Blood Hunter (A story of hope, sacrifice, and blood) Update 8.5: 16 AUG 2018



I am not going to lie, first time I played I wanted to start over so bad but I didn’t. :disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile:


Just played for the first time and I just want to say to keep up the good work. I think I enjoyed this more than Through Broken Lenses, actually, though I’m excited to see where that goes too.

If I could provide some input to the earlier discussion, I didn’t lose anyone in my playthrough, but I would definitely keep playing if I did. It’s more interesting that way. Though, if I had played the game back when the chapter 2 death was unavoidable, I would have been annoyed. I like the idea that your own failures lead to real story consequences, but that would have felt to me like the game was just being nasty for its own sake.


So, I made some very minor edits to the very first scene of the game.
I made it to where certain choices will make very, very small improvements to your brutality and precision stats. So now maybe someone will be able to save a small child.

American hero, right here.





Well, the small child was saveable. It was the dad who was utterly boned. Let’s see if that changed!


Double-posting, for the cause.

So, after trying it… nope, the dad’s still super-doomed. In theory, giving a few 1% increase here and there could have helped. In practice, due to how the percentage increase are calculated, it changes nothing: the +1% do nothing (dashington seems to consider that +1% of 10% is still 10%), and the +2% gives you 1 point more, which is lost later anyway because one of the big increase gives you 1 point less as a result.


Okay…so I changed it to +3% and +4% respectively.
Seemed possible to win the fight without losing anybody when upgraded brutality at every single possible opportunity, which is good enough for me.


Wait, it was possible to save the dad? I thought he was impossible to save D:


I have just now made it possible, if you go down a super-specific route that absolutely nobody will do on their first time playing.
After all, the whole ‘people will die if you aren’t good enough’ may be obvious to us on this forum, but for first time players, it’s meant to take them off guard and make them start taking their job seriously.


So, is this dead?
I liked the beta.
So don’t die.


As far as I know this is not dead. The writer Is just a busy guy, he has 2 other story’s he’s writing at the same time as this.


No, it’s not dead.
I’ve just been busy, and writing a funeral scene in which the protagonist has to have, at minimum, a chance to talk to every single character is not a short project.

That, and there have been tragically few moments where my job forced me to sit in a room for a few hours with nothing to do. I tend to be at my most productive at those times.

Actually, other than this, it’s just Through Broken Lenses. The others never really got off the ground.


Well best of luck to yah mate, I really enjoy your writing style.


Update 7.5:
so…2 months without an update.
If I were a fan, I’d be pretty pissed off.

So, this scene isn’t finished. It’s maybe a little less than halfway finished. but I don’t like how much time is going by without any progress updates, so I’m releasing what I have so far.
I’m going to finish this scene before I continue on any other projects.

So…here ya go.


Wouldn’t this be update 8.5? Not questioning the wisdom of the all mighty author, just wondering.


I didn’t realize I updated in July 1st. Nobody updated the title.


Minor technicality boss :ok_hand:


Yay, funerals! Given the game, that’s probably not the last one.

Pretty curious to find out what Jordan knows and doesn’t know about our “condition” - if she was friends with the MC’s mother, it’s not impossible she is aware of a few things - possibly even more than what the MC knows, since they are mostly in the dark about most things (“there’s monsters, and I need to eat them, the end.”)

Not directly related to the last scene, but replaying the game, I’m also curious about one thing. The MC seems to be under the impression that they don’t have a sense of empathy. Presumably that’s due to their “nature”, and would be shared among other hunters (whether or not there are other hunters running around, or it’s just this single family, is still up in the air). However, when asked about what you know about your parents by Jordan, one answer is basically, “I’m only sure of one thing, they loved me”. There’s an apparent contradiction here, so it’s likely the MC is operating on a wrong assumption when it comes to total lack of empathy (or maybe it’s just them, after all).

Speaking of family, were both parents like the MC? Only one of them? Probably questions that will be answered later, but it seems there is a lot to explore when it comes to the past.


Hey, you do you. We’ll be just fine.

Also, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!