Blood Hunter (A story of hope, sacrifice, and blood) Update 6: 12 APR 2018


Wait no you can actually you can get +46 brutality if you pick having a blunt personality in the begining


If you don’t take Galentine to the library to meet Katie or if you claim to be attracted to Katie, the game ends and you don’t continue onto the path of arranging Narcissa’s sister’s funeral or inviting one of the NPCs over to your house.


Oh thats the problem. Thank you. :smile: So basicly you have to be an asshole :smile:


Thank you very much, Mr. Reaper. I think I found the problem and fixed it. Should work now.

Just in case, I decided to enable saving for the case in which the came bugs out. Kindly don’t abuse it.

Actually, it’s her girlfriend. Her girlfriend is not her sister.
This site may be progressive, but not that progressive.

On an unrelated note, this fanbase has been taking the ending to this chapter remarkably well! I expected way more people being angry at me.


Oh, so that wasn’t supposed to be the end! Ok, I guess I can go back to play…

… aaaaand suddenly I’m worried.


This is a bit of a nitpick but You didn’t capitalize narcissa’s name in the stats screen and katie’s name when the MC is asked if they want to invite somebody over.


Aaand I just replayed it until that part at the end of chapter 2. Yeah, kind of miffed that you can’t do anything about the monster buuut it’s not like you can’t just train instead and not have the thing happen.


Arrrghhh!! im literally screaming “NO WAY!!! :scream:” at the last part, how could you do this ?! :cry: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really enjoyed this demo to the point where I replayed it multiple times, I’ll be waiting in anticipation for the next update!


So, is Maria a potencial RO? I think I accidentally killed her :smile:


That’s a great start. xD


Nah I just notice - last choice is basicly “choose your BFF/grilfriend and if you want them to die in your room or outside” :smile: Author really hate me :smile: second chapter - 3 characters killed…

Basically you can chose - be a bloodthirsty, asshole vampire focused only on trening without friends and save some people, or be a weak, good guy and lost everythink. Still it’s a great wip. I cannot wait for more :slight_smile:


you better use [spoiler] your comment [/spoiler] for something spoiler-y :slight_smile:


Well, took about 3 hours, but I managed to fix the lowercase katie issue.


Wait, who’s dead? As far as I’m aware, only two named characters could be dead by this point.


My MC be like: I accidentally killed… This is why I prefer to be alone than socialize.

That aside, great demo tho, I love it when your theme is about: How to be normal? Or somewhere along the lines. It’s one of my weakness. I just love it


Found a glitch, or a mistake. Picking up Sherlock from suggested names results in MC being named Pinocchio.


That would actually be a Ms. Reaper.

On another note… Thanks for the save system!

My bad. I missed that detail.


Oh sorry, I’m talking about MC friend and that random family.


Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but when the twins and Alex are talking about Katie and your MC can claim interest it then asks for clarification about how your MC feels about Katie - the last option says something along the lines of “Yes - I’m not interested in her body but I like Katie”. Is the game assuming we’re ace? Cuz I totally said I wanted Maria.