Blood Hunter (A story of hope, sacrifice, and blood) Update 4: 31 DEC 2017


From the creator of Through Broken Lenses and Daemoniucus Altor comes a story of hope, loss, sacrifice, violence, protection, a search for meaning and control, and blood.

You are a gravekeeper working by yourself at the cemetery that’s been in your family for as far back your family tree and you can trace. Orphaned at a young age, you take the responsibility of maintaining the graveyard in the small town of St. Anne in the American Midwest.
At the same time, through a good use of life insurance unlocked after your 21st birthday a few years ago, you have used your chance to pursue your higher education in the local Clear Lake College. Perhaps in the hopes of moving up in the world, elevating your small local cemetery, or just because.

However, all is not well in this small Midwestern town. Frequent attacks by strange, violent creatures in the dead of night have left many citizens worried for their lives, and many others in grotesque and bloody half-eaten piles that barely resemble their former selves. Meanwhile, you have the other job passed on to you by your family tree. To serve as the first, last, and only line of defense between the innocents in your town and these monstrous creatures that feed off of humans.
Harness your rage to strike out against the injustice of being hunted, or sharpen your mind into a dagger to cut cleanly through the threat. Hold onto your humanity and connect with those around you at the risk of placing them in danger, or push them away and become the lone sword in order to protect those that you are sworn to.

The choice is yours.

“Are you sure?”

Update Log
Update 1:
Uploaded chapter 2 (Well, most of it. Like 90% of it. Last scene needs to be finished but I feel like this already had a pretty good cut-off moment).
Added a new character, introduced in chapter 1
Re-did the brutality/precision system to make each their own independent stat. Easier to keep track of. Might require some tweaking in the future.

Update 2:
Uploaded the fight scene with the flying thing that killed your best buddy.
Also, took care of some of the mistakes that got reported.

Update 3:
Made the first scene of Chapter 3. One for those who invited a person to your home, and one for those who didn’t.
Also did some spell checking and (hopefully) got all the problems that have been propping up with people’s names not being capitalized.

Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP

“InterestedParty, what the hell?! You’re already making two other games! You haven’t even finished the first chapter of your main project! When are you going to get that done, for suck’s sake!”

Okay, for starters, it is well known across my home thread that I have a ridiculous complexity addiction. And like Daemoniucus, this is a side project.
Plus, this was just plain old fun to make. I had so much fun that I finished everything you read here in less than a week, because I just wanted to keep writing it. That was fun. And I like to do things that are fun.

So, I have a plan. I’ll operate in cycles. Next, I’ll work on a scene from Through Broken Lenses, my main project and what I will hopefully be known for on this site for generations to come. After that, I’ll finish a scene from Daemonicus, by demon-slaying apocolypse simulator.
And then I’ll finish a scene from here. With that, I should be able to contribute to everything without anything being neglected and no fanbase feeling like they’ve been abandoned.



Just reading the title and the description makes me think of Bloodborne


I love the writing style of this so much! Also I love that we have the choice to become just a complete machine of fighting
Also are we gonna be able to choose to just train and become the strongest we can be even if that means becoming a reclusive man who never talks to anybody?


Good job. I feel bad for this girl… :disappointed_relieved:


Not sure if u are looking fir error but here’s one
I was talking to Tyler

Tonight! 8 o’clock! Our place!" She cheers, jumping for joy. “Thanks, Nise! You’re the best!”

She skips off to her brother to excitedly tell him the news, leaving you to wonder what you’re doing that makes you ‘the best.’ After all, you’re the one who’s getting free food…even if you can’t eat any of it.


Not too bad. Looks interesting.


I got you.

Well, I am a fan of the “things get stabbed, and then everyone is bloody” effect that Bloodborne has. Other than a heavy emphasis on blood and killing monsters, I’d say it has more in common with the “Little Miss High School Monster Hunter” genre of anime.

Yeah, that or embrace human connections at the price of putting everyone you love in serious danger.

