Blood Legacies (UPDATE 17 April/23)

So…when can we expect another update.?
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Hi :grin: and soon, don’t worry. There will probably be a new update by the end of the month or the beginning of June, I am already working on the rest of chapter 3.


Okay cool can’t wait :ok_hand:

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FYI asking for updates is against the rules, you may get flagged for it

So I found one of your works LD! I tried to read down the super-long thread and see what topics were covered so I don’t run over the same ground. I am likely to mess that up for sure. First, I love your descriptive language and story building. I also am a fan of grit and making me, the reader, really feel stuff. Make me feel uncomfortable, stress me out. Don’t stress the tense though, you will get there and you use the English language well. So, being an unusual person, I go right to the Stats Page and start clicking and looking around. The bottom selections freeze the game. If you have not completed, let’s say, the “Creatures” category, just put a placement in there for it so it still refers to something. I do like your choice of attribute words as they are very clearly opposites of each other. This is something that is very tricky for anyone to do. Two are underscored between the words. You don’t need to do that there if you do not want to. I will continue to read more and hope to provide better critique than Stats Screen stuff. But hey, I love the Stats Screen! Thankyou for writing! Cheers!

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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read. Regarding the issue of stats and creatures, this information page is only available after Cecilia’s griffin is introduced, and indeed, I have to change that and make it available immediately or give a notice that it will only be available later. But thank you again.:grin:

could you just use the *selectable_if command? I don’t mind seeing the option greyed out if it is something that I get later. I stopped messing with the Stats Page; and, I am reading further along as we speak. I had to take a break from my wip, editing is yucky work.

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Ok so I’ve read further along. The father character is already developing a concrete image in my mind. The dialogue is very well done. Nice work! I felt like I was there faced with those choices. I took the dagger of ice and don’t regret it! It was different to be awarded that through the achievements section. I like that; however, I did read that you only have a max of 100 total achievements to apply in a given work, or, in a total series. I this is not an issue with you, then I think it is cool. There is only one suggestion so far that I have: In the scenes where I am going at it with my father, the word “father” is used a lot. It is just the two of us in that room and things are rough, so i know exactly who “he” is. I think you can sub-in some “he’s” here and there to keep from using “father” so often. I am enjoying the read so thankyou for that. I think I may take a break for the day. Keep working with it! I hope we can encourage each other to the finish line. Cheers!


Hello again! And thank you, for review and for the suggestion, in fact, I am using too many “father” in some scenes, so I will probably decrease the use in scenes where only he and the MC are present. And I won’t lie, I didn’t know about the 100 limit on achievements, I mean :sweat_smile: but I’m using them for some things, but there will be more achievements that the player will have to actually do something to earn, throughout the demo. Again, I thank you for the feedback and good luck with your WIP too, I haven’t seen the new update completely, but I will take a look soon.:grin:


That’s a good idea, I will probably do that later.
And I know how it is, I still have to edit some parts of the c3 for the demo of my WIP.


And here I am with my low pixel crackhead meme :joy: appreciate the hands up tho had no idea.