Blood Hunter (A story of hope, sacrifice, and blood) Update 8.5: 16 AUG 2018



It is? I didn’t notice that and I was the one who wrote it.


Well curfew will undermine the MC, and my MC is going to [Profanity]-up anything that gets in his way, before he tries a diet.
Could we become a vigilante,
And how that affect my new singing career?


I get that the idea of a curfew automatically brings up negative connotations, but it’s actually a pretty good idea in this circumstance.

Warning: Long rambling about statistics.


Every mass murder up to this point has been in public places at night. In a city with this population, it’s pretty common to see people walking around and often in groups. The victims in the first chapter were a family having a picnic + 2 additional people who walked onto the scene, creating a total of about 8 - 10 victims. The only time this was different was when the monster attacked at your place, specifically, which happens to be a location where everyone is dead anyway so very few potential victims to be found.
Despite that outlier, 8 - 10 was about the usual rate of death prior to the story proper, however they were spaced out enough that they were chalked up by the police and the public has extremely tragic animal maulings. There would be talks about how the animal population needed to be controlled, then animal rights activists would debate against them, children would be taught about various ways to avoid cayotes, and the incident would be largely forgotten after a few months or until something else got the country’s attention, like a hurricane or a politician making controversial remarks. Things are only so serious now because they’re happening bi-weekly, rather than once or twice a year.

With the introduction of a curfew, the number of people walking around outside drastically lowers. Rather than whole families as potential victims, the only people walking around will be trained police officers on the hunt and stragglers rushing to get home. Reducing the typical bodycount to about 0 - 3, over a 60% reduction.

So you see, just because something is annoying doesn’t mean it’s pointless.

Like…the ordinary crime-fighting kind?
Cause…to be honest, for once, crime probably isn’t the biggest problem right now.

This is the biggest problem right now!
Oh my God, what have I done…I completely overlooked the Saturday night schedule! :scream:


You’re welcome.
Redcon it, fastest job ever.
Really hoped for some scenarios involving Marie(Bite Me) and the Bar.
Not even a romance scene, just invite some friends to the bar and sing, if it happens to get you laid, it’s just a benefit.


Thanks for sharing this updation.


I must not missed this demo and are because I’ve not seen this before


Judging by how the police claim that it’s serial killing and not the actions of an Homicidal monster, and that there is now a curfew it’s not a conspiracy theory to assume the government is aware of these creatures? And if so do they or are developing any measures against them? Like a taskforce? :smiley: (Also if all hell ever breaks loose in the town I think it would be interesting to see an Battle with the National Guard or tactical response team vs these monsters)
Also from the Golem story I get the feeling that we or our family was created with a similar goal in mind as the Golems to defend humanity against these monsters.


I think this song really fit this story.


i saw this game and decided to check it out…i liked this game and hope to see more of it its quite fun to play…not shour if your like other game developers who plain out ignore peoples suggestions but if your not like them i might suggest putting in a option of learning some martial arts in the game well its up to you if you like this idea hope your not like the other people i tried to help out with there games though since i rarely get any ideas in how to help out other people with there games i couldn’t think of any complicated thing so i just suggesting a simple thing for the game…


Nah, I’ll make it work.

Ooo, a theory.
A choice theory.

I think that more describes the monsters than the protagonist.
At least, most people’s protagonists. I guess you could roleplay it like that.

Well for starters, the only part of that massive run-on sentence that was actually necessary was this:

Don’t quite appreciate the fluff before and after about how I should feel guilty if I decide an idea doesn’t meet my standards.

As for the idea itself, counter-question. What would that actually add to the story?
What martial art would be better for fighting the supernatural forces of evil than what the protagonist is currently already doing? And if she did use a martial art, what would effectively change? How would the fighting style used by the protagonist effectively alter her personality, plot progression, and overall feel of the story.

The idea you’re pitching would require me to drop everything, go back, and make huge chunks of edits in order to fit in this choice that you really want to be available. I’m goanna require a rock-solid argument from you in order to be sold on it.


Hey @Interestedparty The above post actually got me wondering about the MCs combat training and where did they learn it? Are they completely self taught or did they receive some training from their parents (as at least their mother received some military training prior to their deaths) or is it at all possible that they are just instinctively skilled at combat?


@howlin_drak , @Interestedparty
I think this music bit more fitting for the theme


Oh hey, Debussy. I read a book about that guy.

I think the overall theme of the story is somewhere between the two of those.
One part chaotic, blood-curdling and hateful. One part beautiful and introspective.


Yeah I think your right about that.


Such a good game can’t wait for more


It’s not like he’s dead.
Unless you got him killed…

In which case, yeah, I guess you would feel pretty bad.


am i the only one who kept everyone alive ?


Oh, nvm I replayed and he’s alive now :smiley:


Then I name thee Coward.
I don’t make all these extra scenes taking into account dead people, just so you guys can go “oh nooooooo I can’t even! Rewind time!” and skip over all that content!


I don’t think I’ve read a book like this since hero fall. It truly is a skill to be able to leave the player in dark and still be able to make the story understandable and the player feel in charge. I have no doubt that when this comes out it will be a instant classic. Keep up the good work mate.