Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 18th of February)



shrugh with a evil smile

that only because they still think that the glory is where you sword is most bloodie and your body have the most scars…they still think in thoses fairy-tales…but when they dyscover that the true manner to win the war is with a strong mind…they will go to us

evil laugh


What if I told you…that martialists have their order now?!


that you are using your power as the creator to make us the honorable and greats thinkers like nothing?


On a more serious note, I’ll introduce an alchemists’ guild.


so then each stat have a order/guild?


Not necessarily has to be stat-related. So, there’ll be more than 3 for each stat.


then for example what are the martials orders/guilds?


Knights of the Griffins. (The only one you can join right now). Guardians of Ezaelia and The Marauders. Will think of more.


in the nex update?

and the intrigue one?


Yes, the knight order is in the next update. The alchemist guild won’t be in it, but rather soon I hope.


now the next update see even more awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Certain requirements to join the knight order.


some high level in martial and something else?


No, it’s actually the traits honorable and brave.


aghhh thoses warriors alwais get the best!


It would seem so. They are an elite order for a reason.


Just beautiful i cant wait for this


I would change to intruige if we get to use science as a weapon. Can we get more details on this alchemist guild or the other intruige guilds?


Alchemists’ guild desires to alter the human body for the better with potions, possibly strengthening it beyond any capabilities.


Intrigue is kinda weird. I thought it would make you some assassin/spy but here you kinda mixed it with general intelligence and being a scholar