Letting it out there now; any time a human is in the same scene as a monster, there will be a potential for them to die. No matter who they are, how important they are to the protagonist, no matter how much the audience likes them, or how incomplete their story arc is.
Your friends are in danger. They will die if you don’t do something.
No pressure.

Which one? The MC or the kid?

Funny, I think my first comment ever went something along those lines, hence why I chose this name. It was an account made for that one post.
Can’t remember which WiP it was…


Thank goodness I have no mirror neurons then! (They are the empathy and love part of the brain)

Eh, literally none taken. If this job was real I would take it in a heartbeat as someone needs to and I’m more then willing

Just remember some of us are more then willing to sacrifice ourselves if need be and we don’t care if we can’t connect to anybody if it means saving people


The kid. I’m playing male.


This popped up after I choose the option “I just don’t see any reason to…” when I had to make a decision as to whether or not I would console Narssica and hit “Next” to go to the MC’s inner thoughts.

Game froze up on me after I hit “Close”. Hitting “Next” or “Restart” or any of the other buttons didn’t do anything. Had to refresh the page. The game worked fine after hitting refresh.


hope you finsh it and good luck for it


Is the Mc a vampire since their “special” Appetite?


Pretty neat.
Looking forward to seeing how this goes. :cactus:


I probably would too. Though I’d make sure the superhuman durability comes with it, along with some really good training, so that I don’t die on the first night.

As a humanitarian who finds it extremely hard to empathize with other humans, I understand exactly what you mean.

Easy enough to fix.

That was the original plan, before I came to realize that nothing about them or the enemies resemble anything about vampire mythology in any culture in any place in the world, except for the drink blood part.
So I decided to just make everyone their own thing.


wow… :star_struck: just finished playing it, and its pretty obvious that you enjoy writing this one from the feeling i get after playing it. wish you will focusing this one after “through broken lenses” instead :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
oh i like the twins character (i have a twin sister and Maria does have similar trait like her/ though fortunately not that much, or else i’ll end up hating her) as for Tyler, im glad he has that grinning trait, and you make the twins sounds interesting, can’t wait for more interaction with them.
that being said, im quite tired with a story where twins character seems to get along well and inseparable, believe me… from my experience it’s not that easy to get along well with your twin sibling, especially when they’re your opposite gender :sweat_smile: so, eventhough i guess it’s quite a pain to change their relationship, im just gonna ask you… is it possible to make the twins to be separable and doesn’t get along that well (or maybe have some competition to get MC attention) :grin:
btw, that reminds me, how old are they? how can people cant distinguish them while they have different gender ? (coz at some point different gender will have a different physical form/ even if they’re twins)

about the other classmate though (i forgot his name),he doesn’t give much impression yet, but somehow i have a feeling he will have a big role in the story :thinking: (maybe a possible rival or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Wow all your writing has been A1, keep it up


Very Interesting…Love the demo!
Kinda reminds me of that anime Blood-C
Loves that Anime!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::blush:


What, another project? It’s… actually very good, and I’m glad to have played that demo.

Damn it, I can’t stay mad at you!


“It is said that the world runs on cause and effect” (that is one great hook line)

“Occasionally you come across a stone that actually is in the need of actual cleaning…”
(Using the word actually/actual twice in the same sentence is kind of jarring)

“…taking down an enemy in one shot. Not to subtle, though, and against your…”
(You forgot the extra ‘o’ in “too”)

“It’s a about three hours until noon when you step outside the building and out onto the campus.”
(An extra ‘a’)

"The newscaster asks hypothetically. “This is only the seventh mauling to occur this year, and it’s only the month of August.”
(Again, using “only the” twice in the same sentence is a little unpleasant)

I love what you’ve got so far, the only slight problem I have with the writing is at the start. It seems a little too flowery and a tad overwritten, out of place with the rest of the demo so far. A few pages in and the rhythm seems to establish itself though, which is excellent!!
I’ll definitely keep this story in mind when I need to experience some good writing :clap::clap::clap::clap: