Blood Legacies (UPDATE 14 january/23)

Hello people, I came here to inform you of the progress and an explanation of some things, such as how the world of Petrus and the beings in it came about. I created the story below about it, and yes, I was inspired by some stories, you will notice some similarities with some stories of creation of the world.

Currently the progress is at 20,000 words, including the code. It may seem little to some, but have patience, there are many variables and differences, even to solve a small mistake of mine, which was not to present all the characters right away, because of the routes some of you probably have not met other characters, this is something that will be resolved. Because there will be different options if you have or have not met certain characters or chosen something. You will soon see what I mean.

PS: This is kind of a quick summary of the world, for you to understand how it works and how beings were created. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

A story about the world of El-lar and the beings in it.

In the beginning, there was only one being, and that was El. First, he created spiritual beings, then he created the world and decided to populate it with a race that was made in his image, so that they could have a special connection with him.

However, this race ended up corrupted by pride, selfishness and greed, sometimes because of attitudes or even material goods that others had, even though this world had unlimited resources. Thus, there was much conflict between different peoples of the same race. El decided then to choose 12 spiritual beings among his people who could help humanity to come closer to him again and to keep in balance, such beings were called Patrons, which means supporters and protectors, each one with their certain abilities and special powers.

With time and teachings through the patrons, humanity was getting back on its feet and becoming good again, there was still greed, selfishness and evil, but there were also many good, altruistic and kind humans. Thus some balance was found, and some patrons were allowed to give special gifts and knowledge to certain people, for their purest acts of empathy, altruism and courage. Such people were blessed in different ways, some gained knowledge and passed it on, others gained healing or could make a specific request, as long as it was not too greedy.

Some of these humans who were blessed with knowledge, began to learn more and experiment on themselves, besides creating creatures not so natural or human. Thus were created fairies, dwarves, mermaids, elves and all their variations of races.

However, one day, a group of people who acquired knowledge from people who were really good, used this knowledge to mess with what they shouldn’t, and this caused not creatures, but monsters, to be created. Again, through ambition, humans came very close to self-destructing. The monsters they created multiplied and killed quickly, endangering all the races and beings created, and the patrons were forced to intervene, but not directly.

El, ordered them not to intervene directly, because humanity created these problems and creatures, and they had to be responsible for this and solve them themselves, learning from their own mistakes.

The patrons then did not take matters into their own hands, and now gave powerful and dangerous gifts that some humans who were chosen could use to protect themselves and their people.

In Petrus, they gave the elemental gifts, as the Petrunians were very attached to the land they were born in and to nature itself.

In Akalis, they taught runes and gave magical abilities to some chosen ones among the people, thus the wizards were born. And in Akalis they valued knowledge very highly.

In Suron, they gave the abilities to interconnect with the sea and other regions, abilities to adapt, so that some could grow fins or even skin with scales, able to survive fire and heat, or water and cold, and so on.

Each of them trained, and fought against the creatures created by the mages(the scholars who created these beings), all together, regardless of whether they were just ordinary humans or blessed (so were considered those who gained gifts) on both land and sea, they fought and made a specific place to keep the rest of the creatures - although many of these had already multiplied and some were still out there ,The place where they kept most of these monstrous creatures was called the Forest of Bones, which used to be a huge city with several villages and a lot of people, but which had its inhabitants totally killed and its walls destroyed, becoming ruins and a huge forest that extended beyond the city region.

Elementals created the walls, wizards and mages strengthened the walls with spells and runes, and shapeshifters (those who could adapt to the environment) did some patrols, at least at the beginning of this era.

To punish but also to bless humanity, the patrons, with permission and the air of life that came from El, created other beings, some very powerful, beautiful and dangerous, that could be some of the worst enemies of other beings if provoked, as well as being the greatest allies. Some of these were in the sea, others on land and others in the air, each of them had their own purposes. Such as the dragons, that sometimes had scales of gold, because this material helped to fertilize and give good health to their rare offspring, and such gold and eggs were a temptation for humans who were too greedy. The Andorins, large whales that had skins as bright as the stars, which attracted the eyes of the vain, but these creatures were dangerous and could cause serious problems. And among others.

This era was called the “years of grace”, because the patrons gave gifts and helped to bring peace again, or at least a balance.

The patrons and EI remained vigilant, though they never interfered or blessed anymore. However, in some very rare cases and times, a patron might still appear to do or give something.

And there was peace, the three kingdoms became great allies and friends, for a time…

For after some centuries of coexistence, and having some small conflicts here and there, one day, the Kings and Queens of Akalis and Suron stuck their eyes on the precious things and materials that were in Petrus, that were created there, but it was not only in this that they stuck their eyes…

No, it was not enough the land. They wanted the people too…


Loving the vision and potential this has! Though I’m in a bit of a pickle as I want to romance Hayden… however my actual name is Hayden and I name my characters Hayden… pain


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:mercy, That must be weird sometimes huh :laughing:


And I’m glad you liked it! I hope you can enjoy your next moments with them :sweat_smile: I think it must be a little strange , maybe? :thinking:but hey, at least you have something more in common, however strange it may be sometimes.:sweat_smile:

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It’s definitely funny when interacting and imagining the reactions :joy: And it’s only slightly strange and distracting surprisingly :joy:

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Hey so Not really that Important just thought It was funny, I was just reading the description and background of Mc’s Mom and I shit you not That was my EXACT headcanon to what happened to Mc’s mom.


I’m a little confused, but like, is that exactly what you imagined happened to mc’s mother and what she looked like ?

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Mercy :laughing: I can hardly imagine how much lol

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So basically, My headcanon was that Mc’s Mom was a heiress of a house in Mc’s Father’s Land and they fell in love and while he was an attending a potential alliance meeting, Assassains from an Opposing country tried to wipe out Mc and his mother which led to Mc’s mom’s death and Mc awakening his magic and impaling and freezing the assassains in a Gigantic Ice Glacier


Geez :laughing::grin:, you basically imagined what happened, at least in most things. And about mc at that moment when Alexandra dies *spoiler:There will be future flasbacks about this, because I am already thinking of changing the age at which mc lost Alexandra, so that the mc would be 7 years old, not 3. And they can choose whether to kill the killer or not … and of course, this will have consequences …i


This looks like a really fun and interesting game. I’m wondering if there will be any poly routes?

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I’m thinking about it actually, one of my betas even suggested me that there could be such an option when it comes to Hayden and the new Ro. If so, it will be the MC that can romanticize Hayden and The new Ro (which I will introduce at some point), but we’ll see how it goes, if it can be done, I will allow such options when it comes to Hayden and The new Ro.


Nice! Thank you for answering


You are welcome😁

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I am definitely killing the Assassin. I want my MC to be cold, wicked and unhinged (if possible)


Same. That monster deserves it but I’ll make it quick. The mc isn’t a monster like him.