Blood Legacies (UPDATE 20/05/24| New Demo | 101k words)

A daughter with Father like Eleazar ? Most wont risk it, some Daredevil maybe but most will need to be dragged to meet the big daddy for question?/quality? time.

Daddy is always boyfriend worse nightmare and about MC sleeping around the block? For male maybe but for female probably unlikely, further contact than holding hands probably will draw ire from Dad and most likely would go missing if big daddy disapprove, seriously Female MC feature is like dear late mother, so daddy most likely will be more protective than honey badger defending it’s nest.

At least that’s how I imagine it


Damn, I thought I had it. Still, though, I’m quite surprised at the thought process that went into this train of thought and how it was executed. Looking forward to the next update. :slight_smile:

Edit: I nearly forgot, but does anyone know if the Discord is open? The link in the initial post is dead.


I would willingly assist Hayden in doing that too.

Just didn’t like it being said or announced in such pride. I understood long before reading that post.

It’s more of the in your ear more than anything else. By my age, I expect people to been with at minimum one person. It would be shocking if they didn’t and not ‘married’ to God or took a vow.

Thanks for sharing. I still want to date Hayden, as long as they don’t continue that, noise, for attention, at me.

Besides Hayden it would be the light elemental as the other I’m interested in. Well, old demo anyway. I want to see how things grow though. Whom would steal my attention more?

Is there any fight scenes in this? How are the romances? I’ve been debating trying this for awhile.

I would recommend that you give this a read and find out for yourself. You might be surprised

No one tell him about the hunting thing



Find out! I love this story myself!

I’d actually say fighting and romance are some of the main focuses.


It won’t really matter? No one is saying the MC is dating these people, so chances are regardless of Mc’s gender that daddy dearest won’t even notice. That’s the whole point of ‘sleeping around’ it isn’t to date these people. It’s to get down and dirty with them, and if it’s done on the down low the whole thing will basically stay a secret.

Hayden only got those rumors because they went out of their way to fabricate them, and rumors about MC would only really exist if MC doesn’t care about their reputation and is careless as a result. Chances are if they don’t want people to know, they can make sure people don’t know about it.

And if sleeping around is made an option, chances are that by default it was kept relatively secret to avoid public scrutiny. Less work for the author that way, rather than having to make two separate paths based on how secretive MC is about their flings.

So y’all really be overestimating how big of a deal this is. No, it won’t be very difficult to find people willing to get dirty with the MC regardless of their station or who their father is, because there will always be people who either genuinely don’t care, or who are willing to do it anyways in hopes of getting something out of it. And MC aren’t dating these people, so chances are our dear old dad either won’t know, or simply won’t give a damn about a fling with some unimportant person who’ll be forgotten about soon enough anyways.


If it isn’t going to fall into Blackmail material, yeah he wouldn’t care. If it does, he would care wholeheartedly.

I think author said that original and new demos would get combined? In original there was almost no downtime from training. Not impossible, just, definitely very busy training beyond normal time. The mother was gone in OG demo.

And likely too sore and exhausted to think about chasing someone down outside of it.

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Nah, it’s the opposite. Ppl wanna get it on more after intense workouts. Speaking from personal and friends experiences.

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If it stays true to the original demo, it’s less an intense workout and more a brutal beating.

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Remember the years of heavy physical abuse and mental abuse in this training regiment. He does hold back but far from light.

My guess is even the worst military training anywhere isn’t comparable.

Wow that was good. Only problem was the princess kept being to refered as he and then she randomly.

That cliffhanger is wild. Can’t wait for more updates!

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Huh? I never seen that happen on my run. So, they set it up as child being random?

Edit: Yes this does happen. I remember and it is listed to be fixed as others mentioned it too.

I set the princess as female and they kept randomly swapping he and she. sometimes within the same sentence.

For example: you grab his hand and put her hand on your chest


Wrong location somehow I jumped…

Can my MC that doesn’t understand feelings and is slightly unhinged hold a personal vendetta against this Carvin guy?


We need a option to kill or at last injure him for what he did.

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That’s the thing though. No one would even try to use it for blackmail to begin with. For the exact reason you just pointed out yourself. They would know for a fact that if MC didn’t cave to the blackmail, their own ass would be out to hang. Sure the MC might get punished, be it physically or otherwise, but the blackmailer would be in a much, much, worse situation than MC ever would. That’s just not a risk people would take exactly because they know who MC’s father is. You’d be a fool to try that, and even then I’m fairly confident in the fact that the MC themselves would hold more than enough power that they could stop the blackmailer dead in their tracks. And the dead part wasn’t a pun, because if the person in question knew who MC is, then they would also know how they slaughtered a room full of people after the death of their mother. They would know MC is capable of killing them without even breaking a sweat. Does that mean MC would actually kill them? I guess that would be up to the player, but the person would know that they could. That alone is a fairly good incentive to not try to blackmail MC.

The general rule about blackmail is that it’s only ever worth doing to someone who either can’t do anything about it, or who won’t risk doing anything about it because they have too much to lose by fighting back. Blackmail only works if the person you’re trying to blackmail won’t fight back, especially if they have the means and power to fight back. And MC certainly has both the means and the will to fight back all on their own. And if daddy dearest does learn about it? Well, any real punishment he could impose wouldn’t be something the MC isn’t already used to based on the old demo if that’s anything to go by.