply continuing the after Alexandra’s death, as it could be better for the development, understanding certain things and even future choices. I am still thinking about it, but maybe I will rearrange the scenes to solve this. I am still organizing things.


Haven’t checked this in a bit but man!!! The story is progressing crazy well and It makes more and more excited to see how you take this story!

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