Blood Hunter (A story of hope, sacrifice, and blood) Update 6: 12 APR 2018


I quite like the demo. I can see this being a lot of fun.


In one area, you inform us that the MC’s attending Clear Lake College, but in the next you introduce us to “Mr. Dondarion, your American History teacher”. If we’re attending a college, shouldn’t it be Dr. Dondarion or Professor Dondarion? Unless, Dondarion is a adjunct professor?


Finally got around to playing this since I’m a big fan of through broken lenses and I just have to say it’s pretty good. I did get a pretty big bloodborne feel but maybe that was just because I read it referenced in the thread before playing and I just have to say freaking strength builds dominate AGAIN.

Will strength builds just be better at fighting monsters always? And would we fight other hunters sooner or later? And if the Vampire isn’t the word for the MC would Ghoul be more accurate? Or the Kresnik maybe?


Not necessarily. I’m a college student, and I’ve had professors specify that they’d prefer to be called “Mister” rather than “Doctor” or “Professor.” Some have even said they’d prefer to just be referred to as “Last Name,” without any sort of title.

Edit: most of my professors have had tenure and weren’t adjuncts


I had one professor that - I suspect - didn’t have a tenure and was an adjunct and she never told us to address her as Dr. Surname. She just call me Surname or Mrs. Surname.

Dondarion is probably just an adjunct professor. :3


Just played the demo an man that was awesome! Specially because I love all the gore stuff :star_struck: :star_struck::star_struck:


Oh don’t worry.
…Nobody’s inseparable. :skull:

21, now. Legally able to drink.

Pretty sure it was mentioned in the introduction text. “Maria is just a bit too masculine, and Tyler is just a bit too feminine.” I guess I’ll add more text to make it more obvious.

Your guess is as good as mine.

…A1? What’s that mean?

I have absolutely no idea.

…Sure, let’s go with that.

“Hello, police?”


I’m glad played the demo, as if I’m reading a supernatural manga, so hyped!


I enjoyed the holy hell outta this demo. Personally, I think this to be your main game. Damn.


Well that’s nice, but I’d still consider Through Broken Lenses my main.
Primary Reason: I have put way more time, effort, and stress into that game. It’s more of an investment. Whereas this game is much more linear, TBL is a twisted strand of dozens of different variables to juggle.
A chapter of Through Broken Lenses requires over a year to complete and hours to play. A chapter of Blood Hunter takes days to complete, and 45 minutes to play.


Phew, good thing you were able to save the little girl. I was gonna be really sad if you couldn’t.

Great demo, really enjoyed it.


You can save both but only with a strength build :frowning:

Not gonna complain too much because that seems to be the author’s theme to make choices always have downsides and consequences. Actually one of the reasons I enjoy his WIPs.


Update 1:
Uploaded chapter 2 (Well, most of it. Like 90% of it. Last scene needs to be finished but I feel like this already had a pretty good cut-off moment).
Added a new character, introduced in chapter 1
Re-did the brutality/precision system to make each their own independent stat. Easier to keep track of. Might require some tweaking in the future.

Please report bugs or things that seem weird. If something doesn’t seem quite right, it probably isn’t quite right.


Not sure if it was intended but I may had found a bug in chapter two where you try to set up a meeting between Alex and Katie, it loops back to the library scene where you meet Katie for the first time.


How? For me it’s always daughter.


Train brutality then when the fight starts Dodge, Go on the offensive, Attack, then when the family appears chose to tackle the monster.



I have absolutely no idea what this is. Looking at the files, I’m not seeing anything that should cause a loop.
Was it just one time or have you attempted multiple times?


I tried three times but I can try again in a bit.

Edited: Just tried again and it seems to be just fine now. Strange.


I think I found the problem. If you tackle the creature and have >46 brutality then you’ll just kill it outright. However you can’t actually get more than 46 brutality which I’m not sure is a glitch or not.