Blood Legacies (UPDATE 17/02/24| New Demo | 59k words)

I like it so far
Need to read some more before I can say more about it but I like the story idea

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Thank you :grin:

It’s a good start for a new wip. It was fun to read. I look forward to more

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glad you like it, soon there will be part 2 of demo


Just read the demo and it has my interest. I’m looking forward to the updates and I really like the character appearance. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you, glad you liked it, soon more parts and chapters of the wip.:grin:


" You are an heir to a noble house in the Kingdom of Petrus and come from a long line of elementals and skilled warriors. Your father’s expectations are on you to be the best you can be. What is going to be? loved, hated or feared? It’s up to you to choose, it’s up to you to leave a legacy, be it good or bad. But one thing is for sure, the legacy on your shoulders is full of blood, and at some point it will overflow.

What is going to be? loved, hated or feared? It’s up to you to choose, to leave a legacy, be it good or bad. But one thing is for sure, the legacy on your shoulders is full of blood, and at some point it will overflow."

That last paragraph is a repeat of the end of the first. Issue in the game too.


I noticed that too, unfortunately I can’t delete the repeated paragraph on the forum because I’ve already reached the limit of editing the wip forum, which is 6. apparently I need to have a higher trust level, I’m still in the basics, so I can’t edit there for now. But when I go to update the demo and etc, I’ll have to let you know on tumblr or right here in the comments until I can reach a higher trust level or talk to an admin to help out there.


New update. 13/05/2022

•Added some choices with your father
•Scene and dialogues with Elia

•New dialogues and choices with Cecília and Hayden.
Nothing huge but it’s there, next update will have the most complete scenes.

Here what will be in the next updates

•Scenes with Hayden and Cecília
•Scenes with Tyler ,Caio ,Elia.
•Combat scenes, you can finally fight.


By combat u mean get owned by anything coming our way lol. At least we have new interactions with the characters

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I’m talking about punching or throwing ice in the face of monsters etc, and a lot of that is to come.
I think you and the others might even have a lot of fun with these parts.


Small update

29/March 2022.

• +Scenes with your father, now you can fight back and gain or lose stat points, skills and relationship with your father.

• On the Statistics Screen, text with some information about the kingdom of Petrus and the rivalry of the two great houses.

• Some bugs fixed.

There are still some things about the story and characters to be added, any bugs,opinion, constructive criticism, translation errors or anything you see that is strange, you can tell me through Tumblr or on the forum.



Is the heir gender selectable based on our MC preference or are they nonbinary?


I got confused, Hayden is actually non-binary


Ahhh… You mean the RO right the heir of that other kingdom?

Jeez, I’m sorry, I got confused, I thought you were talking about the mc’s gender choice, not Hayden’s. Hayden is non-binary.


I just discovered this wip. Haven’t clicked on it yet, but it already sounds intriguing. Looking forward for more content.


This update will be a little shorter. That’s because I’m fixing some bugs and typos in other scenes and etc. But soon (much shorter, like a week or two, or a few days) you will have the scenes in full and soon the beginning of chapter 2.

I apologize for the long delay, I had to make a move here at home and other things . But anyway, have fun, soon you will have a sneak peek of other scenes and soon you will be able to see them in full.

7,800 words, including code.

Total words 17,950

NEW UPDATE 24/july/22
• Scene with Caio, Professor Kieran and Hayden, part one.
• New stats and creature.


Great bones here, this story could unfold into something truly unique. However the incorporation of neo western ideology in the form of non binary and nuetral pronouns really ruins the whole medieval fantasy theme.


Thanks, and I apologize if this messes up your experience a bit, I even thought about letting people choose Hayden’s gender, but decided to leave it in non-binary anyway. And I see you seem to like medieval fantasy, good to know. I’m a reader and a big fan of these types of books and games, but I also wanted there to be a bit of inclusivity, so that players would be more comfortable, nothing that would spoil the story or alter it so much that it would stray from the central theme and story.